They’re all pretty tired of turkey and pumpkin stuff, so they try and bring some new foods. 4) Look At Me Don’t Look At Me: Another entry with layers and layers underneath but a subtle sexy peak at everything. ), Kurt Hummel’s Top 5 Sexiest Sweaters: Cardigans Edition, KURT AND BLAINES OUTFITS ARE LEGIT MY DUDE, yes I know it is 6 with the honorable mention, as if these are clean and polished and fancy, also i litcherally couldve just gotten the images off fashionofglee, theres a few more tina pieces i had to leave out cause there were so many, but most of it was in s2. Lady Gaga was a consistent well of creativity that the production team of Glee drew upon -- for obvious reasons. Fox.

Also, can we lick you? Also, covering as much as possible because he and Blaine have been using those visas to visit south of the equator for two and a half episodes now and that skin is probably very marked up.

This epic snuggle sweater has all the makings of a good time: soft knit, ample pockets for condoms, and Kurt inside it. So this one is shorter but here we go! 5) Porn Confession: Remember that time Kurt talked about watching porn while doing his best Hummel figurine impression in that Dalton cardigan? He was so achingly gorgeous in that moment, all flustered and awkward. Iconic. A detail that viewers may overlook is that in both her first and last appearance in the show, Sylvester is shown in a red tracksuit, the colors of the school she spent most of the series coaching at. Each character was represented with distinctive styling choices that differentiated the William McKinley High group of misfits from each other. Asking for a friend, and science of course. 5) The Jetsetter: It’s a turtleneck and a cape! They're so 20th century. This definitely made for one of the show's most memorable episodes. Kurt is a true showman, capable not only of choreographing amazing dances and singing soprano, but also of kicking for the football team… all … It’s a big hit. During its six-year run Glee was a cultural phenomenon; not only was the show a hit, but Glee also spawned an international tour, multiple best-selling albums, and a theatrically released concert film. every kurt hummel outfit: 3x01 the purple piano project, every kurt hummel outfit: 1x18 laryngitis, every kurt hummel outfit: 2x03 grilled cheesus, every kurt hummel outfit: 5x02 tina in the sky with diamonds, every kurt hummel outfit: 5x04 a katy or a gaga, every kurt hummel outfit: 3x17 dance with somebody, every kurt hummel outfit: 1x15 the power of madonna, Kurt Hummel’s Top 5 Sexiest Sweaters: Turtleneck Edition, Kurt Hummel’s Top 5 Sexiest Sweaters: Fashion Has No Gender Edition, More Sleepover Headcanons: Quinn’s Thanksgiving Birthday Edition (3/? Before graduating Hummel was a member of the New Directions, briefly played on the McKinley Titans and had a stint…, Kurt Hummel football jersey tshirt Remember when Kurt Hummel was on the football team? Most of his clothes are from very high-end stores & designers such as Marc Jacobs and Alexander McQueen.

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