Photo Coverage: Inside Opening Night of Paper Mill Playhouse's THE SOUND OF MUSIC, Von Trapp Family Attends The Sound Of Music At Engeman Theater. Austria was under economic pressure from a hostile Germany, and Austrian banks were in a precarious position. The von Trapps never directly profited from the film or Broadway musical: Maria, whose husband died in 1947, sold the rights to the family story to a German film company in the mid-1950s for $9,000. Waitstaff still wear traditional Austrian costumes in the main dining room. [1] On the voyage home he visited the Holy Land where he met a Franciscan friar who took him on a tour of all the biblical sites he wanted to see. Kristina Von Trapp Frame was born on month day 1970. When von Trapp finally returned to take over from his father, Johannes, he had had quite a decade: teaching skiing in Aspen, modeling for Ralph Lauren, surfing in Chile and making People magazine’s America’s Top 50 Bachelors list in 2001. Georg had been born in Zadar (now in Croatia), which at that time was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Sings 'Wait For It' in Powerful Election PSA, Watch Julia Murney, Drew Gehling & More in Scenes from ASSASSINS, John Gallagher Jr. & Gillian Jacobs Play 'Sorry, Bye', Exclusive: Get a COVID Reboot from MFF's Harold Gibbons. Kristina Charlotta Vilhelmina von Trapp (born Råbergh) was born in 1805, to Gustaf Johan Råbergh and Johanna Charlotta Råbergh (born Ståhlström). For instance, in the 1965 film, Georg von Trapp was portrayed as a disciplinary man who always went away and did not care for his children or their feelings at the beginning of the film. Kristina von Trapp is married to Walter Frame. In real life and in the memoir "The Story of the Trapp Family Singers", written by his second wife Maria Augusta Trapp, the Captain has been described as being a warm and loving father who was always around. Von Trapp figured that if he sold von Trapp draperies on eBay, he might turn a nice profit.

When the Austrian Chancellor Kurt von Schuschnigg heard them on the radio, he invited them to perform in Vienna.

Phone: 802-253-5710 Kristina von Trapp Bio, Photos, Theatre Credits, Stage History - learn all about their career on stage. ", "I remember one time someone came up to me and said, 'Is it true that the nuns really stole the spark plugs?'" "My mother was always busy, always going 100 miles an hour, leaving a trail of confusion behind her as people said, 'Now, what did she want us to do?' “Nobody has the level of commitment I do,” said von Trapp, 36. Broadway Rewind: Something Wicked This Way Comes When MACBETH Returns to Broadway, Randy Rainbow Wants to Know How You Will Vote on Tuesday. She lives with her family in, Married 1969 to Lynne Peterson and has one son, Sam von Trapp, and one daughter, Kristina von Trapp-Frame.

We will not sell, distribute or lease your personal information to any third party. Phone: 802-253-5718 Email: “My staff hid it from me for months. When Sam von Trapp, the grandson of Maria, the singing nun made famous by "The Sound of Music," graduated from college, his father offered him … Johannes von Trapp, the 10th and youngest child, remembers growing up relatively anonymously in a quiet, strict home. Five years later, he married Maria Augusta Kutschera, the tutor for one of his daughters who had been home ill. Georg Ludwig Ritter[a] von Trapp[1][2] (4 April 1880 – 30 May 1947) was an Austro-Hungarian Navy officer and the patriarch of the Trapp Family Singers, whose lives were the inspiration for the musical play and movie The Sound of Music. [7], Trapp's mother was Hedwig Wepler. The family kept driving out professional managers, preferring to run things in a haphazard way, Johannes says, remembering the family's supposed indifference to making money except when they wanted it. [21] In January 1947, Major General Harry J. Collins turned to the Trapp family in the US pleading for help for the Austrian people, having seen firsthand the residents of Salzburg suffer when he had arrived there with the 42nd Infantry Division after World War II. It's a good thing they didn't attempt to cross the Alps, as the movie portrayed, since that route would have taken them into Germany. [3][4] His naval exploits during World War I earned him numerous decorations, including the Military Order of Maria Theresa. Email:, Phone: 802-253-5707 "You can't say no to Hitler three times -- it's getting dangerous.".

“You could no longer give your name anywhere without people saying ‘Oh, are you … ?’ ” said the elder von Trapp, 69.

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