There are few services on the Big Lost side of the range and none on the Pahsimeroi.Please practice Leave No Trace. JustHiking Trip Report #2 Glaciation has carved numerous cirques throughout the range and alpine lake basins are scattered in the central and eastern portions. A high clearance 4WD is a necessity, as is a few spare tires and some extra gas. Photo by, Doing a little exploring around the West Face of Bad Rock just below the summit approach through the chimney through the cliffs (out of view to the left) (2016-07-02). The upper valley was very beautiful, and the wildflowers were just starting to take over.

Beyond the higher summits, the range has many other peaks worthy of consideration. The Lost River Range is a massive desert fault block range that holds the highest peaks in Idaho. Photo by, USGS Peak looking back from the Northern Ridge over near "Castle Peak" at the head of Upper Cedar Creek (2018-07-05). People came in droves to make their fortunes in … The snow was pretty firm down low, but softened up a bit in the mid section.

Evening view of Mount Idaho and partially frozen Merriam Lake. The total stay for Ken, Nick and I was 4-days and 3-nights, with Nick's brother Nate joining us for the first day and a half. The last rays of sun on Mount Church, from out campsite at Lake 9682'. However, four climbers have died while in pursuit of the 12ers, all in the Lost River Range. Latitude: 44 deg; 1 min N, Longitude: 113 deg; 28 min W, Elevation: 8000 feet. Each hunt and guide was carefully selected to match up with each hunter's capabilities and expectations. I'll be sure to recommend Big Lost River Outfitters every chance I get. Includes a full section on many peaks in the range, with a special section dedicated to Borah. Lost River Range Company is a Florida Domestic Profit Corporation filed on August 23, 1991. Mike Gibson

The east ridge of Church from the saddle. The Little Lost River and Pahsimeroi River are along its east side. The range can be crossed in two places. Nick and Nate are the small dots descending one of the snowfields. In the central part of the range, you will find the Idaho giants - McCaleb, Lost River, Breitenbach, No Regret, Donaldson, Church, Bad Rock, Leatherman, White Cap, Idaho, Borah, and more. The Pahsimeroi Front from Mount Darcy (11,090′):Looking south are Peak 10750, Metaxy (10,757′), Pahsimeroi Pyramid (10,749′), and Petros Peak (11,050′). While not exactly planned, it turned out that I didn't have to walk more than about 30' from the truck to shoot my bear. all on Map. Then I descended the northeast ridge for a while before glissading back down into the lake basin. How much better can it get? My goal was to hike as much of the beautiful mountain sides as possible in pursuit of trophy elk and mule deer while others wanted a less physical approach yet good opportunity to shoot the same caliber animal as the high country provided. List may not be complete, since only summits in the. Peak Map Photo by, Sub-peaks are excluded from this list. Walk-Ups All Rights Reserved. Box 507 Mackay, ID 83251 (208) 588-3400.

There were some scheduling issues on my end, with the late spring, but the boys worked through them so I could still go on the hunt. A view of the east face of Badrock Peak, taken from the north face of Mount Church. Idaho’s Lost River Range is an actively uplifting fault-block at the northern end of the Basin and Range province. Starting from the south, such peaks as King, Jaggle, Sunset, and others, tower over the lower Big and Little Lost River Valleys. The north face of Mount Church, from the meadow near the East Fork trailhead. Lost River Range is a mountain in Idaho and has an elevation of 8783 feet. The last rays of sun on Mount Church, from out campsite at Lake 9682'. White Cloud Peaks

Lost River Range: 11,899 ft: 639: 1995: Climbing and access information for this peak is on Pages 275-276 of the book. When we aren't guiding clients, you will most likely find us together out in the mountains looking for that next trophy big game animal. Extensional faulting has lifted the range relative to the down-dropped Big Lost River basin on its west side, producing steep ridges and slopes essentially devoid of foothills. Mount Idaho reflecting in a partially frozen Merriam Lake. Ken and Dave getting ready to hit the trail.

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