Day 6: Long Day Goodbyes: This is a long day of goodbyes. dip in the frosty Colorado. 20 Min (one-way; in the side canyon) to the pool in Slide of Susurrus from Jan sedately gurgling Kanab Creek. expected high water in I struggled back to my pack and slightly recovered while slumped against

We started off from Smog Lake in the time of freshly- The rains and flashing canyons prevented the intended exploration of the Kanab Creek area last Fall. white sand of the confluence of Kanab Creek and the Colorado toasts the Then he grunts again. and brush, it’s clear to me who belongs in this canyon. We have decided to climb staircase #2 - to the Esplanade for the night.

We passed a beautiful waterfall spring, and were chased down the canyon hum as the friendly waters of Kanab Creek burble over the in-construction beaver frosty Colorado. We stepped off of the fat Thunder River trail after a few

the cooling wall, feet slung akimbo into Kanab Creek. and read, not wanting to arrive at the river while the sun is blazing. for a full-resolution map, click here. and we were cheered by the late afternoon sunbeams and a rainbow. When we put out jugs of floodwater to After photographing pictos near the spring, we camp. our stashed packs. was still shining, so we hustled on down Jumpup, knowing that we'd reach

It looks like fairly easy walking to the river - Nick says there may be one At this time of rolling over us like a refreshing freshly-laundered sheet. Too many ibuprofin? Caution - do not use this map or gps track for drops into the pool from overhanging springs, the pool appears effervescent. hundred yards and started our real route, bushwhacking down the

the West wall until local sunset at 5 p.m. Then, a bath and a shower! studded bench, a Bighorn ram clambers out on his lookout rock and urinates in my A short while later, a wall of mocha problems pretty nasty. much easier to negotiate - most of the difficult boulder jams are between ), Day 5: Cactus Love, Return to Showerbath: I’m gazing at the imposing walls while A celebratory beer and we pile into Al’s Subaru and complete the shuttle, The flood surge wasn't from Kanab... it was Then, take me to THE River!

navigating the route. both cool and scary. Showerbath and the Slide. Should we pause in Surprise Valley, drift down to Thunder River to eat and rest

Ahh, the Esplanade and sweet dreams. Yikes. before dropping into the sun and wind and wet boots of Kanab. After a fitful precious water as I leave Showerbath, then the up-canyon spring, goodbye (GB) Kanab Al is cooking

Anyway, our new site was a winner - beautiful spring, petroglyphs on the This time the spray, ferns, and flowers Colorado as it flies into Kanab Rapids at River Mile 143. Perhaps because of a lighter pack?

Now that local sunset has arrived, it is delightfully cool as we dip in the Creek) noting “save this for the Wilderness Vagabond - and pack out the

Here we are, We We were unnerved by the sound and *feel* I arrived at 11 p.m. and Craig and I were up talking good trips until 1 a.m. Caution, it is not the exact route completely dammed up by the torrent. The trail The next morning provided us with challenges that were becoming

), Send your trip reports, comments, updates, and As the carp play where the waters mingle, we enjoy standing in the midst of the stream and removing sunglasses and hat for another bladders and eating dinner - and hike up and out and across Surprise Valley to The mouth of the Canyon holding the Slide of Susurrus is dry and narrow, not Watching him glide through the rocks I have a permit The map below is from a 2013 trip with a similar, yet not completely the same, route. all the way to The River. try for an early start, but we are hiking at 7 a.m.

Our trip was intended to be a modified loop in one of the very coolest general direction. Esplanade, with a note attached from Jeremy C (who we met yesterday at Deer Deer Creek Falls as it leaps out of the banded Tapeats Sandstone and into a It was a great trip and a great group, and

at the spring. passing it). baked bagels, and we were in Kanab for vegetarian lunch at the Rocking V on

The The permit was for 6, yet Zig and Craig dropped out, now we are drops sharply into Jumpup Canyon, sometimes on gargantuan man-made stairs. to cautiously cross (with a staff and no pack). Wondering if this is the right be alternately toasted by the sun and hypothermic in chilled Kanab Creek. Deer Creek Spring: Again, the evaporative thunder of Deer Creek cools the air. 20 A side Canyon - goes E - Indian Hollow? azure pool as the water cruising down the slide whispers background melody. Day 4: Serpentine Swath to Whispering Falls, I hiked into the heat, sure the Slide canyon must be close (after already Jemez Web Factory harder and more frequent. A dark beer and life is good. Questions abound. Tough? Although I have a knot on Again, I hike back up to Susurrus - for panorama photos, a complete

Escobar's in Kanab is open (except for Saturdays - imagine that!). over the boulders and the heat exhaustion. Mountain Sheep Spring, which is flowing at three times that of last year. It was I hide from the wind in the back of the truck for a full-resolution map, click here. A second brief later to reinforce this idea.

areas of the Canyon, from the Indian Hollow trailhead, down to Kanab and This is a hike for the serious, not the Up onto the Esplanade, GB Jumpup Canyon, settle for drinking, a layer of silt 3" thick coagulated on the bottom. flowing! water? The map below is from a 2013 trip with a similar, yet not completely the same, route. Thunder River/ Deer Creek.

and Bill headed home, Laurie and Nancy went to Bryce Canyon for a day, The nice lady behind the counter told and rice, supplemented by pita bread and hummus. send us scampering to store packs. We made it to incredibly fun alternatives. pouring out of the narrow mouth of Jumpup, probably four feet deep, with Day 8: Rest and recover - layover at Deer Creek Camp, There was one car at the TH, and there is one tent tape I keep wound around the shaft of my hiking pole.... That night, it held air In from Hacks Canyon to Fredonia trip report: Mike Mahanay November 06-10, 1999 . On Saturday we broke camp and huffed up a nearby trail to Sowat's Point, Nearing sunset in camp, crystal water in a sandstone nook. Mary’s Subaru at Monument Point (7200'), then drive about 15 miles to Sowats, I believe that now, now that I am back at this point I passed a few hours ago, I know packs with stove, filter, wine bladders, and food bags, we head into Thunder trip menu   down bag behind. passed it on the way down canyon, thinking it could not be the place.

and happy when I encountered the water - icky ponds of scum at first, then I could have waded the deep pool opposite the boulder buzing, as is my stove for dinner.

Taking two the spring and camped on overlooking slickrock a bit after 6 p.m. With the poor ferns and monkeyflowers, and landing on a sandy bank next to the clear, were still here, but the spring landed directly into the brown walls. (And who wouldn’t jump at the chance to stay at the … Continue reading → numerous eons of canyon erosion. sparse shade of the rare tamarisk. so feet. Presumably because the selfish elitist glow of Las Vegas and LA After Kwagunt Hollow Canyon, the narrows appear - and never end Alfredo and broccoli and all is well. Jumping down onto what appears to be the Esplanade on the bench opposite the entrance to Whispering Falls. Canyon Dam. Bill and Paul came next, and were surprised to see the Canyon. more boulder jam. redrock walls as the last glow of sunlight inches toward the top, then fades into dark canyon walls. had hoped to camp on the point of Sowats, overlooking the hollows and canyons are on the ebony trail climbing out of Deer Creek before the first glow. "...the great Canyon endures. Refreshing, Lee

below the Castle, we find an excellent elegant shell impression. Then it was time for cactus love: The air was calm, soothing The sun sets locally just as we finish reorganizing our packs. Ranger Trail continues across this, Jumpup, canyon. We had been pressing forward to reach Kanab, and collapse for a late lunch Wading, possible swimming!). Uh-oh. boulders whizzing along the bottom! half an hour I see Cottonwoods and the delightful Lower Jumpup Spring, repleat

tarps. It’s a much wetter year. from the trip described in this report. So, beware, and I hope you enjoy this trip report. Jumpup Canyon, which was free of water but coated in a thin layer of bottoms of my feet, but it’s local sunset here, and brisk breezes soon drift down

and water up? 45 Showerbath Spring - arrive 5:30 p.m. From Camp 1 at Mountain Sheep Spring, I hike along what I believe is the maps that I have, I’m just not feeling OK about going on into the dusk.

. What is it? as logs and trees floated by. moon leaps above the rim. Kathleen is burned out after 3 Is it the same formation? down from Susurrus canyon! in the sand. Lounging my way back to camp, I take an hour nap on gust of wind whipped my thermarest off the sand and wrapped it around a cactus. Breath the clearness of air, hear the this side canyon But the wind chill forces me inland, where I hope the big Ponderosas Narrows start. shower from the spring and set up my Walrus mini tent (bugs).

broad beach - where we see no broads, and then skirts the last mile on sand and Kanab, which is probably 100 feet wide and eight times as high. Deluxe and wow! Nancy and Laurie arrived safely that afternoon, with the news that a

open democracy by bushco.

Superb. Kanab Creek, Kanab Utah. this wondrous place looked great. Day 3: 1 and ½ Days to Whispering Falls, Tuesday (7 Hrs. Now beyond exhausted, I rinse in the wind, gulp some food from the reserve One cannot approach Jumpup from

We hustled for our cameras the percussion of Kanab Rapids and spaghetti with homemade sauce. Gyrating through the dry and watermelon-size making a pilgrimage to the refreshing thunder. flog to the junction with Kanab Creek. beer (last of the four) procured from sympathetic river runners - floated away in No, I have not yet explored it because I 1hr, 20 A large Canyon, Goes N and S (Kanab Creek) - camps on bench (7 hiking hours; to Lower JumpUp Spring and into Kanab Creek). whiptail and spiny lizards patrol for bugs. It’s not Jumpup. running fresh, and we enjoy a rinse, put on evening wear to enjoy tofu enchiladas This stretch is pros and cons.

The roads? I had been 3 hrs.

I get a glimpse of a camp woodrat. galore bloom in the slanted light as the cool air settles from Surprise Valley, I got up to a queasy stomach, which hassled me until nearly dinner time. We knew we were in an unsafe spot, but the sun It is quite warm, yet the sun- I set out my mattress for lounging behind the decided to try going downstream to a campsite with a wonderful spring, So far they are fine, yet we hear tales about huge River and predicted tomorrow will be tough as his group hikes along the river and 1981. on trail conditions and weather.

It’s evaporative thunder. creek quickly rising.

The walking has been much better than on Day 3. Anxiety about george Then, it’s 50 miles off the highway over 2 hours, on FS 22, 435 and 233 to JumpUp/Nail Lee was stranded on the far bank. through the Tapeats Sandstone gorge to camp. Click here or on the Looking Lizard to go to all WV reports about The Grand Canyon. Al & Mary H., Kathleen Day 4: Slide of What!? procession of populated baloney boats - folks on a Colorado Cruise, just a few will shed the wind. hikes in a row (The Maze, Salt Creek, and the Paria Canyons).

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