So, if that’s something you’re against, you might want to just skip over this app. I have worked in the finance industry since 2006, consulting with multiple Fortune 5000 companies. I have been playing this app and while it’s my choice and fault I’ve been testing to see what’s going on. Ive been playing about 8 months. And of course, then we get to the problem of whether or not this constitutes as gambling – which some people would have an issue with.

how much? they said they would restock soon that was over a month ago. But just know that all these apps are basically the same.

So looking at the bigger picture, accumulating tokens is not very easy. These include friend referrals, watching ads, and filling out surveys. As I write this, the app is only available via the Google Play store and is not available in the iTunes app store. As part of this review, I will break down each section below that you find inside of this menu, quickly explaining how each section works below.

The first step would be to download the app from Android’s Google Play, Apple’s App Store, or simply visit the Luck Day website to download it from there. Unlike other gambling apps, Lucky Day App is totally free to download. Sincerly Boom1, I agree with Other players total cash winnings have been at $9.75for several weeks now.. play 23-29 scratchers everyday with no success…although It seemed I added to the amount when I was more active in the surveys, I really wish I knew how to get rid of this bull crap I can’t stand this Lucky Day bull it is stupid all I have one was stupid tokens and no money I’ve been playing it for a while and I am done if anyone knows how to get rid of this stupid app please let me know how to get rid of it because if not I am just going to change my phone number my email address and everything and I guarantee you I’ll get rid of it that way and if it ever pops up again I will let everyone know that this is nothing but a gimmick in a bunch of bull in it is a scam I guarantee you no one will mess with it anymore after I get done I will block it I will do whatever I have to to make sure that whatever this thing is it goes out of business cuz it ain’t nothing but a bunch of bullcrap, I’ve been playing the app about 5 months I did get enough tokens for a gift card but never got it about what I’m telling you right now I don’t care what anybody else says this is a scam and the people in the beginning I don’t know how much they’re paying them but they’re paying them close to their winnings I guess for them to even advertise it. InboxDollars Hack: Make $50 Fast (Scam or Legit?). Well thank you for allowing me to comment .. (NOT) But I don't think I want to waste another 3 months just to and barely make a dollar more..Which in reality I haven't won a cent )well— enjoy your $$ even more- enjoy your day. It seems very obvious that the app gives you a few quick wins to make you continue playing only to find yourself not being able to cash out any of the money. Scratcher – this means you’ll need to match a bunch of identical items in order to win a real-money prize according to random generator results; Slots – you’ll have to match several tokens in one row in order to get hold of some prize; Lotto – this option costs two credits and gives you all chances to increase your payouts to the maximum in case you are lucky enough to get matching numbers. So, with winning on the app, scratchers and the lotto give you the chance to win either cash or tokens and the raffle gives you the chance to win just cash. As you can see the scratcher’s prize money really varies. As you can see in my screenshot, I have been stuck at $7.25 forever.

You have to be persistent and open to what prize you’re willing to accept. Aside from tokens, you can win cash as well, usually in the scratch-off instant wins, but you can win in raffles as well. Prizes available are crap. 5 out of 5 on Google Play. I wanted to find a passive system that had a few things: It was in September 2018 that I found the system that I still use today to make a passive income stream. Lucky Day sounds exactly like the other apps that claim to make you money simply by playing games daily. The Lucky Day app is totally fine. I mean, if the app has millions of users, what are my chances of winning $500 in a raffle? I hardly ever watch them. AppStation Review: Get Paid to Play Games?

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Works it for Belgium? Ive cashed $20 in cash and $35 in PayPal and Amazon cards using my points. We change lives daily by offering hundreds of games for our players to scratch and have a chance to win real money instantly. Even if you don’t match all 3 symbols you will win some tokens…, There are a variety of ways you can win tokens on the app including…. Lucky Day is an app that you can download on Google Play. All of the raffles vary in what it will cost, but these raffles are just that — a chance to win something quite valuable. Humm the coins don’t do much until you have 500,000 that’s going to take me forever not sure if this is even worth it on the ads for it tells you how you win all this money I don’t know about this game I’ve been debating if I should delete it or not I hate false advertisement when they say you win lots of money but you won’t. I think it’s safe to assume we’re working with a legitimate company here, there’s no question there. Since you’re still here I’m going to assume that you want to take control of your future and live a life you always dreamed of. Also, if you check out the Google reviews, there appear to be the same complaints as well…. After several months I’m up to $6.25, yaaah. I was winning cash prizes at least once per week..25¢, 50¢, $1 etc. Not by a significant difference though. Welcome to my Lucky Day App scam review. To prey on the needy like myself . Thanks for the review! As mentioned above, you can also redeem your tokens for e-gift cards, but not for real money. But is Lucky Day just another scam? About a week ago, my wife was scratching her tickets and noticed her money value (that had stalled at $8.50 for as long as mine had stalled) was up to $18.50. While it’s a fun way to scratch off lottery tickets using no money, I think you’re much better of using other platforms, such as Swagbucks or Survey Junkie, if you want to earn cash. Well, like a lot of these apps, many use a point system, making it hard to determine how much you’re earning.

I figured like any other app I’ll get to the brink of the minimum cashout which is $50 and be left hanging with another $0.25. It also looked like they had quite a few skilled job openings, which could signal some great growth. Have redeemed my 54$ and I have it on my Paypal within a week or so. And honestly I think if you added the statement. But what is the token’s worth? I’m saving my coins for a couple gift cards.

Trying to decide if I hang in there waiting for whatever or just delete the app and move on. Random generation is not reliable. When I think about that and all of us who have sent out friends & family Your app. Haven’t had any cash outs after 6-8 months of playing but I have earned small amount on gift cards. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

The concept behind this app is to have the chance to join FREE Sweepstakes, do free scratch cards, enter daily raffles, and so on, with the chance to win money. I had over 2 million tokens, I put half on the 5 thousand dollar raffle, and the other half on the 500 dollar raffle. The trophies aren’t worth anything.

And the great news is that it can be as much money as you want… without relying on luck. They have won around $8 but haven’t been able to earn anything more…. Your compy is getting paid , maybe you should fix the ratio, I need to update the phone number listed on my lucky winner application that is available on Goggle Play Store. and the same may be true for you too. So I wrote this post and I’ve been fighting with these people and I just got another reply and their reasoning is if you don’t complete the offer within 60 days it gets deleted.. the game I played it is impossible to finish it in 60 days it took me almost a year they do everything in their power not to give out the tokens this is worse than the government LOL so I guess I’ll just delete the app and know not to play something like that again.. absolutely ridiculous. You can use the app to play scratchers to have a chance of winning money. So, let’s take a look at how you would get started with the Lucky Day app. So, if you do not play the scratchers on the day they are revealed, the you lose the chance on those scratchers. According to Lottery U.S.A., your chances of winning the Powerball jackpot is 1 in 292.2 million. Are you next? I have to agree with Tom who wrote the review…further more I played the scratchers to try my luck…and 3 times at least I matched three colorful stumbles and they were taken away but I did manage to get screen shots for at least three of the winning scratchers!! That’s quite a few. Also, the company has a very good A- BBB rating. In that screenshot above, for example, I won 1,000 tokens. I’ve been using all my tokens on the 5,000 raffle. Today I saw and I am playing but I doubt a lot. I have been playing Lucky Day for almost a year (November 2018) and had redeemed enough tokens for a $5 Amazon gift card last Spring and never won anything except tokens during the daily lotto. You download it and participate in regular old casino-type and lottery games. Note that you after every few scratchers you will have to watch a video before you can play anymore. IT IS MISLEADING DON’T DOWNLOAD AND PLAY Its a waste of time. Five will be your numbers, whereas the sixth number will be the “lucky” one. Terrible way to treat honest people playing your app. They pay through PayPal within 7 days of your withdrawal request. Doing the dirty work for you as always, I played around with the app for quite some time, and here’s what I found out. They are designed for u to watch their commercials or play their games and very slowly win little amounts of money. While it’s not a scam, there are multiple negative reviews that cast doubt on its reliability. So before you start investing your time you should check the “Redeem Reward” section. Lucktastic IS a scam and i am dropping it but Lucky Day is not bad…. was founded in 2014, by Joshua Javaheri. If you match all 6 numbers, it’s worth $100,000.00. These tokens can be later redeemed for gift cards and raffle tickets. In those 2 months I’ve earned 5.04$ mainly as a daily bonus or a bonus in a scratch card itself (0.01 – 0.25).

The company has recorded a total of 10 million downloads and with new players coming in every day, the odds are very slim.

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