“He seemed much more physically affected by it. I don’t think being a board member or a family member would give you a sufficiently good feeling for a lot of these issues to be the decision maker.”, In other words, the weight for the decision fell upon Arthur Sulzberger Jr., and nobody–not the Sulzberger family nor many second-guessers around them–were in a position to understand the Mr. Sulzberger Jr.’s thinking: “This is what the chairman of the company is paid to figure out. Waiting there were executive editor Howell Raines, the subject of so much controversy since–five weeks to the day before–reporter Jayson Blair, groomed in Mr. Raines’ regime, resigned after having savaged the paper with serial incidents of journalistic vandalism. Some went out for air; Times staffers could be seen descending the stairway to the lobby, packs of cigarettes in hand, only to sigh with displeasure as they found a cordoned-off scrim of reporters and camera crews being held back by police outside the front doors. Maybe more time than he should have been, but certainly a full amount of time to try to get back the confidence of the newsroom and he couldn’t do it. Here’s a roundup of the most notable work. Cards. All rights reserved. When Arthur Sulzberger Jr. went down to Washington to find out whether the bureau hated Mr. Raines so much that the rest of his time was impossible, the answer was: yes. 14.30 na cmentarzu junikowskim w Poznaniu. Staff members straggled from the newsroom, moving slowly. A. Anna Stachowiak. This is a very exciting thing.

But, said one staff member, “Howell said this very moving thing. If that reflects a poor management style, they should patent it and sell it all over the world.” And, Arthur Gelb, former managing editor of The Times said, “I think Howell Raines is one of the best editors I’ve ever worked with. Stachowiak Inner Dream. Zamknęły się kochane oczy, Spoczęły pracowite dłonie, Przestało bić najdroższe serce. Previously cities included Henryville PA and New York NY. Within minutes it all rolled out. Krystyna Anna Stachowiak is the wife of Howell Raines. Raines married “the beautiful Krystyna Anna Stachowiak” in a small ceremony at the Trinity Episcopal Church in Mount Pocono, Penn. We get it: you like to have control of your own internet experience. Maciej Stachowiak is a Polish American software developer currently employed by Apple Inc. where he is a leader of the development team responsible for the Safari web browser and WebKit Framework. Lo. Managing editor Gerald Boyd, who in recent days toured the newsroom, desk-to-desk, with Mr. Raines to consolidate support, was stepping down. TrackBack. And he just couldn’t do it.”, After the meeting, Jerelle Kraus, an art director at the paper, when asked if people were happy said, “A drill came out of my mouth, I was so excited. They were given a floor to talk in Howard Kurtz’s column in the Washington Post, and they did and they didn’t realize what they were doing and they ruined this guy’s life. There haven’t been many cited instances of Mr. Raines actually ruling by fear.

He doesn’t want to hurt the paper more than it has ever been hurt.”, To the end, though, Mr. Raines had supporters.

Mr. Raines had made himself an untenable executive editor for the New York Times, not so much because of Blair affair, but because of the weakness of his position after the scandal. Msza św. But I think he”–Mr. He wanted reporters to remember them for all the great things they had done. According to several Times sources familiar with the situation, in Mr. Sulzberger’s visit to the Washington bureau Tuesday June 3, he was asked during an off-the-record brown-bag lunch “whether or not it mattered to him that Mr. Raines had the support of the newsroom.” And bureau reporters questioned if Mr. Raines was going to be truthful in answering written questions to a Wall Street Journal investigation into the paper. But the staffer said no one was sure if the love Mr. Raines was referring to was the New York Times or to his new wife. Forget the projections. Messrs. Sulzberger and Raines embraced. Posted by David Nieporent on March 11, 2003 2:38 AM | Misc. However, according to a Times source, support from Arthur Sulzberger Jr. was not enough. He may have not been worshipped, but he did come in and do some good things.”, Projects and changes implemented under Mr. Raines were now in disarray–or simply stopped in their tracks. “I think you have to be very deep into the place to really be able to offer good judgments on these kinds of issues. Steve Rattner, a former Times reporter and close friend of the younger Sulzberger, declined a request for an interview but said: “This is obviously a horrible thing for any institution to have to go through, but in many cases, including this one, I am very optimistic that the institution will emerge stronger and healthier as a result of it.”. Krystyna Anna Stachowiak, a former marketing and public relations consultant, and Howell Raines, executive editor of The New York Times, were married yesterday at Trinity Episcopal Church in Mount Pocono, Pa. Canon Virginia Rex Day performed the ceremony.Do you think Andrew Sullivan was invited? “And when he wasn’t strong enough to rule by fear anymore, he couldn’t rule.”.

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