If Jupiter is in its exalted sign Cancer, it will increase the creativity and psychic abilities of the person. Because of all these things they have already done in a past life. The place of Venus is also important here. Ketu is the lord of Leo and it contains 2-1/2 nakshatras called (“Magha”,” Purva-Phalguni”,” Uttara-Phalguni”). Your email address will not be published. Ketu is also the planet of illusion and hallucination like Rahu. Mars is the lord of Aries, which indicates aggressiveness. Career and Wealth Vedic Astrology Horoscope, Love, Relationships and Marriage Vedic Astrology Horoscope, Relationship Compatibility Vedic Astrology Horoscope, Marriage Compatibility and Matchmaking Vedic Astrology Horoscope, Health and Medical Vedic Astrology Horoscope, Spiritual and Karma Vedic Astrology Horoscope, 15 Years Dasa and Transit Vedic Astrology Horoscope, Gemstone Selection Vedic Astrology Horoscope, Best Time for Child Birth Vedic Astrology Horoscope, Birth Time Rectification Astrology Horoscope, Saturn's Dasha, Transit & Sade Sati Horoscope, Yogas in your Horoscope and their Effects, Ask One Question Vedic Astrology Horoscope, Ask Three Questions Vedic Astrology Horoscope, Annual or Birthday or Varshphal Horoscope. As a direct result of mastering the traits and characteristics of the Aries zodiac sign in past lives with integrity and dignity, these natives are blessed with natural talents, benefits, and traits of the Aries zodiac sign in the present life. To begin with, South Node Ketu is a very intuitive, courageous, and fiery entity just like the Mars-ruled 1st zodiac sign Aries. Ketu is the planet of aggression, courage, and bravery. Scorpio is the 8th zodiac sign in astrology, the eighth house is related to the occult and hidden things, transformation, death, in-laws, changes and diseases. Ketu is the lord of Cancer and it contains 2-1/2 nakshatras called (“Punavarsu”,” Pushyami”,” Ashlesha”). So when Ketu is in Aries, you won't find these people as aggressive and active towards any goal in life and that's because they have been active and aggressive in their past lives and now they don't want to spend their time over it anymore. As a result, they become nearly unstoppable. On the contrary, if Mars is undignified, it indicates that their impulses are ignited by bad thoughts or intentions. Additionally, if the planet of righteousness is undignified, it also indicates that their impulsiveness and rashness are displaced on innocent people and often by unfair means. If Saturn is placed in its exalted sign Libra, it indicates that they will not be interested to get higher education but they will learn a lot with their personal experience and practice. Ketu is the lord of Taurus and it contains 2-1/2 nakshatras called (“Krittika”,” Rohini”,” Mrigshira”). They will isolate themselves from the creative world and arts. They will find the truth and reality of life. South Node Ketu is naturally a very impulsive and fiery entity because it relies on subconscious and intuition rather than common logic. Accordingly, South Node Ketu indicates being extremely precise, determined, and having a highly concentrated mentality. Ketu in Aries person has spent his past life with a lot of physical activities, temper and aggression. Even if they are working for a team, they have a lot of issues in communication. While cognitive thinking and careful analysis are still important, getting involved in activities to get more clear path suits them much more. But when Ketu reaches in Aries it indicates that the person was aggressive in his past life so now, he will not spend his time on these things.

Ketu, South Node and Past Lives now: Not only that! Sagittarius is the 9th zodiac sign in astrology, which is related to higher studies, spirituality, and knowledge. Venus is the lord of Libra; it is the planet of love and beauty. Ketu is the planet of Illusion, hallucination, and isolation, so when Ketu came into the Sagittarius, it indicates that the person will have a lack of interest in religion and spirituality. Leo is the house related to independence, king or queen, leadership, confidence, self-esteem, and ego. They don’t communicate with their friends too much. He will be shying to manage and lead the things. It is not only in religions and spirituality; it will happen in all mystical things.

In fact, their strong intuition gives even better signals that common logic or results of cognitive analysis. When Ketu comes into Virgo, the person will avoid the conflicts in office or job. Your email address will not be published. Our site is environmentally friendly and fully optimized which reduces digital pollution. It doesn’t mean that they are poor or they will have no money. It is the good placement of Ketu because Sun is the friend of Ketu. It is just like a person who is a millionaire but lives like a simple person and doesn’t spend his wealth in his personal luxuries and desires. Ketu in Aries person has spent his past life with a lot of physical activities, temper and aggression. Aquarius is the 11th zodiac sign in astrology, it is related to serving humanity, higher self, working for the big aims and purposes of life, and scientific thinking.

It is For example, if Rahu is in Aries of your Horoscope, Ketu will be in its exact opposite sign in Libra In other words, Rahu and Ketu represent two different sides of emotions, thoughts or mental characteristics. They will feel that they are nothing, they don’t deserve anything.

At the same time, Aries carries the element of fire which represents immense courage and will-power to prosper even when heavy obstacles are present on the path. Capricorn is the 10th house is related to government, king, self-esteem, ego, career, father, top position and higher authorities and the Capricorn sign related to fear and anxiety, everything out of home and peoples. Jupiter is the lord of Pisces, which is also the planet of blessing, spirituality, religion, and beliefs. Like a person doesn’t believe in astrology or palmistry or other occult things. They have strong mathematical and analytical skills. Ketu and Ketu are the lords of Aquarius and it contains 2-1/2 nakshatras called (“Dhanishta”,” Satabisha”,” Purva Bhadrapada”). Ketu is considered exalted in Scorpio sign. It also indicates that they are able to protect themselves from overthinking and over-analyzing as they use less cognitive thinking in the first place.

ARIES or First House (Ketu/Moon): Past lives in which your soul was a loner-warrior, soldier, knight, viking, herdsman, hunter, someone who spent most of the time acquiring strength, courage, physical prowess, initiative, directness, impulsiveness. These traits include great leadership skills, immense courage, unshakable blind faith, strong intuition, protection from evil, spiritual evolution, high determination, ability to make clear decisions fast, etc. If that is the case, then these individuals have further amplified courage and faith which reflects that their blind faith almost always gives good results. Other aspects have some different meanings. It is because they are always willing to go all in and put all their energy into their undertakings with unshakable faith in the divine. Ketu is the 9th planet that I am going to discuss with you today.

While they decide using their intuition, they let their brains to work in the background while being active. What amplifies this effect is the fact that Ketu is all about spirituality and faith.

The placement of Saturn is also very important.

In other words, individuals with this set of combinations have the ability to focus on certain directions in life and fulfill tasks one by one which allows for healthy expansion.

This position will become very good for them. Most importantly, Mars is the planet of righteousness and if it is dignified it ensures that their extreme amounts of courage are directed towards pious and good-natured acts. Accordingly, this combination indicates that individuals with this combination were likely involved with leading, management, launching projects, making decisions, etc. On the contrary, if Mars is undignified, it decreases the amount of courage. Anxiety and fear surround thoughts of relationships. They may appear aloof and distant.

This placement of Ketu makes the person detached from Arts and creativity. The fifth house is all about creativity, romance, and intelligence.

Jupiter is the lord of Pisces and Venus gives exalted results in Pisces. I’ll tell you how the Meaning of Ketu in different zodiac signs.

Even these peoples have not much believed in their holy books. If Venus is weak in Virgo, it indicates that a person will have a lack of creativity. Even they think that what they learn from their teachers is useless. These peoples love to research new things and learn new things. These peoples can become very good surgeons. It is a good position for an astrologer because astrology is all about calculations.

If mars is places well in Capricorn, it indicates that a person will become a highly competent surgeon. These people only reveal what they want to reveal to others. Whatever he does in this life will have a sense of justice. Therefore, individuals with this set of combinations have a special ability to take good decisions extremely fast without excessive planning. They will also be successful in stock trading, finance, and accounting fields. He will be shying to manage and lead the things. Mars-ruled Aries is all about initiation power, drive, and action while South Node Ketu is very impulsive and hot-tempered.

But if Jupiter is weak in Capricorn, their lack of belief can create problems in the family. Because their past life experience will help them a lot.

That is because undignified Mars causes a lack of righteousness which reflects actions that are not in full harmony with ethics. The position of the mercury matters a lot here. The best thing about it is that their decisions are usually very effective and efficient even without careful analysis. Not only in the relationship between husband and wife or boyfriend/girlfriend, but it will also affect all types of relationships. When Ketu comes in the house of Moon it indicates an emotionless person. However, an undignified Mars indicates scattered dreams and failures due to a lack of dignity. On the contrary, if an undignified Mars misguides the energies of Ketu, it indicates that their intuition often gives incorrect signals. But if they decide to work in the fields related to art, film making, painting, or any other things related to creativity, they will become highly successful. Furthermore, Ketu also signifies detachment which also extends the courage by giving the feeling that there is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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With South Node Ketu in Aries, the major themes and pinnacles in the past life revolved around the foundational significances of the considered zodiac sign. On the contrary, if Mars is weak or undignified, it indicates a scattered mentality that manifests in having an inability to focus on a specific direction. An undignified Mars with South Node in Aries denotes that in order to become successful in the current life, it is crucial to heal wounds and sign a peace treaty with the past. Official Facebook Page ⋆ Astrology.Community, Official Facebook Group ⋆ Vedic Astrology Community. An undignified Mars as the planet of action also indicates that they are prone to commit many bad deeds out of the unsteady flow of thoughts. However, if a strong and dignified Mars guides Ketu well, it indicates that even though they do not plan their actions, but they deeply trust their gut feelings which guides their sudden actions and decisions. It also depends on the position of mars. Moon is the lord of Cancer sign which is the main indicator of emotions.

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