Singing Mandrake: collect the potion ingredients - the first one is inside the pots by the edge; the second to the right, behind the Mandrake (use the wardrobe to put earmuffs on); the third one is on the plant by the cell - use magic on it to make fruits grow out. Character Token Detector: In the second room, start off with speaking with the snake using Harry, afterwards use (DM) on the black sphere which will appear. The owl is on the upper level.

Ravenclaw Prefect: Use (RD) on the silver armour (after getting the Red Brick), jump onto the plunger and clean five yellow stains. Assemble a cloud with sun (WL) and throw both corn piles (WL) into the stand. Ravenclaw Girl: Get rid of the padlock on the gate on the right (RD) and push away the plank (WL). Use it (WL) to light the flames on the statues and then attack the statue by the painting. Great guide, really helped me getting the game 100%. Use Wingardium Leviosa to place it on the chain above you, then use Wingardium Leviosa on it to knock down the barrier. Push And Shove Card Game,

A red brick will appear - the owl is downstairs.

Enter your username or email to reset your password. Jump onto it and clean five white stains on the floor. Use the pumpkin helicopter to get to the token. How To Cure Insomnia In 12 Minutes, You are in control of Harry (Dark Blue Jacket), Ron Weasley, Hermione (Brown Coat).

For the third, head outside to the left, then use Wingardium Leviosa to fix it. Put earmuffs on in the wardrobe, pick up the Mandrake and put it into the pot. Hufflepuff Prefect: Get rid of the pixies with (IM) and open the chest. Ginny Weasley: Use (DM) on the gate at the back of the classroom. Fbg Duck Net Worth 2020, Victor Krum: Beside you will find a rocket, on which you can use only (DM). Metroid Fusion Randomizer, Hit the targets on the right wall to reveal LEGO pieces. Starting Characters: Harry (Red Jacket), Slughorn (Pajamas). Attack its tail and the token will appear. Boxes with a pink background are the main indoor areas of Hogwarts, and you will spend a lot of time running through these areas as you progress throughout the story. These are the cheat codes for those of you who are to lazy to work in the game. Khalid Love Lies Mp3, Ginny (Cardigan): Use (IM) on the pixie holding the pumpkin and on the one holding the rocket. Follow Nick up to Dumbledore's Office to begin the last level.

Use (RD) at the back of the Herbology Classroom to enter. Use Wingardium Leviosa to place it over the large fires, allowing you to solve the rune cabinet. Jump onto it and collect five pink books scattered throughout the room. Professor Binns: In front of the Dumbledore's Office (M2.10) entrance you can find candlesticks - light them up with (WL). Use (LS) to save it. Head down the path and grab Spectrespecs from the dispenser, then use them to reveal the LEGO pieces for an alarm clock.

Unroll the middle roller blind and open the window (WL) - you will receive the first ingredient. Area 1: Slytherin Crest: Use Dark Magic on the coffin lid to the right of the stairs, then fill it with water to reveal this.

Hermione (Blue Top): In the corner of the classroom you will find a cabinet, use (DM) on it. The owl is on the left, by the entrance through which you came.

You need: a character with a key, a character with a book and a Hufflepuff student. Use Diffindo on the nearby wall to create a flower, then build the LEGO pieces into a flower. 2011 Ford Edge V6 Towing Capacity, Right next to the entrance to the 2nd Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom you will find some bricks - make a huge "H" letter out of them (WL) - the bricks automatically insert themselves after pointing at the right spot.

How To Revive A Chameleon, Beside there's a chain - use magic on it and place (WL) the wrapped book on the cart. 1 is in this area and 2 are in Area 2. Afterwards eliminate the pixie (IM) by stopping the rotating wheels and creating a staircase.

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