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Jungle Albino Boa Jeff Burns. Copyright © 2020 Jungle Bob's Reptile World.

Genuine motleys have feckless bellies, lateral striping, a black underside past the vent, a cross connecting their eyes, and either a ladder or striped tail.

He bred this animal to a normal boa and produced some jungles and normal looking boas from the first breeding. This line of T+ Albinos were originaly developed by Dave & Tracy Barker of Vida Preciosa International (VPI). Female; Id# 13-BCI-132; Born: 7-4-2013; Prey: hopper mice Lars originally purchased a Jungle Boa from a Zoo in because of its beauty and color. There are several characteristics that a jungle Boa may or may not show, these include the following ...Crisp/high contrast colour & patternVibrant colouration, especially to tailBold markings in front of eye'Eyebrow' shaped markings above the eyeHoles in head spear markingBroken head spearmarkingAberrant patternHoles in saddlesRounded edges to saddlesMissing saddle pointsBlack outline to saddlesCreamy/golden dorsal colourVery clean dorsal/backSpeckles on sides often forming a lineRed blushing to sides of bodyPinky coloured eyesPink patches on tongueA high expression jungle will not always have a highly aberrant pattern but it would show most of the above characteristics.Our albino Jungle Boas are a great example of how two separate morphs can be combined to enhance the overall appearance, producing a ‘designer morph’. Here is a nice Male Hypo Jungle 66% Double Het Albino Blood with that awesome jungle tail. Quick View. The jungle gene is known to be a Co-Dominant pattern mutation. The Jungle Boa morph was originally developed and produced in Sweden by Lars Brandle. He then bred it to a normal Colombian boa to make approximately 50% jungles. They have been known for their red brighter saddles, higher contrast and better retained color overall. There are hundreds of species in between and most make great pets!\u003c\/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e \u003cstrong\u003e*** ALL LIVE FEEDERS AND ANIMALS WILL ONLY SHIP MONDAY THROUGH THURSDAY. An Albino boa is absent or deficient in melanin (also known as amelanistic). Businesses and invididuals posting advertisements here MUST follow our posted,® is a registered trademark© 1997-, Female Sub Adult Anerythristic Motley Het Kahal Albino, Female Poss Super Hypo & Poss Super Jungle Hypo Jungle Motley, '18 0.1 Super Hypo Jungle 66% Possible Het VPI T+ RP, '19 0.1 VPI T+ Red Panther Line Super Hypo Junglow, 6/13/19 0.1 Hypo Jungle 66% Possible Het VPI T+ Red Panther, 2019 Male poss super PP VPI T+ sunglow 100% het anery, 1.0 Hypo poss het Kahl Albino Colombian Boa, 2020 Hypo Anery 2 het Central American Sharp Albino, 2020 Anery Motley Argentine BCO/BCI Cross. These stunning Boas are produced by combining the VPI T+ albino gene with the Jungle Boa gene. Boa Constrictors for Sale - Reptile rapture offers a great selection of Boas and live arrival assurance at low in price. BABY MOTLEY JUNGLE HET T+ ALBINO BOA: Worldwide Shipping: Found 90 listings, now displaying 1 - 80: 1 2 >> Search the Boa Constrictor Classifieds . Hypomelanism is now frequently seen in lots of boa morphs and has made up the many beautiful combination that we now have today. It is the buyers responsibility to perform the due diligence required to ensure a sucessful transaction. Eventually I will update with morphs that aren't in my collection or plan to keep for educational purposes. Jeremy Stone is known as the Originator of the Motley Gene in Boas. 2018 Male Coral Albino Junglow Boa.

He had purchased a very large boa with a zigzag pattern down it's back from a Zoo in Sweden. This animal is one of the most outstanding Motleys I have ever seen. LIVE ARRIVAL WILL ONLY BE GUARANTEED IF TEMPERATURES ARE ABOVE 40 AND BELOW 90 DEGREES!

3:01. Lipstick Jungle Albino x Motley Het Albino : Motley Lipstick Albino.

It is a form of caramel albino that unlike the T- albino's(which have an absence of melanin throughout their lives) will have a reduction in melanin as they age. Pale ‘Caramel’ background colour with reduced/absence of black pigment, generally replaced with shades of brown. Thanks for looking For more INFO call or text.

Instead of the yellows and oranges that the T- albinos represent, these T+ animals show a "Caramel" or "sandy Kaki" color. 1:59 . There is a common misconception that all jungles have an aberrant pattern but this is not the case, in fact there many first class jungles that have 'normal' patterns. Appearence: Very clean background, high contrast colour, often with pattern aberrancies. All Rights Reserved.

There are many different lines of T+ albino's This particular animal was originated from Dave and Tracey Barker at VPI. These stunning Boas are produced by combining the VPI T+ albino gene with the Jungle Boa gene.VPI T Positive (Tyrosinase Positive) Albinos are an extremely desirable colour morph with a genetic mutation that appears to exhibit an inability to complete the synthesis of melanin but can produce other melanin related pigments such as various shades of brown grey & red.

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