Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. After scanning, I would say that Portra 400’s grain structure is much tighter than UltraMax. It will also have a finer grain than consumer films. “Meh. Unlike Portra 400 or a lot of other color negatives films, I’ve found that UltraMax actually gets more contrasty and saturated when you overexpose it a stop. “What?! It's my go-to 400 speed film, since I think spending 3x for Portra to not be worth it. Ok, enough of the elaborate narrative on how I got this film. would you suggest portra over the other ones for Iceland? ... 关注 83.

Ask anything about analog photography, share photos, discuss techniques, gear or famous photographers. It has a fantastic amount of saturation – especially in the blues of an image. So, overexpose by one stop. UltraMax 400 did everything I wanted it to and more. Now, I am going to Iceland in a week and wanted your opinion on whether to get Portra 400 or Ultramax. On overcast days the color temperatures lean cooler. That's probably what I was gonna do. Long story short, Portra 400‘s exposure tolerance is significantly better than UltraMax 400. In a lot of ways, UltraMax is like if Portra 400 and Ektar 100 had a kid. Note that the Fuji 800 and 200 emulsions though do not share this problem and also give great Caucasian skin tones. It doesn’t have anything like Portra 400’s ability to handle underexposure, but not much does. However, the results are very pleasing! Let’s get to it.

Fujifilm Superia 400.

I highly recommend reading  the article by Film Shooters Collective in understanding film characteristic curves. If Kodak made it in 120 or even 4×5, I would shoot the crap out of that too. Ultramax and Superia are both consumer films and you likely won't see a huge difference between them. Stick with Superia for cheap 400 iso. Hello I own an Olympus OM-G and normally buy Superia 400 but I wanted to buy something different. At  ISO 200 and towards dusk, I found myself shooting with a wide aperture to keep a faster shutter speed.

Now, I am going to Iceland in a week and wanted your opinion on whether to get Portra 400 or Ultramax. Know-it-all,” Steven Wallace. I conduct the transaction and I am out the door! The Kodak has portra like effects rendering fantastic skin tones. Then I saw it in the captions: “Shot on ULTRA MAX 400 at EI 1600.” I had to shoot this. There is a following for UltraMax 400 and you can find it in your local drugstores. Film Photography subreddit. Portra is a professional film hence why it costs so much more. That said, Portra is definitely nicer film. Yay tax returns! I want to shoot it a whole lot more. Film Photography Podcast and News – Shoot Some Film, Dang it! Must have the precious!”  Done. For shots around town, of the family, or everyday life, This is completely subjective. However, this can easily be corrected in post without sacrificing quality from your scan. In shooting UltraMax, overexposure results in color shifts where as Portra tends to maintain colors and highlights when it is overexposed. Well, the answer is in the curves. In overexposing UltraMax, I notice the image tends to lean warmer in evenly lit images. edit: i searched Iceland on this sub and like everyone uses the Portra. Imaging Characteristics. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. “That’ll be, $20.13.” To my surprise, “What?! It’s also more grainy than Portra, but that’s not something that I mind at all.

Especially when you find a giant window with light pouring in. Portra comes out to about $45 on Amazon and Ultramax comes out to $15 (I could buy x3 as many rolls). Despite the cooler tones and flat lighting conditions I found that it maintains contrast quite nicely! However, these are my preferences in color temperature. It sat in my fridge for well over a year. I grab the box and run over to cash register, eager to load it into my camera. However, in the shadows the colors tend to shift a bit towards a teal hue. It's much grainer than Superia...especially in blue skies. CineStill Film Cs6 Creative Slide E-6 Development Kit Review, DSLR Scanning: Hands On Review with the Negative Supply MK1, Camera Review: Fujifilm QuickSnap Premium Kit II. The grain I’ve seen is very pleasing and I think only adds to the feel of the images. so i think i might go with that if funds aren't too low rn. Kodak Ultramax 400 vs Fujifilm Superia 400. Host and Executive Producer for Studio C-41. Do you price match?” The clerk replies, “No.


I’ve been told for great results, rate UltraMax 400 to 200 and develop at box speed. That could be my whole review of Kodak UltraMax 400 and it would say everything I want to about this underrated and wonderful film stock. They have 3-pack UltraMax 400! Kodak UltraMax 400 is considered as a ‘consumer’ film in comparison to the ‘professional’ lines like Portra 400.

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