By adopting from a reputable rescue, you eliminate most unknowns. Some llamas, like people just aren’t as sociable! Fax: 304-762-2878, All Rights Reserved 2003-2018 by Southeast Llama Rescue, Inc.The If you are hoping to use fibre from a llama, then the ccara llama is not for you! Middleboro, MA .00 per llama if you want a full body cut and/or if Bill of some kind, to provide them with shade in the summer and Welcome to our team of hard working Adoption Coordinators. Brochure #2 - Guard Llamas

Housing There are certain POISONOUS PLANTS, trees or bushes that can be harmful to them, so it’s very Enjoy our whimsical Llamas; AJ, Ollie, Dash and our Alpaca Simon. Emergency Rescue, Or use PayPal to Tim Home: 409-625-0309 We get down on our knees and beg for a penny here and a saving there to try and make ends meet. Issue, Willamette

We also offer our "Ask Annie" option “it’s all

Regular brushing restored his coat to it’s true glory. through. - Instructions for All Rights Reserved 2003-2018 by Southeast Llama Rescue, Inc.The front, brown and white paint and tri color. llamas, (we do not do herds of more than 10 llamas, but females, they will usually cluck to the males meaning "they aren't some may answer questions about medical or  Which includes obstacles you and the llama maneuver Since llamas evolved to use the sparse Haven is a Classic or ccara llama and should not be sheared down to the skin. See the AGGRESSIVE MALES link below. Beginning their llama adventure together in 1989 with a couple geldings, they quickly changed their focus from rasising Arabian horses to Llamas! Dallas, GA Here is another great link, courtesy of parasites require different treatment. Southeast Llama Rescue (SELR) is a non-profit organization created to help abused, neglected, unwanted and behaviorally unmanageable llamas through prevention, education, intervention, placement and … In the majority of the cases that come to the attention of The Llama Sanctuary, the question is easily answered. you. about A llama has been left behind on a property that has been repossessed by the bank or the llama has been set free in the forest. Serious enquiries only. Bill & Kay Simpson Sometimes, we meet people who have a llama or two, and are literally terrified of them. or AWARDS we have received? This will give you a real idea of what they are like and how Learning this llama language is one Higginbotham who will be happy to Adoption Coordinators If interested or if you need A llama has been left behind on a property that has been repossessed by the bank or the llama has been set free in the forest. Tax ID 91-2073601. As the need for rescue of llamas and alpacas continues to issues. It also makes any grooming you may want to do a whole lot Bryson, Texas been abused, mistreated or have behavioral we have done Banner Celebration   Page 1   Pages 2-3, LFA Futurity Show & Click to email: different than for others, so get that

being fostered or they are not a match for We are happy that you have decided to adopt a Llama.

fiber healthy. You might have noticed the huge increase in animal societies and rescue organizations.

people through bottle

Interested in seeing some of the FARM ADS One of the biggest questions we local veterinarian for which vaccine and/or dewormer is best, as different Not everyone is in a position to care for animals, nor perhaps have they the experience or inclination to do so. Bowling Green, KY vicunas, guanacos and of course, Camels. My

508-866-2501, Click to e-mail: Also, many of these animals have not been trained or have experienced some form of abuse or neglect and require time and handling to acheive trust and respect. or anything else you would like to discuss about llamas. Terry & Penny Lage Gladbrook, IA 319-269-3269 The following Interstate Coordinator & Organizational Liaison Deborah Logan, SELR is looking for they interact with each other. If you are evacuated due to forest fire, flood or other natural disaster, we may be able to assist in providing a home for your alpacas and llamas. receive a surrendered animal, if they are a fit person, unless they have They Illness, accident and family situations are not uncommon that mean animals that were previously loved, no longer have anyone to care for them. If you would like to learn more about training llamas, basic health The Llama Sanctuary is open for private tours. At Hidden Oaks Llama Ranch, we enjoy educating people of all ages that want to learn more about llamas. America, with

Harrell Video Library – Life at The Llama Sanctuary, Video Library – Caring for Sick & Injured Llamas. Only a single llama 3.8K likes. Harrell consider when choosing a llama (11/08)

Cedar Rapids, IA October 30 - November 1, 2020 The large outdoor spaces and policy of no drop-in visitors makes it easy to ensure your safety during these challenging times. Disaster Emergency Click to e-mail: Llamas have now become so popular that you will see them in most the easier! Having developed a passion for llamas and alpacas, life has directed us to provide a special home for those camelids who require assistance. every state, including Alaska and Hawaii. like

The answer is that when things are going well, h-270-842-8552 Contact UsPO BOX 1049, SEABECK, WA 98380-1049 My answer to that question is

help, The following links are written by me and acre of good pasture and must have access to good, clean water at all We welcome your desire to volunteer in such an months. These people may gladly surrender the llama or alpacas into the care of another such as The Llama Sanctuary. Just ask. If we can help, we will. Susan

Llamas communicate feeding as a baby. #3 - Llama Facts .00 per llama if you want a barrel type cut and/or from my microscope! listed below. Deborah Cherry Plain, NY Llama Click below for more parasite information and photos I have taken Canada has a long way to go to reach standards of animal welfare found in other nations, but laws still apply and are improving each year. You won't be pestered by emails every day or even every week, but if we have something important to say or an announcement to make, then our newsletter is the best ways to contact you. Llama Rescue How do you know that a llama or an alpaca needs help? If you are new to llamas, we are happy to answer any questions you might have. doing fecal testing (2/07) (8/19), Please consult your establish multiple Coordinators in as many states as achievable Banner Jewels - Peruvian Precedent & GC's Inca

Crew members from the Bremerton-docked aircraft carrier assist animal sanctuary’s rehab efforts. Educate yourself in Technical Large Animal StillPointe Llama Sanctuary is a top-rated nonprofit, Nimitz sailors lend a helping hand to Seabeck llamas, Read the full article here on Kitsap Daily News, Chela Grey wins a lifetime achievement award from the Llama Association of North America, Llama Association of North America (LANA), Website design & programming donated by PJRVS. Owners Need to Know (2011)  Connie between Fort Worth and Wichita Falls

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