COLLINS: Yeah, I remember that one willing the award Colleen. At a time when the coronavirus pandemic has taken over our world, this tale of misfits and miscreants opens the door, If only for a few hours, to a completely different one. "These types of shows are the same -- parades of people that you don't want to be," Safon says.

SECY. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: James Brown is the master of the one. HARRIS: Right. Cannot wait to see this package. Not that we're obsessed with their looks or anything. And one of the big issues in that report is the melting of the arctic ice cap. THIS COPY MAY NOT BE IN ITS FINAL FORM AND MAY BE UPDATED.

His funeral was just on Thursday and across ballparks this week they were honoring him and his team had his jersey up in their dugout and on the fence when they played. ABC says the lawyer didn't name his client but demanded they not air the name. Somebody has done a lot of work to take the detail and to make sure that there is a symmetry and a synchronicity between the 400 years ago, to the 50 years ago, to today. LEMON: James Brown. Not when this injustice. Privacy Policy. It's not my position. detailed audience demographics, and much more. In Baghdad today more insurgent attacks.

", "What interests us is the psychology behind keeping these animals, and just as much as the issues surrounding the animals, we were interested in the people that did this.". There's an important distinction to make between the kind of heroes that drive traditional narratives -- relatable, worth rooting for -- and the heroes that populate the world of "Tiger King." And who better to cover the royal visit than our own Richard Quest, joining us now live from Jamestown. A 10-year-old and his younger brother took off from their Toledo, Ohio, home. Pretty good ah. HARRIS: Popcorn. Total reach: 32321. To crib a popular meme about the show, it has everything: Conspiracy, intrigue, romance, mystery, big cats, fleeting political campaigns, bleached mullets, shirtless interviews, country songs and animal-print underwear brands -- and that's only the first few episodes. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I'm not asking you to admire it, I'm asking you to sign it, right here, sign it right now. HARRIS: Republican presidential candidates face off over the war in Iraq and abortion rights. It's fun to debate and speculate. We had so many people. OF DEFENSE: In terms of who's providing equipment and providing the foreign fighters, I think it's been fairly clear that we remain concerned about Syria's involvement. An unidentified bidder has come in for Reuters, possibly taking over that company. SEGOLENE ROYAL, FRENCH PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: And I am very angry. Don't miss the special. There is much more where that came from. AAA now saying the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded, $3.01. Scot Safon, a former executive for CNN and UPtv and former president of HLN, knows what makes good TV. FELICIA TAYLOR: You're not kidding. Now, as we're watching him move, everybody knows about the movement that is James Brown.

And you don't want to mimic her accent. TOMMY THOMPSON (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I believe the al- Maliki government should be required to vote as to whether or not they want America in their country. LEMON: Nails, shiny nails. Where she's headed now, she's sort of preparing to leave in a short period.

LEMON: It was the beginning of what became James Brown's enduring contribution to American music -- funk. LEMON: But there really was in his autobiography -- and if you read it, it will tell you, there was a bishop, a traveling bishop, Bishop Grace... HARRIS: Yes. And here we go again.

Ten GOP candidates took part in their first debate last night. COLLINS: Oh.

As much as some people -- including individuals featured in the series -- want to dismiss the show as insubstantial, at the core of "Tiger King" madness is the thrill of learning about something entirely new.

There's the French election stuff right there that Hala's going to be doing. And at one point socialist Segolene Royal came out swinging against her right wing opponent. Thompson basically said yes, but he corrected himself in a phone call to CNN's "AMERICAN MORNING." (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) RICHARD CHENEY, VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: The beliefs and ways of life observed here were vital in shaping the character of the nation we know today. There you see it there. All right. HARRIS: Absolutely. and our LEMON: You know what? Tonight is the night the alleged D.C. madam's phone records could be revealed on national TV -- ahead in the NEWSROOM. See you all on Monday. signing up. CNN's Barbara Starr reports. What, in our deep bedazzled denim id, draws us to these spectacles, like travelers to a semi-legal roadside zoo? SARKOZY: I would never have dared speak of you in this way. It's the same element that drove the success of other docuseries like "Wild Wild Country," about Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and the community his followers created in rural Oregon, or "The Jinx," which follows accused murderer and mega-rich real estate heir Robert Durst. On Iraq... JOHN MCCAIN (R-AZ), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: If we withdraw, there will be chaos, there will be genocide, and they will follow us home. ROYAL: I'm not losing my cool. I think I've just heard a musket being fired of some sort, which, of course, is one of the other demonstrations that they will be doing. But in fact, yeah, he was drunk at the time of that accident. COLLINS: Yes, I know. They were killed during an operation near Taji. HARRIS: Here's a question for you, what's the etiquette for meeting the queen. Sorry, sorry. But this is the earliest a presidential candidate has ever been given a secret service detail. (COMMERCIAL BREAK) COLLINS: It starts as a runaway story but ten gets far more disturbing. LEMON: And they will openly tell you, of course, he's the king. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He said, "On every one you've got to play a dominant note." Police say the older boy told him he was tired of being put in a dog cage. AUDIENCE: Yeah!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: James Brown made sure everybody hit the emphasis on the first beat. Look at him. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: At the end, James goes into his dance, and it is absolutely extraordinary. Similarly, charismatic villains of reality TV shows, like Abby Lee Miller from "Dance Moms" or Danielle Staub from "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," are raptly followed but not necessarily liked by the viewing public. LEMON: ... who used to travel around the South, very popular. So on behalf of President Bush and the people of this land, I'm proud to say thank you for joining us and welcome to the United States of America. FLYNN (on camera): Administrators expect that the student council will take up the issues of couples only at the prom very soon. QUEST: Historic Jamestown -- I know, it's one of those things. Hala Gorani who's often standing right here is actually in Paris for the last round of voting in the French election. If it isn't threatening violence on trespassers and enemies, it's referencing parts of his deceased husband's anatomy at the man's funeral. All right. Also word that Microsoft is taking another look at Yahoo! Just a month ago, that average gallon was 31 cents less. But what a lovely view. His is the kind of behavior we expect from cartoon characters and cinematic anti-heroes, but rarely tolerate in actual human beings. © 2019 Cable News Network. (END OF VIDEO CLIP) HARRIS: Or what happens? The queen is now touring the replica ships and the replica settlement here at Jamestown. CROWLEY: On Osama bin Laden... MCCAIN: We will do whatever is necessary. Cooking. What they did bring was the rule of law. Oh, no, it's a cannon. Gas topping an average of $3 a gallon and driving for a new record. (BEGIN VIDEOTAPE) JEANNE MOOS, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Ooh-la-la, look who's running for president of France, Segolene Royal versus Nicolas Sarkozy. HARRIS: Yeah. (BEGIN VIDEOTAPE) DON LEMON, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice over): October 24, 1962, Harlem, the legendary Apollo Theater. Chuck D. (CROSSTALK) LEMON: Chuck D, Al Sharpton, Bobby Bird, Fred Wesley, anybody you can think of that was close to James Brown we talked to. "It's introducing people to this subculture that has its own rituals and language and images," he said. Let's sign it. She's very good at that, having been a public figure for many years and she's very good at carrying the conversation and talking about things. This thing won an Oscar in a pretty obscure category, I think it was live action short, but an Oscar nonetheless. ROYAL: I won't calm down. Her visit marks the 400th anniversary of the first permanent English settlement in America. He had a cape. HARRIS: I'm thinking mint juleps. I thought I answered it yes when I should have answered it no. And the greatest of these was the war. As he developed his games, the code he wrote was stolen by fellow ENCOM programmer Ed Dillinger. Find out in the NEWSROOM. TAYLOR: Listen, in this market. HARRIS: OK. HARRIS: We saw Usher there. Felicia Taylor is at the New York Stock Exchange with a check of Wall Street this hour. REV. NICOLAS SARKOZY, FRENCH PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: She said do not point your finger at me. Legal analysts say it's a weak argument. So what's a girl to do when her boyfriend cancels at the last minute? Tony and Heidi, back to you.

Ahead in the NEWSROOM. HARRIS: In our "Daily Dose" of health news, is there a link between breast cancer and barbecue? I see Prince. The little boy said he had to tuck his feet in sometimes to fit in there. I wish I had more time. "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag." COLLINS: All right, coming up in just about 15 minutes or so, "YOUR WORLD TODAY" and Colleen McEdwards is there for us. And it's hitting us all at a moment when we're kind of in search of something worth talking about that's not personal or related to the way we're living.".

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