The blood is about extinct. His offspring are being carried on today in my lines and those of friends, as will be seen later in this account. There are no comments yet. Cowan RH Broodcock : Lacy RH Broodcock : Lacy RH Broodcock : Albany | Birchen | Black | Dom | Grey | Hatch | Kelso | Oriental | Other Fowl: All Fowl are for Breeding and Show Purposes Only! It was brought by a steamer ship from England in the year 1864. I was completely fascinated by them and absorbed in raising them. They also side step their opponent to avoid getting hit, multiple shuffler, has a very good timing to deliver its blow and they are high breakers. Carl moved to Haleyville in the late 1930’s and he and Russell became cocking partners. I have what you might term two strains of Roundhead, most of one of these come with white legs, though some come with yellow legs. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Uncle Ernest and Mr. Shepler had been exchanging fowl for several years and Uncle Ernest considered him an excellent breeder and a “stickler” for deep gameness. I took a three week vacation and only returned last week and since then have been up to my ears with work. We are currently shipping out Eggs and we ship day old chicks every week from March through September. I really think this so called white legged strain has a slight infusion of Redquill blood in it — I say this because quite a few come a pumpkin or ginger red color, and when they are right young some of them come with moccasin colored feet and legs through later on they turn white. Around 2005 I got the George Wood Lacy blood. Carl and I later became very close friends and I held him in the same esteem and affection that my uncle did. Business Service . She was a neat, round bodied, buff colored hen with somewhat short but smooth feathering. Not rated yet. I bred her to a number of different cocks and used the offspring as my main broodfowl. Not only were they outstanding battle fowl, but with everything they were bred to, first class fowl were produced. He had unusually smooth, coordinated movement. They made a lasting impression on me. See more ideas about Day old chicks, Hatching eggs, Poultry supplies. As to the breeding of Carl and Russell’s Lacys: Carl’s father, George Davis of Jasper, and Uncle Ernest were good friends. 5.

9 Months Old #2. 13,066 people follow this. Phone: 828.615.4160 *ALL FOWL ARE FOR BREEDING AND SHOW PURPOSES ONLY* Fighting abilities: The next year, in the late summer, my favorite of the ½ Lacy-½ Albany-Claret hens running under the above stag (from the Lacy hen from Uncle Ernest’s yard and Manley’s cock) stole her nest off in the garden and set.

About See All. Hatching Eggs and Day Old Chicks. Cocks are peacomb, and white legged. 5 out of 5 stars. PLEASE DO NOT ASK. From this mating I got a son that was one of my most used brood cocks. My First Years of Breeding (1945-1952). I bought this cock for $25.00; the only time I have ever purchased a cock. When picking seeds in the grass, her stride wide, smooth and swinging, but when she was in a hurry, her steps were short and very quick, always smooth, her body in perfect balance. LACY ROUNDHEAD Judge Ernest Lacy of Jasper, Alabama, who was my mother's brother, originated the strain of roundheads which bears his name in 1916. He lived in town and did not keep fowl himself, but had excellent walks where people kept them for him. I was breeding half brother and sister, half uncle to niece, etc. I have copies of several of… In the 1960’s I exchanged a pair of Lacys with Hugh Norman. Judge, an attorney living at Birmingham, Ala. have some of my games and since then we have often made exchanges of brood stock. At pit-side I gave this cock to Russell Sutherland and Carl Davis. Occasionally some of my stock will come spangle, and sometimes one will come what I call pumpkin colored plumage, or ginger colored plumage, but about 90% of them will come black-breasted reds. I also bred him to the last of the old hens from the mating of the cock I gave Carl and Russell and their hens. Log In. In 1920 or 1921 I let James G. Oakley take all of the pullets from this 1918 mating. Law Grey. I gave Mr. Long the old Finley cock, and also gave him a yard of my hens. Both breeds are pea combs and both are proven to have the best qualities suitable for slasher fighting. The Albany-Claret cock Mr. Shepler sent me was not at all impressive in looks. This baby stag grew into the white-tailed cock that was winning so many fights. As mentioned, the ¾ Lacy ¼ Albany-Claret cock which I gave to Russell Sutherland and Carl Davis in 1954 bred to their Lacy hens produced such outstanding offspring that we all have bred primarily to this line from that time on. I can’t make this out) have made such a good record that quite a number of parties claim he was raised by them – Ledbetter bought him at a fight new B’ham for $5.00 from a party named King. And to all you history buffs, I hope that you all have enjoyed this letter. E.W. Today many of my Lacys carry from one sixteenth to less than one-hundredth of this Hugh Norman Lacy blood. Russell Sutherland was a young man in Haleyville who loved gamefowl and helped Uncle Ernest walk cocks in Winston County. He knew the Lacys intimately, having been closely involved in the breeding, walking and fighting of them almost from the time they were originated. I do not approve of cockers promoting their fowl through writing about them in the gamefowl journals, and I do not want to be guilty of that practice. Judge Ernest Lacy of Jasper, Alabama, who was my mother’s brother, originated the strain of roundheads which bears his name in 1916. In reference to the inquiries contained in your letter will say that originally I secured from Mr. Burnell Shelton, of Mississippi, a very fine looking roundhead hen upon which I bred a white leg cock that Judge E.W. Carl was a young man in his early twenties in those days, and he fed for both his father and Uncle Ernest, helped him with his walks, etc. I was breeding very closely. Uncle Ernest and I were the only members of our family who cared for game chickens. I bred this Shepler Albany-Claret cock to the three old Lacy hens and raised several stags and pullets. Only two stags were raised from that setting of eggs, Gunter got one of the stags and I got the other. The old friend who was to care for them had taken a war job in another city and had not raised any young from the brood fowl I’d left with him. I will not definitely make up my mind or decide which trio to send you until I hear from you again. I bred the Russell hen to a stag Carl gave that was from a son of the cock I gave him bred back to his aunts. Bacon Warhorse For sale Lacy Roundhead. Kelso (photo credit to Mr. Biboy Enriquez). Our roosters. I do not sell fowl and would not want to receive such inquiries. We have a variety of roosters, in the pictures you will see White Hackle, Lacey Roundhead, Spangled Hatch, Mug, Ruble, Blue, Clements, Wingate Brown Red, Minor Blue, and Gilmore. Law Grey. While my roundheads are practically pure Allen and Shelton roundheads, yet, all of them carry a very small percentage of blood which is locally known as the “Bair brown-red”. Most are defensive fighters where they always wait their opponent to attack first before they initiate to engage in the fight. From this mating I raised about 12 stags & pullets. I got some fine cocks and stags from that mating – the best I had ever had up to that time, – I now have two of the hens that I raised from the “two-toe” cock in 1927. Lion Creek Game Farm has some of the finest breed lines from many of the finest highly recognized breeders of game fowl. I also bred the Russell hen to what was known as the whitetail cock. Carl and Russell and I bred primarily to this cross of the cock I gave them and their hens as our main line of Lacys from that time on. In fact, an aunt (Uncle Ernest’s sister) who did not approve of cockfighting said when her only grandchild was born, Oh, I hope he won’t like game chickens. About this time I let Mr. Thos. The 2 stags referred to were pea combed black-breasted reds, with red eyes and white legs. Eight years ago I got a very fine R.H. hen with yellow legs and slightly spangled, from Miss B. Shelton of Miss. She became a major cornerstone of my breeding. The are tight feathered then most are dark red to wine red in color, better body conformation than Boston’s with medium to high stations and are white and yellow legged, better stations than Boston.

If after considering the above statements you decide that you think I am selling you fowl that will be too close bred, then, I can send you two hens or a different cock that will not be so closely related to one another. He told me that Carl was as fine a young man as you would find anywhere and that you could believe implicitly anything that he told you. They are white legged & are very beautiful intelligent birds. 12,936 people like this. They only have about 1/8th or 1/16th of the black Boone blood in them yet 3/4ths of them especially when young, come dark or brown red in color. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Most will have white in their tail feathers. These are the Lacy fowl that I breed today. In those days, however, I was shy and afraid of imposing on anyone. When she fought, she was like lightning, crossing her opponents and hitting multiple blows on their backs with amazing speed. During these same years, Carl Davis was fighting our line of Lacys crossed with power blood with considerable success. More than that, I would not sell any of those in this section, because sooner or later some of my fowl would have to go up against them.

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