Some things are easier for cult babies who’ve practiced showering in a cup of water. Jimmy T told me as he helped me back to my car that he didn’t much care for my “lifestyle and such.

I guess you never know when someone will bring guacamole into the office and bam, my avocado allergy sends me into a gauc-fueled rage and I hit the launch button. We are experiencing technical difficulties.

An unhappy privileged white liberal woman struggling to come to terms with her depression after her latest mount got sent to the glue factory….sounds like you Lauren, — Dr Tom Chamberlain (@ChamberlainDr) October 12, 2020. I didn’t blame them. She makes tater tot casserole.

I loved this story! My friend who’d given me a ride when my tires were slashed told them all about that morning. She asked me if I needed money for a lawyer. His brother was a trooper and told Eric his association with a known felon wouldn’t look good on his application. I only had two friends before all this. You lose faith in yourself. Darkly funny story of a hapless writer, forced to run home to Long Island gets in over his head with low-rent gangsters, accidentally becomes assassin. I was afraid he wouldn’t answer. She did a 3 minute keg stand at a tailgate. When I’d told her about the car back when it happened, she said, “Oh Jesus, Lauren. I never know how to answer. He asked for my number. Don’t give too much away or they’ll think you’re hiding something—liars always explain too much. I didn’t want to be different. I was used to being lonely. I stayed up all night reading.

I think he’s going by Stefan. “Hey, so when is this happening?” he asked. He said, “Shatzi!” He always calls me that, it’s something like a German version of “sweetie.” “Hey, kiddo.

And that, my outward reaction to the entire affair didn’t fit what everyone seemed to think should have been my reaction. Republican Reactionaries and the Road to Fascism, Poetry Review: Aaron Graham’s BLOOD STRIPES, New Essay by Patrick Medema: Being Acquainted with Violence, Praying at America’s Altar: A Review of Phil Klay’s MISSIONARIES, by Adrian Bonenberger, Poetry from Westley Smith: “Homecoming,” “On Not Dying,” “Nocturne”, New Fiction from Matthew Cricchio: “War All the Time”.

Growing up as a member of the infamous cult The Children of God, Hough had her own self robbed from her. “It’s like a trial, Dad. Don’t say a word.

Maldonado said she had to eat something. Seemed like Mom would realize that, as though maybe she hadn’t known, and they’d realize with all this time spent together they were still in love. I offered him my hand which he crushed in his own meaty palm. They also do plain old rescue coordination. New town. Your bookshelves will be bursting at the seams and you wont remember what color the rug was as it will be buried under all the new purchases you have made!

I wasn’t all that clear on the rules but “I’m gay” was a pretty clear violation of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. The PRP is supposed to ensure only qualified people have access to nuclear weapons. Unless they disagree,then you become a screeching harpy. “What? I was a twenty-three year old Combat Rescue Controller in the Air Force. When my car burst into flames one night in early December, I knew things looked bad, but I still held onto some slight hope—I had my escape plan. Merwin. — Lauren Hough (@laurenthehough) October 12, 2020 Yes, it’s very weird for women to be celebrated as mothers. I flipped through the book and found the passage he’d circled. My little brother had been with me through it all. Even the act of torching my car seemed like a far leap from murder, a beat-down seemed more likely. Four. He said he’d called his brother, a lawyer, who told him I needed a civilian lawyer. I named him The Apostle because he asked if I was a Christian.

I rubbed the dust off the car, hoping no one had seen it.

But I’d see groups of friends in the dining hall, at the gym, at the weekend keg parties in the courtyard between dorm buildings, and mostly, I just wanted the distraction of hearing someone talk.

Instead, I stopped locking my car, to keep it from going off.

Poet Eric Chandler Reads "The Path Through Security", Michael Carson Reads Sylvia Plath and Gerard Manley Hopkins, Two Poems for Spring: Margaret Atwood & William Matthews, by WBT Co-Editor Andria Williams, New Memoir: Solitaire by Lauren Hough (Part II), New Memoir: Solitaire by Lauren Hough (Part I). Maybe they’d transferred to another base. Part II of II I should’ve been more concerned when someone fingered the words “Die Dike” into the dust on my r…, Part I of II My first time at the closest gay bar to Shaw Air Force Base, the bouncer asked me if I had…, Contributor Reading: "The Witch" by Ruth Mukwana, Contributor Reading: Dalton C. Brink Reads His Short Story, "The Gift of Trey", Contributor Reading: Arin Yoon Reads Her Essay, "Don't Erase My History, Don't Sell My Picture", Editors' Favorites: Andria Williams Reads Carl Phillips' "Roman Glass", Editors' Favorites: Michael Carson Reads Margaret Atwood's "Half-Hanged Mary", Contributors' Favorites: Peter Molin Reads Three Poems for Father's Da, Editors' Favorites: Andria Williams Reads Sylvia Plath's "The Applicant", Editors' Favorites: Rachel Kambury Reads From Ernie Pyle's 'Brave Men', Contributor Reading: Nathan Webster Reads from Michael Herr's 'Dispatches', Contributor Reading: Peter Molin Reads His Short Story, 'Cy and Ali', Contributor Reading: Colin D. Halloran Reads James Tate , and One Poem of His Own, Amalie Flynn Reads from Monique Wittig’s "Les Guerilleres", Contributor Reading: Matt Armstrong Reads Wendell Berry, Contributor Reading: Matt Gallagher Reads from New Novel 'Empire City', Editors' Favorites: David James Reads C.P. She’s been an Air Force Airman, a green-aproned barista, a bartender, and a stand-up comic. If I always locked my car, no one could have filled it full of gas without setting off the alarm. I’d be thirty-three when I got out. Where’ve you guys been? Another squad car pulled into the driveway. Searing and extremely personal essays from the heart of working-class America, shot through with the darkest elements the country can manifest–cults, homelessness, and hunger–while discovering light and humor in unexpected corners. She’s been an Air Force Airman, a green-aproned barista, a bartender, and a stand-up comic. At first it was fine. Your really good at it!

One morning in August, I was told to report to my commander’s office.

I never concerned myself with time zones.

Male oppression has gotten so bad that she's had to accept her fate as a professor of law, a circuit court judge and now a Supreme Court Justice.

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