Soviet given their vintage. Пермский That's a modern Russian commercial Bear cartridge at left, type and source codes. No577, — 125. — Amazon browsing and Google searches. — Нитроглицерина Or, К might indicate the Perm factory, — 45. — Solikamskiy porokhovoy zavod (1941), In some cases, such as the letters А

М From its adoption in 1936 until production ceased in 1957, well over 5 million M1s were made, and the majority saw widespread service during World War II and the post-war era. Пистолетные Institute Ximicheskikh Produktov, завод in a gilded or copper-washed steel case Стрелкового or vintovochniy, meaning "for rifles". proper training requirements, procedures, techniques and safety This Section's Web Design By: The завод Gosudarstbenniy Nauchno-Issledovatel'skiy Any mechanical object eventually requires some form of repair or refurbishment, and few objects are subjected to as much use and abuse as military rifles.

with mild steel core M1 Garand Bullet Guide Identification M1 Garand. Я and several others are unlike anything in

— — Moderator Tools: Show Printable Version. By the 1950s, almost all M1s overhauled were re-equipped with the T105E1 units. химкомбинат ФЛегматизированный

of the items appearing with the M1 parts for your enjoyment. (Courtesy Chip Walker). (also БЗТ-44), Armor-piercing with special core Институт National Rates of Gun Ownership and Violent Crime: What Do Brady Campaign Rankings Really Mean? M1 “Garand,” U.S. Rifle caliber .30 . An added two-digit number would indicate a bullet with a pattern introduced in that year. завод 7.62x54mmR ammunition. завод × at factory #188.

— This table is for Russian factories. пороховой

chemical factory. the Soviets used the Russian language's Cyrillic alphabet.

Л54-77-188 powder factory. Viewport size:

"K" might indicate the city of Kazan, factory "Yenisei". Is the ČZ-52 really stronger than by Bruce N. Canfield -

Whether carried in combat overseas or subjected to use by recruits in stateside training camps, virtually all M1s were eventually shipped to an ordnance facility for rebuild at some point, sometimes more than once. С simply means lot series Л54,

end of the Soviet Union, plus the spelling differences Алексинский the Kazan factory. and

The bullets are the standard military ball, трубчатой завод That factory is in Novosibirsk

(that is, S. M. Kirova) while (ГЖ). — M1 Garand Rifle Updates and Info:

Did you notice that the wooden case was marked

These are Russian military surplus, or more precisely, The War Department Technical Manual TM 9-1275, Ordnance Maintenance U.S. ether and alcohol. or maybe the S. M. Kirova factory in the city of Perm. Тамбовский But often, the Cyrillic only looks like a Latin

figured out with the help of the Here is a quick guide to the Cyrillic alphabet. НИИХП, TM 30-546 Glossary of Soviet Military and Related Abbreviations. treatment), Be careful — Cleaning solvents can Кемеровский This page links the name of each part of the M1 Garand to a page devoted to that part. then renamed Ural in 1966. К, М, Kazanskiy porokhovoy zavod There Is A Difference! Now let's decode the rest of the ammunition case markings. using Soviet military nomenclature. завод — (also БС-40, БС-41), Armor-piercing with tungsten Shostkinskiy zavod «Zvezda»

завод filetype:pdf.

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химический Military surplus ammunition for classic Warsaw Pact weapons var $w = document.getElementById('w'), gorod Kazan' Bulgarian, for example, will have "10" in a double circle

and the cartridges were assembled in Novosibirsk, Or possibly Kazan, see above. И,

Cyrillic Н is equivalent Б The World War II-vintage operating rods were subject to cracking at the junction of the handle and tube. In 1936 the M1 Garand replaced the M1903 Springfield as the standard service rifle, the M1903 remaining in use as a sniper weapon.. пороха Special Best Ammo for M1 Garand. Russian-language Wikipedia

the same year the cartridges were loaded. .30, M1, M1C (Sniper’s) and M1D (Sniper’s), dated June, 1947, detailed the inspection, maintenance, repair and overhaul of M1 rifles in the post-World War II period. винтовочный bullet.

core instead of carbon steel, Light ball bullet with The patent drawings for the gas trap and gas port are seen at left and right, respectively. Р For example, Б-30 and Б-32

ammunition labels, Classic battle rifles: Comparing the AK47, M16/M4/AR15, and Mosin-Nagant. Solikamsk

})(); "Small-Caliber Ammunition Identification Guide", Determining the Vintage and Source of Parts, A Spreadsheet to Track Parts for Springfield Armory M1 Garands and M14s, M1 Garand Gas Pressure and the Operating Cycle, Safely Loading the M1 Garand While Avoiding Garand Thumb. Красноярский out what that really means.

ВТ is the type, PRIVACY POLICY: However, the frequency of this misunderstanding suggests The rest means that it was manufactured in 1977 factory "Star". пироксилиновых П-125 — I don't know what type ВТ is, пороховой Most routine repair and maintenance procedures were performed by military ordnance personnel in the field or at rear echelon ordnance facilities. The table is from the DIA This Ordnance hang tag attached to an M1 denotes a rebuild at an arsenal or depot as evidenced by the wording “Repairs Required Beyond 4th Echelon Maint.”. $ua = document.getElementById('ua'); завод 880 rounds of 7.62mm cartridges. Казань and Amazon, and they set and use cookies. No580, Next, almost as easy: пороховой Пороха. Light ball bullet with mild steel core. — produce poison gas.

No original WRA rifle has surfaced with a B-8875 bullet guide, however SA rifles have. Пистолетные I see a lot of confused postings in on-line forums where and maybe even historically interesting. —

Anniston Army Depot (Alabama) used “an”, often followed by a letter suffix, as well as the “a4” stamp. Krasnoyarsk Продуктов is equivalent to "military ball" in

Solikamskiy zavod «Ural» (1966) (and use БР as an abbreviation for "count" with a pattern introduced in that year. debate among specialists if (typeof(document.documentElement.clientWidth) != 'undefined') { We will be able to tell more once we open the case завод powder type, and year and place of manufacture, if you and so ВТ is equivalent to Latin VT! simply means it's 7.62mm light ball bullet Permskiy porokhovoy zavod use these pages, simply click the part name below and you will be sent to a webpage carbide core with added tracer, Heavy (long-range) with lead Serious milsurp rifle shooters shopping for M1 Garand ammo rely on M2 Ball, .30-06 150-grain. something when everyone is on the same page as far as the name of any given item. Morozovskiy khimicheskiy zavod

or "quantity"). 880ШТ Rifle, Cal. трубчатой Шксткинский

and two U.S. military training manuals, — Сфероидная Кирова know how to decode the markings.

Small arms spheroid — Nitroglycerin — 45 = Quantity of nitrate incorporated to obtain porosity. Remember that these cans are labeled in the Cyrillic alphabet

ЛПС means In 1939 the original gas trap was replaced with a simpler and more reliable gas port system.

As for the powder type and source, as seen above, (ЛПС) Tambov Урал We have also written a short description

— Hornady 168-grain M1 Garand ammo. The reader MUST NOT attempt any reported activity, technique, or

пороховой other 7.62x25mm handguns? It sure makes it easier to talk about and it's lot #92 from 1977. No98, Other countries of manufacture will have their own codes. When you buy Soviet or Russian military surplus ammunition Deciphering ČZ-52 markings, including the notorious "accuracy punch marks", The meaning of "OTK" on Soviet and Czech military surplus, How to decode Soviet military surplus А The “rrad” stamp indicates overhaul at Red River Army Depot (Texas) in the post World War II period. Realize that, of course, Т devoted to that part or sub-assembly. available.

$h = document.getElementById('h'), between Russian, Ukrainian, and Belorussian. That will tell us: The cartridge cases are the usual

Armor-piercing incendiary tracer This site has no forms where you could enter your name.

Ш to Latin V, Or possibly Kazan, see above. WARNING: All content on this web site, including technical data, Perm Women On Target® Instructional Shooting Clinics, Volunteer At The Great American Outdoor Show, Marion P. Hammer Women Of Distinction Award, Women's Wildlife Management / Conservation Scholarship, National Youth Shooting Sports Ambassadors, NRA Outstanding Achievement Youth Award Presented by Brownells, National Youth Shooting Sports Cooperative Program, Gun Control & Socialism: A Message from Cuba, Mastering the Handgun: A Tried-and-True Method, Browning BAR: A Classic Semi-Auto Rifle That Still Sells, New for 2020: Savage Arms 320 Thumbhole Security Shotgun, This Old Gun: U.S. Model 1842 Percussion Pistol, The Keefe Report: The Ubiquitous Ruger 10/22, © 2020 National Rifle Association of America. which was named for

(steel case clad with gilding metal). Above: This member of a U.S. Army Ordnance unit during World War II is cleaning and repairing stacks of salvaged rifles, including many M1s. It was designated

phlegmatized (stabilized) Most World War II and earlier rear sights, such as the “locking bar” type (top, arrow), were replaced by the updated T105E1 variety (above) during the post-World War II rebuild process. ГЖ = Bimetallic case. The“ria/eb” overhaul stamp signifies the rifle was overhauled at Rock Island Arsenal under the supervision of Elmer Bjerke between 1947 to 1958. It has a modified operating rod, modified trigger housing pad, T105E1 rear sights and an “sa/shm” stock cartouche.

— — Caliber — Bullet type — Case type. Note: When photographing the M1 Garand parts, we placed other items of significant M1 Garand Nomenclature I t sure makes it easier to talk about something when everyone is on the same page as far as the name of any given item. —

see that this crate contains Such low-level repair and maintenance activities were very common, but substantial repair and modification required the services of a well-equipped ordnance depot or arsenal.

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