So... without further ado.

Definition: these mattresses are made with an interior construction entirely of latex rubber.

Still, some people have success with this method.

Here we have 4.5 inches of low to very low quality polyfoam (1.1-1.2lb/pcf) with a half inch layer of a low quality memory foam (2.5b/pcf) for zoned support.

However, most mattress companies (and sales people) will use "high quality" to mean just about anything, so make sure you ask for the true specifications. I should also state that with many (though not all) memory foams, a higher density can also mean a firmer feel. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

Coil counts are typically in the 300-500 range for a queen size. Further, if the bed doesn't work for you then there's a good chance it could wind up in a landfill.

Namely, that medium or firm mattresses might feel firm to very firm, but plush mattresses designed for heavy people can feel "floaty" and lack support due to excessive comfort materials.

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These are tied spring systems with modifications made to provide a moderate amount of conformability. Softer foam materials allow for more independent conformation, while stiff foam materials "link" the coils similar to helical coils in a tied system and can provide firm support.

The more I research though the less I’m sure I want to get one online. For phase change technology - it isn't meant to keep you consistently cool, but to regulate your temperature as it reacts to your changing body heat. What about a mattress for heavier people?


The coolest mattress will be the one that maximizes airflow through the base and comfort materials.

There are many different names for variations of this style of system (Verticoil, Luraflex, Hingeflex, Knotted Offset), but these all work on similar principles. When offered, such shipping usually comes with an added charge. This is usually a sign that your mattress is too soft and is sinking underneath your hips. I’m learning many of these online reviews aren’t legit. First, what do you find comfortable?

I mentioned Comfort Option above and don't want to belabor the point here. What's the best mattress? Simple, hourglass-shaped springs tied together.

This is quite comfortable, but can have issues with heat retention. Typically a 2 inch solid layer of foam can produce 4inches of convoluted foam.

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