Is it as simple as seeking pleasure and avoiding pain? Happiness, sorrow, victory, defeat, day-night are the two sides of the me coin. If you don’t live your life the way you want to, you will regret many things. People are living empty lives and they don't even know the purpose of it. Obviously, you did it for a reason. As my dad always reminds me, life is fluid. On Instagram, the phrase illustrates uniformity rather than subjectivity. Does the difference between physically active and couch potato lie in the dopamine system? For years, all people, of all ages, and cultures, ultimately seek one thing, to be happy. For years, all people, of all ages, and cultures, ultimately seek one thing, to be happy. Ignorant people don't know the world around them, they don't know what makes them happy or sad, they don't know and don't care about it. But, this isn’t how the phrase is presented on social media. All Rights Reserved.

This something else, Truth vs. Happiness Essay Wrong. Even if that purpose means doing things that most people would frown upon. How to Live Your Best Life Starting Today, Benefits of Lifting Weights Both Men and Women Can Experience, What Is Self Awareness (And How to Increase Yours), How to Get Out of a Funk When You’re Stressed Out, 9 Powerful Questions That Can Improve Your Quality of Life, Understanding the 5 Stages of Life Can Help Navigate Hard Times, What Is a Complete Life? My first reasoning on why I live my life to the fullest is because I want to live life with no regrets. Submitted By: William It’s impossible to stay on top without experiencing some type of pitfall, and our understanding of “living my best life” today minimizes the struggles of life that are unavoidable, and encourages the idea that only award-winning moments in life matter. In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby, is one extraordinary novel that he wrote in 1925. Dr. Romero

This seems like the ultimate goal that we strive for every day.

For example, meeting Catie was the best thing that has ever happened to …

Living for a worthwhile end. Thus, I think the most beneficial and realistic explanation of what “living your best life” means is as follows: One that encompasses reaching new levels of self awareness and self growth, that ultimately leads to taking actions that help you to discover and hone into your interests, talents, and passions. Living your best life praises the finish line and ignores all the work it took to get there.

Similar to Biff in, people happy .There's nothing good about living a life where you are ignorant to the things around you. Wrong. The conflation with a person actually working towards living their best life and the quality of their posts on social media platforms is a dangerous one. Life is beautiful but not always easy, it has problems, too, and the challenge lies in facing them with courage, letting the beauty of life act like a balm, which makes the pain bearable, during trying times, by providing hope. Happiness, and the act of being happy, is not complex, but more a long process meant for a good person. Introduction to Happiness One of my favorite podcasts, Therapy for Black Girls, discussed a few months ago the idea of not being where you want to in life, whether that be regarding relationships, career goals, or any aspect of life. At the end of our lives, we all want to be able to feel as though the life that we lived on earth was a good and happy one.

A question many people ask themselves, is how can they reach a happy life. This is one of the conflicts the characters face in the book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. It is more than certainly possible to live a life of bliss, even in a world with today’s chaotic means. But, social media isn’t a true representation of our lives, our presentation of ourselves online is carefully and strategically planned — highlighting only our fun, carefree, most successful moments. Being Present and Enjoying It: Dispositional Mindfulness and Savoring the Moment Are Distinct, Interactive Predictors of Positive Emotions and Psychological Health, Close Relationships and Happiness Among Emerging Adults, Compassionate Mind Training for People with High Shame and Self-Criticism: Overview and Pilot Study of a Group Therapy Approach, Household Routines and Obesity in US Preschool-Aged Children, Body Posture Affects Confidence In Your Own Thoughts, Study Finds, How to Start Over and Reboot Your Life When It Seems Too Late, How to Cope With Empty Nest Syndrome and Be Happy Again, Fail Forward: How Setbacks Can Fuel Future Success. The religion and community also, love to prosper? 10 December 2016 Some people say money is the key to a good life, but I do not think that. The true happiness, Living Life and Being Happy Essay examples, This quote exhibits the love and support that is involved with having a, The Impact of Globalization on the UK Essay, Essay on Letter Home from the Trenches- Creative Writing, Advantages and Uses of Biofuels Essay examples, The Use of Irony in Barbara L. Greenberg's The Faithful Wife, Rhetorical Techniques in Richard Wright’s Black Boy Essay. Human happiness would be more widespread if everyone were to know how to achieve it, and choose to achieve it. The phrase feels dumbed down, like its value is lost. If you were to ask random people on the street how they live a good and happy life, each person would give you a different answer. The Means of Being Happy The Real Reason Why You Feel Exhausted (No Matter How Much You Sleep), 20 Reasons Why Relationships Fail (And How to Avoid It), 15 Strength Training Exercises Specifically for Runners, Hack Your Learning With These 9 Simple Study Habits. However, if a person who manages this, that person will certainly get all the happiness in life.’ All the aspects of life are related to emotions and feelings. Fuel was added to the fire in 2017 on the Bachelorette reunion when Rachel proclaimed to Peter that she’s living her best life without him. While “living your best life” is encouraging in that it emphasizes bettering yourself and self-growth, one has to consider who decides what “best” is, and that working towards living one’s best life is different for everyone.

If that were the case then all people who can go about their lives without fear of missing a meal or dying from the elements should be happy then right?

A statement from. Submitted on Wednesday, March 27th pieces of history half forgotten, and the thoughts, opinions, and advice of philosophers who lived before the birth of Christ.

“Living my best life” is usually a caption that accompanies an image of perfectly placed food, selfies, and the latest travel destination. Is it as simple as seeking pleasure and avoiding pain? It’s more helpful to look at living your best life as a fluid, ongoing process — not something that has a finite end point. people ask themselves, is how can they reach a happy life.

F.Scott Fitzgerald 's novel takes place in 1920’s and takes part of the 1st World War. With FOMO and constant comparison to others on social media, it starts to feel like a contest to see who can create the most appealing, extravagant “living my best life” post. Living the best life has a lot to do with the level of trust, empathy, and intimacy we have in our relationships with those we love. There’s something wrong with how we use the expression that has taken over pop culture. It feels like “best” has a clear definition that’s limiting in this context. Should you use time management with your free time? He ends up being neighbors with a mysterious man named Gatsby who ends up giving him an interesting aspect of his life. The phrase has been used across social media and in popular culture for awhile now.

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