Name: Madoka Kaname, Law of Cycles, Kriemhild Gretchen, ??? She absorbs any life on the planet into her newly created heaven--her barrier. It's irritating to be forced to sit through it.

So even if she turned into a witch, she might have no need in actually having familiars of her own. Reply. Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page.

This witch was introduced in Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Create heaven on Earth. These two events became fused in popular legend. You guys are just lucky enough to be able to rename.

Fario-P Student Digital Artist. Appearance

In Goethe's Faust, Gretchen, also known as Margarete, was the name of Faust's lover. A German female name The master of this emotion is filled with aspirations for the new year from inside her Doppel, which gathers all wishes for the year the moment if manifests and bestows them upon its enemy in the form of blessings of mercy. Came back after Ultimate Madoka destroyed witches on a conceptual level, regenerating in the World of Witches, which is now nonexistent), Nonexistent Physiology (Physical, likely Complete. She inhabits a comet-sized grief seed and, unlike the second and fourth timelines' versions of Kriemhild, has a fully-shown face (although the left half is either blank or covered in shadow); her head is sun disc-shaped, her open mouth resembles the moon, and her right eye resembles the earth.

He wins Kriemhild’s hand by performing feats for Gunther in the wooing of Brunhild. Alias Type This article is a stub and is in need of expansion.

Information Kriemhild Gretchen

According to the official webpage, her witch designation is categorized as Witch of salvation with her nature as "Mercy". Kriemhild Gretchen is the witch form of Madoka Kaname, and when born outclassed every witch known in history, including the once though all-powerful Walpurgisnacht.

A character that is portrayed with an extreme personality of mercy and revenge.

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She stands several kilometers tall, easily taller than the Supercell clouds left by Walpurgisnacht. She is also portrayed by some artists to be a witch with a cheat code (invincibility), and it is because of that, she is sometimes seen been made fun of.

Her final outlook remained unknown.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica. | All previous abilities, Constant Growth, Large Size (Type 5 initially, eventually became Type 7, possibly higher), Darkness Manipulation, Curse Manipulation, Non-Corporeal, Immortality (Types 3, 5 [Ultimate Kriemhild Gretchen is a nonexistent being] 8, [reliant on her familiars or the existence of water]), Intangibility (Immaterial), Regeneration (High-Godly. Dark Messiah. epicelite's topic in Renegade X, Kriemhild Gretchen replied to Newbie's topic in Renegade X, Kriemhild Gretchen replied to Gretchen A German female name November 2, 2014; 13 replies Leaderboards.

Ultimate Kriemhild Gretchen is the witch form of Ultimate Madoka, however, had yet to grow to it… Any and all life that has thrived on this earth over the millennia of its existence are sure to be equally condensed and crushed by the enormity of this fleeting creature's wish.". Thank you! Kriemhild Gretchen is on Facebook. ????

It is distinguished from symbolic behaviour (cult, ritual) and symbolic places or objects (temples, icons). Madoka Kaname

View "Kriemhild Gretchen" related artworks on pixiv. (Regeneration feat), Even as a 5-B, Ultimate Kriemhild Gretchen was considered to be practically unkillable. Witch Her witch form has evolved up to the point of being at the massive, gigantic, universe size that was born from Madoka upon absorbing all the Soul Gem's grief of fellow Puellae Magi, which Kyuubey claimed that this curse is born from the result of rewriting the laws of the universe, which is enough to destroy the universe itself. In Old Norse legend, Hildico became Gudrun, who murdered Attila in revenge for his treacherous murder of her brothers.

kriemhild gretchen. Reality Warping, Mind Manipulation, Intangibility (Elemental), Familiar Summoning, Pocket Reality Manipulation, Self-Resurrection (Able to resurrect from her Grief Seed, although this isn't applicable for combat unless the Grief Seed is filled with despair), Invisibility, Absorption, Lightning Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Weather Manipulation, familiars can detect how impure someone is, Large Size (Type 3). Announcing our NEW encyclopedia for Kids! While all of this is happening, the master of this emotion sleeps inside the huge Soul Gem. Kriemhild Gretchen is the witch form of Madoka Kaname.

Her face is shaped to be somewhat like a black sun, which is gigantic enough to cover the Earth.

Her appearance in both timelines is essentially identical (if one looks closely at her fourth timeline appearance, they will see the head at the top of the shadow between the outstretched arms), though in the second timeline only her head was really shown at all, with the body still forming. The personification of the witch is categorized under Dark Madoka. She stands several kilometers tall, easily taller than the Supercell clouds left by Walpurgisnacht. Puella Magi Madoka Magica Movie - End of Timeline I - Duration: 0:48.

Kriemhild Gretchen replied to ih4x3du's topic in … When it was first broadcasted, the witch was not named, and it was assumed to be unknown.

According to witch animator and designer InuCurry, Walpurgis Night's and Kriemhild Gretchen's silhouettes are supposed to make a pair. If left without opposition, she will eventually destroy the world.

She is always seen manifested at the reality, so she does not have her own border.

She appears as likely the most powerful Witch in existence in second and fourth timelines of Episode 10; a witch form of Madoka (whether she can be considered Kriemhild is up for debate) also appears in episode 12. Episode 12 version. The Elder Scrolls metaphysics & philosophy, as a comet grief seed she managed to fly from space to Earth, Traveled to the Earth from space in a short period of time,, As Ultimate Kriemhild Gretchen, Madoka Kaname was capable of growing from a comet-sized witch to one that exceeded the Earth with her mere hands in a matter of moments.

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