Time magazine puts your photo on its cover as “The Person of the Year.” You have your first child and he’s healthy and strong. There is illiteracy. A: I spoke with a decorated homicide investigator, J. Warner Wallace, who subjected the gospels to months of painstaking analysis through various investigative techniques, including what detectives call forensic statement analysis. #2 Fall Book Bundles: Click Here to view all our bundles and save up to 72%! I don’t know all the ways God is going to draw some good from this Aurora situation, but wouldn’t it be something if He were starting right now, with you personally, and using this message to bring you into His kingdom at this very moment? Spontaneous remissions do happen sometimes in serious illnesses, but they usually take place over a period of time and often do not endure. He can and He will. God has the last word! In other words, does a miracle-performing God actually exist, and has he left his fingerprints all over supernatural events throughout history down to the present age?

When my daughter was little, she had a doll with a string in the back, and when you pulled it the doll said, “I love you.” Did that doll love my daughter? A: After nearly two years of research, I came to my own verdict about miracles: they're often credible and convincing, and they contribute powerfully to the cumulative case for Christ.

Christians Invented Health Insurance.

It seems these dreams plow the hard soil of Muslim hearts. Some of what we casually classify as "miracles" really seem closer to fortunate "coincidences," or God at work through routine processes. Wednesday, September 09, 2020. Faith Leaders Play Election Peacemakers, at Polls and Beyond, Vatican: Pope’s Comments on Same-Sex Civil Unions Was Doctored, Dr. Tony Evans: You Can’t Love God and Hate Your (Democrat/Republican) Brother or Sister, Candidates Make Last Campaign Stops Among Churches, People of Faith, Abducted Pastor in Nigeria Released; 6-Year-Old Kidnapped, Why the Tree Stand Should Not Replace the Pew, Truths the Devil Uses to Stop Us From Praying, The Subtle Difference Between Vindication and Justification, and Why It Matters. It might be terrible.

Death doesn’t have the last word anymore. But if you’ve never asked why our world is infected with pain and suffering, you will when they strike you with full force or they come to a loved one. Let’s say that on the first day of 2012, you had an awful, terrible day. As one author explained, “When we humans told God to shove off, He partially honored our request. If a serious illness is instantly and permanently eradicated at the exact moment a prayer for healing is being offered—well, that tends to push the needle over into the "miracle" category for me.

After driving through the confusion of the fog for so long, that image struck me with poignancy I’ll never forget, because it was through that cross that Jesus conquered the world for us. It’s up to our free choice to actualize that potential. Let’s make this crystal clear once more: God did not create evil and suffering. Q: What happens when, instead of a miracle, a person prays but doesn't experience a miracle?

The Old Testament gives us a great example in the story of Joseph, who went through terrible suffering, being sold into slavery by his brothers, unfairly accused of a crime and falsely imprisoned.

He undoubtedly knew we’d rebel against Him, but He also knew many people would choose to follow Him and have a relationship with Him and spend eternity in heaven with Him—and it was all worth it for that, even though it would cost His own Son great pain and suffering to achieve their redemption.

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