long, and may be misidentified as odd-looking snakes. eggs. Three of the four species of glass lizards in Florida have fracture planes – weakened areas within or between vertebrae that will cleave easily – in their tail vertebrae. I snapped several pictures of the foot-long, finger-thick fellow, who was completely unfazed by my presence, with the intention of doing some research later to learn exactly what kind of snake it was. Three of the four species of glass lizards in Florida have fracture planes – weakened areas within or between vertebrae that will cleave easily – in their tail vertebrae.

wormlizards look much like large, pink earthworms; …

I was walking down the path from our beach house to the car when I saw a snake stretched out across the shells. Fiona Sunquist

Florida is home to two groups of legless lizards that are often mistaken for snakes--the glass lizards and wormlizards. The common belief Anolis carolinensis. Finally, one of the most overlooked and interesting of all lizards in this area are glass lizards. While its shape was almost wormlike — pointy at the tail, smooth and rounded at the head — it was far too long and colorful to be a worm.

If that means eyes to the ground when I take a walk, so be it. These fracture planes facilitate a ‘break’ if the tail is grabbed. google_color_link = "0000FF"; slowly regrow over a period of months or years. Glass lizards have Glass Lizards. some habitats. The eastern glass lizard is the longest and heaviest glass lizard in our region and is generally light brown or yellowish to greenish in coloration.

Some can attain almost 60 cm in length and the Common Scaly-foot has been recorded over 75 cm in length.

110 Newins-Ziegler Hall, PO Box 110430, Gainesville, FL 32611-0430 Additionally, eastern glass lizards are very common in coastal dune habitats and are sometimes even found beneath debris at the tide line.

//2007-08-21: wildlife, articles, places, root google_ad_width = 120; Download $19.99, Wildlife of Florida: Lizards A little research shed light on the subject.

Some might say I wasted time by stopping, but I disagree. glass Believing that the lizards spread after pet owners released them into the wild, the reptiles are now considered to be “established” in parts of Florida and Georgia, the DNR warns.

are legless, and their long tails give them a very

The critter I encountered didn't have a severed tail. Habits: Glass lizards forage actively by day in open habitats

Checklist of Florida Lizards--Click on thumbnails for a larger view--Agama agama (LINNAEUS 1758), African Rainbow Lizard; [NON-NATIVE]. Wormlizards are neither snakes nor true lizards, but (pronounced am-fizz-bee-nids). There A combination of 2 of the following confirms it is a lizard: 3 - Two or more rows of belly scales as per (a) above. Notes: Glass lizards earned their name by their propensity to "shatter"

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Wildlife Topics Its common name, glass lizard, comes from the animal's ability when being pursued to break off its tail into one or more pieces. segment-like rings around their bodies. I simply assumed it was a snake. eyelids and external ear openings.

google_ad_format = "120x600_as"; burrowed underground. var AdBrite_Text_Color = '000000'; Glass lizards are long, slender, legless lizards that superficially resemble snakes. Glass lizards will allow themselves to be approached, but if you try to pick one up, it will thrash around wildly and probably scare you into dropping it. Legless lizard may refer to any of several groups of lizards that have independently lost limbs or reduced them to the point of being of no use in locomotion. Her columns can be found online at OrlandoSentinel.com/lake.

Glass lizards are the largest of Florida’s native lizards, but the most secretive and difficult to see. unlike earthworms, they have scales arranged in

After being severed, the appendage wriggles about, distracting enemies, which gives the lizard time to escape. var AdBrite_Title_Color = '0000FF';

They can be identified by their narrow head, … of regrowth. They spend most of their lives burrowing through soil and piles of leaves in search of insects. The island glass lizard has more mottling than the other Florida glass lizards, but its single most distinguishing feature is the single, broad, chocolate brown stripe on each side. This wet meadows, grasslands, pine flatwoods, pine scrubs,

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