Be careful when battling Unversed here, as pushing them into water will only cause them to respawn with full health.

I even tried using Command Styles to get the treasure but all the command styles are useless (Wingblade doesn't hit the pole for some reason). A couple of new Unversed are introduced in this world, one of them being the Triple Wrecker.

In center of exit path. Air Slide REQUIREDTraffic Cone Sticker - Raceway.

Taking the exit past the save point to the left will lead Terra to the Indian Camp, where he can find some Unversed but not much else (still, the rounds of Unversed that spawn make for some easy grinding) Use the other exit to the right to find the Jungle Clearing. You won't have to entice him anymore, as he'll always come straight to you. On the left, near doors. the map at northeast. Jump off ledge. Where is the last treasure in Neverland Terra's story. Near chest (map)Bubble Sticker - Fissure. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Back on land by the other exit, take note of a high ledge with a chest atop it, which can be accessed via an alternate entrance. This really depends. You shouldn't have to do this too terribly much, the first mock-battle ends after you rip away half of their HP.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep introduced the command deck, a system of organizing and implementing attacks, magic, items, and abilities that has reappeared in Re:Coded and Dream Drop Distance and is rumored to return for Kingdom Hearts III.By melding commands together, you can create powered-up attacks and spells that could mean all the difference in the midst of battle. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Up in the air. High jump to get to this ledge. Dwarf WoodlandsPicnic Basket Sticker - Courtyard. At the edge of a village surrounded by a huge forest lies ... Japan's most successful PSP title, Monster Hunter Portable 2G, is heading to Europe and US.

The moment you see him starting an attack, Slide away from it, and dash right back to score a few hits.

There’s one at the very top!Wellspring Crystal - Pete’s Rec Room, up near raceway entranceOlympus Coliseum Fire Strike - Gates, upper rightCura - Gates, upper left (in columns)Mega-Potion - Gates, lower leftMap - VestibuleDeep Space Abounding Crystal - Durgon Transporter (behind starting point), middle of roomHi-Potion - Ship Corridor, starting areaPulsing Crystal - Ship Corridor, starting areaMega-Ether - Ship Corridor, middle corridorHi-Potion - Ship Corridor, middle corridorMap - Control RoomThundara - Ship Hub, second floor upZero Gravira - Ship Hub, bottomPulse Bomb - Ship Hub, near upper computerChaos Crystal - Machinery Bay, upper nookMine Shield - Machinery Bay, upper central level (after boss battle)Xehanort’s Report 1 - Launch Deck, upper level, use anti-gravMega Attack Recipe - Launch Deck, upper leftFire Surge - Launch Deck, lower rightFleeting Crystal - Launch Deck, lower rightMega-Potion - Machinery Bay Access (right exit from Launch Deck)Neverland Megalixir - Cove, other side of save (after Hook fight)Mega-Potion - Cove, other side of save (after Hook fight)Ether - Cove, next to save pointHi-Potion - Cliff Path, lower right dip in groundFiraga - Cliff Path, top of rock (Air Slide/Glide over)Treasure Raid - Cliff Path, behind rock in upper left (blow up with cannon fire)Aeroga - Mermaid Lagoon, upper right nook (swim in)Blitz - Mermaid Lagoon, left side upper level ***enter from Cliff Side; run up the rocks and glide through the hole in the wall aboveElixir - Mermaid Lagoon, islandHi-Potion - Seacoast, right sidePanacea - Seacoast, left side behind rock pillarBalloon Letter - Jungle Clearing, Mega-Ether - Peter’s Hideout, nook in the backFleeting Crystal - Peter’s Hideout, nook in the backMap - Gully, near SaveAbounding Crystal - Gully, upper rightMegalixir - Rainbow Falls: Cove, back areaThe Mysterious Tower Magnega - Outside of Tower, backWellspring Crystal - Outside of Tower, leftChaos Crystal - Outside of Tower, rightMega Magic Recipe - Tower EntranceThe Keyblade Graveyard Elixir - Seat of War, back nookMega-Potion - Seat of War, behind starting pointMap - Seat of War, upper rightWind Raid - Twister Trench, middleMega-Ether - Twister Trench, middleMega-Potion - Twister Trench, top (nearly in front of exit)Megalixir - Twister Trench, upper leftElixir - Twister Trench, middleXehanort’s Report 12 - Seat of War, back nook. Dale (Southeast Sky (Collectible After Olympus Coliseum)), 1.

Return to the Cavern and defeat the Jellyshades to clear the world, earning you the Pixie Petal Keychain. This page was last edited on 24 October 2017, at 18:19.

Go through Pete’s Rec Room and Glde/Air Slide overReversal Slash - Raceway, upper left sideSlot Edge - Raceway, up near Pete’s Rec Room entranceShimmering Crystal - Raceway, upper left middle levelStop - Raceway, lower left near Fruitball Court entranceMega-Ether - Gizmo Gallery, bottom of map near middle Raceway entranceMega-Potion - Gizmo Gallery, upper left top levelChaos Crystal - Gizmo Gallery, upper left top levelThunder - Gizmo Gallery, lower leftThunder - Gizmo Gallery, upper leftMega-Potion - Gizmo Gallery, lower right in nookPanacea - Pete’s Rec Room, bottom nookAction Recipe - Pete’s Rec Room, bottom nookAerial Slam - Pete’s Rec RoomBreak Time - Pete’s Rec Room, middle of pinpall game ***Hit all four green Crown bumpers! Pitting you against both Xehanort and Vanitas sounds ruthless and unfair, but it's only half the battle you expect it to be. In center. After you enter Skull Rock's upper levels, near the edge is a treasure chest. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep – Guide and Walkthrough PSP.

On a cliff.Mysterious TowerDonald Sticker - Entrance. Up in the air. The cue for this can be easily spotted when he comes low and close enough, as he will ordinarily be flying at a leisurely pace.

He then obtains a D-link with Peter Pan. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep is the tale of a new trio of heroes, told across three scenarios utilizing the groundbreaking technology of the PSP.

In alcove near chests.Ice Cream Sticker - Twister Trench. At the end of this path is an exit to the base of Rainbow Falls. In alcove on the right. Air Slide/Sonic Impact combo REQUIREDOlympus ColiseumBalloon Sticker - Gates.

I need to know where the seventh chest in nevenland for ventus is. Stickers are trickier and some require special jumps or strategies to reach. Near chest.Mysterious TowerBalloon Sticker - Sorcerer’s Chamber. (Aqua). This will gradually whittle him down, and when he's nearly done for, he'll warp more frequently, which makes him tougher to strike (especially since you don't want to attack him until he's made a move).

A useful Command, Dark Haze, can be found further ahead in a cave. Up in the air.Glide/Super Glide REQUIREDMinnie Sticker - Pete’s Rec Room. High Jump REQUIREDTraffic Cone Sticker - Chateau. Behind right column.Deep SpaceFlying Balloon Sticker - Turo Prison Block. While most of the treasures are fairly easy to find with exploration, it’s still very possible to miss a few. Potion (Northeast)--Stickers: 1.

StickersCastle of DreamsFireworks Sticker - Foyer. In the air. Start by tracking Pan in a combo right away. Offense-wise, their attacks tend to be unpredictable, as an attack by the Fire Unversed will result in flames being spewed in Terra's direction, Blizzard results in shards of ice being shot his way, and Thunder results in lightning striking down on his location. Mega-Potion (Southwest) Once you have defeated the "old man," congratulate yourself, as you've finished Terra's share of Birth By Sleep!

The projectiles he fires can be forced back at him (if you tap the Block button often enough), though all his other methods are best evaded with a Slide.

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