The episode also puts Henry and Walt in conflict with one another, as each has a constituency that claims his loyalty as much as their friendship demands their loyalty to one another. Dog Soldier protects from outside threats. Ron Gilbert. Did that ever get explained? another reason Shank was targeted. in the 19th century. Thanks,

The  most recent episode of Longmire, “Dog Soldier,” was probably my favorite of the series thus far.

Asimov. Contact the missing boys' biological

Greenstreet and Lorre say they are going to keep looking for the real one. You are contemplating going back without realizing this could be a snare? Quite honestly, I can’t think of another television show that has addressed the problematic history of the boarding schools—much less one that has suggested that the philosophy associated with those schools is not something that is safely in the past but is rather an ongoing problem. Whaaat? Dog Soldiers Ending - Duration: 7:01. Sself, That must be it though I’m wondering if there’s more to read into this message?

Here was our main problem with the season 5 finale; we’re supposed to believe that Henry Standing Bear, who by all indications has lived his entire life on the reservation, wouldn’t recognize the granddaughter of his arch-enemy Malachi? Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. At the ritual, she begins having visions of her father’s house, empty, and she’s walking through blood on the floor. In other tête-à-têtes, Mayor Sawyer Crane (Eric Ladin) calls Nighthorse to his office, looking to gain some of the businessman’s clout—and money—for reelection. Is that Ryan Shank?

As Henry comments, that policy is similar to the “Kill the Indian, Save the Man” philosophy that drove twentieth-century residence schools for native children.

Have some Craig Johnson books ordered to hold me over! Although the bad guys are exploiting government policy, the episode suggests that the policy itself is implicitly racist. This episode focused more explicitly on the Cheyenne, and on the often tense relations between the Cheyenne Nation and the white residents of Absaroka County, Wyoming. Thank you for adding my site to your list on the right-hand side. He’s immediately worried when he finds she has gotten into a scrape and has been kicked in the stomach. That kind of behavior's been getting me into trouble,” and shortly therafter, he finagles Ferg’s assistance with the caveat, “… it’s not, strictly speaking, uh, legal,” I’ve gotta ask, what is he doing? one by one. Another reference: the movie The Maltese Falcon.

True David, Walt does create a lot of his own problems, but that is the character as created by Craig Johnson I think. I will be sad when Longmire ends after season six. And also in that sweat vision she saw Mandy cleaning up the blood and if I remember correctly an owl made another appearance–a harbinger of death in Native American symbolism. Lastly, I do believe it means that even though Walt and Henry want the same thing, to help people and to do things for the good of it, they will never be the exact same because Walt will never know how it feels to live the life of a Native American and experience first hand that sense of helplessness, like Cady was talking about earlier. For instance, being shot but not killed, and everything looking like he is 100% going to lose his job and everything he cares about, but no matter how bad it looks, it won’t come to that. And Henry is trying to remind him, as his best friend, that there are often similarities in cases but rarely do they make a full connection.

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