Someone strong and stable. Your partner can help you increase your social status. Someone who is young at heart but is also wise, brave and very protective of you. (Remember that soulmate  is not necessarily a romantic partner. Heroic, badass types. I think this puts some extra focus on the traits and specifics of the Libra characteristics – everything about beauty, art, romance, creativity, women and everything related to the female energy, gardening, Earth, etc. Situated in the house of other people’s money and finances, your partner could regard you as a possession.

Marriage could be a transformative force, deeply emotional and intimate. She started Star Sign Style to gather together all things beautiful and celestial in a honey pot of wonder. Someone who value true intimacy. Someone who cares about how they appear to the world. This person may appear mysterious and broody. Someone who value practicality and is patient. Suffering and sacrifice could be involved, helping and supporting the partner, or perhaps the native could play the part of the victim in marriage. Your partner is someone who value honesty, loyalty and stability. The person with Juno in the ninth might wed a foreigner, someone born far away or with a different background, or they might have a wedding abroad! Vesta Eleventh House. Someone sassy, smart and kind. They may be not showing their interest in having someone, at least not outwardly, they may despise the idea of marriage. Someone with reputation (whether good or bad). Juno in the 10th: Empowerment issues will be played out publicly, possibly within the career. Someone who is witty and smart and also possess high emotional intelligence. With Juno in the twelfth house marriage could feel like a bit of a non-entity! Romantic but logical. Someone who has unique opinion and ideas. Very romantic (sometimes even cheesy). Vesta Sixth House. Juno Eleventh House. Kimberly is an Aries Sun + Venus, Sagittarius Moon, Cancer Rising. Someone who is jealous,  likes physical affection but also can keep a conversation going. Now, having your 10th house in Libra means that the ruler of your Midheaven is Venus and it is sitting in its own house. A partner could help in work, improve their social standing or the way the person is perceived and s break-up could affect career matters. Gracious and elegant. This is someone who prefers to act in the logical manner.

Thoughtful but impulsive. It is what stands out. A mood maker. The Marriage Asteroid – Juno Through The Houses. Someone intelligent and diplomatic. Any partner that you do have must be one that helps your career or improves your wealth and social standing. Someone who will show especially with their action that they care about you. This is someone who wants to build a nest with you and settle. Some astrologers believe that having Scorpio Juno signifies having a past life karmic bond with your partner. If you have Juno in the tenth house, then you are likely to be married to your career.

Someone magnetic with a lot of passion who helps you to bring out passion from yourself too. Juno In The Tenth House. If you have Juno in the tenth house, then you are likely to be married to your career. Artistic, strong soul. Has motherly qualities. Vesta Eighth House. Strong, independent mind with lot of It’s not particularly tied to my identity – but then I do have Venus in Aries! Trustworthy person. This is someone with a sensitive side in them, who likes to tease and is very honest about their feelings. Playful. Partner who “gets you” and understand that your moodiness is not something bad and annoying.

Juno in Pisces / 12th House  - your partner is a unique person. Juno in the retrograde - when Juno is in the retrograde this person’s desire to have a soulmate may be hidden (they may not believe they exist at all). You are very likely to marry someone you don’t love (like your agent) in order to get ahead in life.

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