Cleat – A metal object that you tie a rope around in order to fasten something in place, especially on a ship. added these additional great nautical pet names: "Fathom", "Drifter", "Spinnaker", "Keel","Tack", "Jibe" and "Jib". Jacques - as in Jacques Cousteau, a French naval officer, filmmaker, and researcher who studied the sea and sea life. Gill – This water-loving dog can hold his breath for a long time underwater. FTC Disclosure: In some of the articles on this site, I make recommendations on products that have been helpful to me. Commodore – The leader on any body of water. This is because so many big-sounding names are quite masculine. Triton – A sea god who was part man and part fish. Mako – The fastest species of shark. Sailor – A canine that is happiest on the seas. - A small canoe with opening in the top for a person to sit and row. Coral – She is both beautiful and beneficial. Cutter – This canine is small but fast.

In nautical terms, it means to secure an anchor on the side of a ship, Galleon - In the 16th to 18th centuries Europe, a multilevel sailing ship, Gunner - A person in the armed forces that operates a gun.

Ariel – Your little mermaid doggie. Nautica – This puppy always has a pleasing smell. Brendan - the Irish monk, St. Brendan, is one of the patron saints of sailors.

Galley – “You’ll always find me near the food.” Find the best dog name by browsing our list of beach-themed dog names. Nemo - A famous fish and star of a movie of the same name. Aqua – This puppy is all about the water. Bay - A broad inlet of ocean where the land curves around it. Commander – He is truly the master of his domain. Fin - in the UK, this is the structure on the topside of a submarine. Aqua – This puppy is all about the water. Orca – Good name for your black and white dog that resembles a killer whale.

Farragut – A Union naval officer who uttered the famous phrase – “Damn the torpedoes… Full steam ahead!”

This website does not sell any personal information. Rudder – This pet steers your life in many directions. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. SpongeBob – He’s a real joker.

Popeye – He turns into a super dog when you feed him spinach treats.

Zale – Greek – Sea-strength. Atlantis – The legendary lost city. Captain Hook or Hook – The evil captain in the “Peter Pan” story. Names on this list are perfect for those who love the water, sun and surf, enjoy fishing or boating, or maybe you are a Cruise Line enthusiast. Clipper – This dog is built for speed.

Columbus – Genoese navigator, colonizer and explorer whose voyages across the Atlantic Ocean, funded by Queen Isabella of Spain, led to general European awareness of the Americas in the Western Hemisphere. Tide – This canine is influenced greatly by the moon.

Patrick – The starfish in “SpongeBob Squarepants.” Flipper – Your highly intelligent dolphin doggie. To help you out on your dog naming journey I’ve put together a list of 500 geography related names. Mate - Fellow seaman or friend;  Great name for either a boy or a girl puppy. Gary – The pet snail in “SpongeBob Squarepants.” Check out our list of cartoon dog names.

Big dog names male. One and two syllable dog names are the best and easiest, however we have added a couple clever dog names that have 3 syllables.

Propeller – Without this doggie, you would be dead in the water? Boom – This canine likes to help control the boat. Sandy is a popular girl dog name for one that has a tan coat.

Nemo – The title character in “Finding Nemo.” Atlantic – I prefer Europe and the Americas. Bikini – “I’m happiest in a 2-piece outfit.” Jolly Roger - A Pirate ship flying a flag with the white skull and crossbones, Kayak - A small canoe with opening in the top for a person to sit and row, Lagoon - A small strip of salt water separated from the sea by a coral reef or sandbar, Laker- A ship  that carries cargo on the Great Lakes; A great name for a mid-western USA puppy, Manatee - A marine mammal that lives in the water. One of the favorite nautical dog names. A fantastic name for your water-loving dog. Baltic – I prefer Eastern Europe. If you think you have another great name to add to this list, please submit it below. Master - in Nautical terms, a ship with a specified number of sails;  In dog terms, a good name for an alpha male or female. Ferry - A type of vessel that transports people and other items across bodies of water. Hudson - as in Hudson Bay;  A good name for a male dog. Mate – Boat’s assistant. Elizabeth from the U.S.  suggested:  Skipper, Captain, Minnow, Neptune (Roman name for Poseidon) Triton, Salty. I can take it or leave it.” Male Dog Names » Nautical Dog Names.

Jaws - Mouth of a shark and Movie by the same name. You be the judge. Marlin – Clownfish in “Finding Nemo.” Explore more boy dog names M here. Anchor – This dog is a firm, stabilizing influence. Pacific – This puppy is bordered by a ring of fire. Pilot - A helmsman or person who takes charge of a ship as it enters a narrow or finfined waterway such as the Panama Canal. If you enjoyed this page, I'd love it if you'd let me know. Puddle - A small amount of water remaining on a hard surface. Thank you. Mackerel - A type of Fish. Harbor -A natural or man-made body of water adjacent to the mainland. Hopefully some of these Nautical dog names will fit the bill or at least get your creative juices flowing. Captain – “Aye, Aye” is the only answer he wants to hear. Pirate – A good name for your outlaw doggie. Tender - A boat used to carry people to and from a larger ship, Titanic - An unlucky large ship that sunk in the north Atlantic:  A great name for a large dog or a small dog that thinks he's a big dog, Torpedo - An underwater missile fired from a ship, submarine or aircraft;  A great dog name choice for a very fast puppy, Typhoon - A bad storm at sea near the Indian or Pacific Oceans.

Paddle – This beloved dog helps you navigate through life. [Belle is a very popular girl dog name], Boomer - Slang term for a ballistic missile submarine, Breezy - Mild wind and popular female dog name, Buoy - A floating object used for navigation, Cadet - A young student in training for a position in the police or armed forces, Canal -  Narrow man-made water passageway as in the Panama Canal, Cargo - Goods or merchandise carried on a ship, Compass - An instrument with a magnet capable of locating the north pole, Convoy - A group of ships traveling together, Coral - Animals that make up a coral reef, Corporal - A low ranking noncommissioned officer, Diver - Someone who goes deep in the water with scuba gear, Dory - A small shallow boat;  Also a character in the movie Nemo and more, Ensign - Lowest ranking commissioned officer in the US Navy. These 92 nautical dog names are sure to please any water-loving dog and/or their owners. my  E-book, The Top 10 Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Dog (and how to avoid them). Dory – The royal tang fish in “Finding Nemo.” Explore more Disney dog names. Porter – He will assist you in all your endeavors. Sharky – A ferocious guard dog would fit this name well.

The Best Way to Show Off or Remember a Beloved Pet. © 2020 The Paws. Killer – Named after the fierce killer whale. Want to help? Moby (Dick) - Famous Whale and name of a book;  A great dog name for one that loves the water. Brizo - Greek goddess of sailors. There are countless terms that refer to these topics, but we have narrowed them down to list only those that would make a great dog name. Ahab – The famous captain in the “Moby Dick” novel.

Here’s 500 geography inspired dog names. Finn is a very popular boy dog name, Fish - Type of animal living in water. Helm - The mechanism that steers the ship, Henry (Morgan) - Pirate;  You could use either Henry or Morgan as a great dog name. Snorkel – “I have a rather long snout.” Click here to learn  About  this website. We will add it the next time we update the page with your name and location, so that you get all the credit. Rudder - A flat object used to steer a ship, Sandy - The land that is covered with sand and adjacent to the sea. Tanker - A ship carrying liquids. Hammerhead – This boy is tougher than nails. Magellan – Ferdinand Magellan was a famous Portuguese explorer. Skipper – One of the favorite water dog names. Spinnaker – A sail used for racing. Both first and last names make good dog names especially for a french dog breed. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. -A natural or man-made body of water adjacent to the mainland. Lach – Scottish – One who dwells by the lake. From … Poseidon – Greek mythological Olympian who was the god of the seas and waters. One of the favorite nautical dog names. River – A good name for any powerful dog breed.

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