They said, "Go on, See her.". I thought, "Oh, that's nice." Sources: eBay; thanks to Randolph Mantooth, who saved the show, you also watched the great Julie London, all the time, even in reruns, too. But you know what I miss? He died in 1999. The other day I had to go buy a dress because I didn't even own one. Julie London recorded 32 albums during her career. Began her career as a contract player for Universal in 1945 and Warner Bros. in 1949. My first song, "River", was No. [Who said in 1975 about refusing to sing, in real-life, when starring in [, View agent, publicist, legal and company contact details on IMDbPro. More than three million copies of the album and single were sold. [In 1963]: We're opposite types. Her famous rendition of "Cry Me a River" was later used by ex-husband, actor and producer, Was a huge fan of small, nightclub jazz music bands, unlike the big jazz bands of fellow singers. [on having both daughters following in their mother's footsteps - as actresses]: It really doesn't matter how I feel. In 1938, when she was only 11, her father, Jack Peck, an alcoholic, was arrested for reckless driving.

[on the opportunity to pursue an acting career by starring in. Suffered from stage fright when performing in front of large groups. [1956]. Forced to give up band singing when her true age was discovered, she was primarily a torch singer.

|  Her agent legally changed her name to Julie London when she was only 17. Not only did the city of Los Angeles fly flags at half-mast in his honor, but the LAPD also retired Sgt. And I'm always a wreck at openings.

You want it badly enough, you call." If there was ever anything I wanted or needed, he was there for me.". I'd finish working at 1 a.m. and then I couldn't sleep. [When asked if she had any weight problems]: No, I never do, but I guess it's a lack of sleep.

The badge reportedly belonged to Lt. Dan Cooke, who was his close friend. I get a yen for something, and I rush down to the kitchen and make up a batch, and my appetite is as erratic as my cooking, some days I couldn't care less about food, then on other days I'll eat spaghetti or chili with onions for breakfast. I dislike women in large groups, and as individuals. [When she made that transition from singer to actress]: That was a roughie.

If you keep busy, you can take your mind off food. Bobby was in Las Vegas writing the lyrics to Billy May's music for the new edition of the Follies Bergère, which opened January 1 in the Tropicana. She appeared in nearly two dozen motion pictures during the 1940s and '50s, starring in such films as Task Force (1949), The Fat Man (1951), Man of the West (1958), and A Question of Adultery (1959). [In 1981]: Mainly it's been a royal treat for the two of us, being able to spend a lot of time with the kids, which is really important to us both, and which we're still doing. London recorded her last album, Easy Does It, in 1967. I've never worn a padded bra in my life. Lisa Breen has opened up about her relationship with her late father, Jack Webb, a couple of decades after his passing.

She graduated from Hollywood Professional School in 1944. I'm always in jeans or those damn nurses' uniforms. Before she was a successful actress and singer, when she was only 15, she used to work at Roos Bros. London was forced to give up band singing professionally when her true age was discovered. Her many hit albums on that label include "Julie Is Her Name", "Calendar Girl" with some borderline erotic (for the time) cover photography by Gene Lester, "About the Blues", "Your Number, Please", "Send For Me", "Love Letters", "The End of the World", "In Person at the Americana", "The Wonderful World of Julie London" and the provocatively titled "Nice Girls Don't Stay for Breakfast".Her most popular song, "Cry Me a River", was written by her former classmate/boyfriend Arthur Hamilton and produced by Bobby Troup.

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