Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. WE HAVE 60 MINUTES TO ESCAPE! Hint 8: The machine needs an object to work. That’s why I came here. Solution: Yellow, Yellow, Blue, Red, Red in top room. Even if it is possible to finish the rooms alone, we suggest you find some players on our Discord server or play with your friends! Maria… will you come with me? So don’t worry.

Hint 2: The color of the dots can be found in the room.

Please see the. Thank you for the guide. 15:43. Are you sure? Even if this house is gone, my memories of father and mom won’t go. The curse will wear off soon… so it’s almost farewell. This guide is focused on quickest completion; avoid it at all costs if your objective is to enjoy this little game. Now it is time for me to help you… whatever awaits us ahead, I wish to protect you all the way. Screen fades away.

Daughter wails over her dad’s body. I understand. For those who have difficulties with colours: colours to be added in bottle, numbered left to right 1-6: 312456. The vase is next to safe against the wall. Hint 4: There is a set of 5 power coils in the room. Search the room for 2x meat and 3x bananas, fill the sliders and close them. You find yourselves locked up in his old abattoir. Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma - Escape Guide (Walkthrough), Prison Princess - Walkthrough and Achievement Guide, Mad Experiments: Escape Room - Puzzle Solutions Guide, Cube Escape: Paradox - Walkthrough + TV Channels. It’s out in the middle of nowhere… no one would even notice it. All rights reserved. Why would…! I’m the same as you, Maria. Hint 4: The lights are blinking in morse.

Janet do as ordered. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. This escape game composed of real time experiments in what we do in the laboratory. ), So beautiful… I can’t stop looking at them…. In order to obtain all achievements you have to: Complete the game. Clinic…? Posting walkthrough links to YouTube and other sites is forbidden! Mad Experiments: Escape Room is a multiplayer narrative escape game made for advanced players. But Aya looks back and wonders: Actually, I wonder where that guy with the black coat went? The left room is an equipment room, the middle room has the path that is blocked by a magic barrier, while the room on the right contains some extra supplies and looks like it has an altar. Walkthrough, all codes with explanations and 100% achievements guide! Hint 7: Notice the color on the 2nd note. Take another blood sample and place it in slot A of the blood analyzer. But you are the most foolish of them all. They are obsessed with people’s minds and want to see how you react to their experiments. I will follow behind for sure… believe me, please…. Hint 2: 1 hint is the music player, the other is a note. The Experiment: Escape Room - Walkthrough + 100% Achievements. You must find a way into his secret lab to release the antidote before it’s too late. See beginning of this long, long night here. You can either leave room or help Maria. Oooh, credits! Take the animal totem and place it in one of the notches next to the entrance. It is only visible to you. Hint 1: There are 2 hints for the fireplace.

Mad Experiments: Escape Room was a beautifully designed room that had excellent multiplayer integration. She runs away… again.

Thankfully, the last victims have left behind some clues to help you to escape…. Yeah, this must be the place. The horror-puzzle game is about a young German girl, Aya Drevis, who lives in a mansion with her father. Girls screams. Red X from me; can't stand games that don't have hotspots. I’m Aya Drevis. We’re all alive now only because of the curse…. You can’t do that! ( Log Out /  Visit the Store Page. Exit room (north), east… what, we can already hear chainsaw roar? Please read our Commenting Rules before posting your comment! We have to live without him now. Why we would help accomplice in Mengele-sque mad experiments? Take the blood sample and place it in the blood analyzer in the treatment room, slot D. Use the key to open the cabinet to the right. Mom wanted to protect me. I had no other choice left to protect you…, …Okay. …except knives from nowhere hits dad, preventing Aya’s death. Aya, there’s one thing I ask of you. If you are, it will only make her sad.

They walk away. Hint 5: There are 3 notes that help you for this puzzle. Don’t worry. Categories: Angory Tom angor yogscast walkthrough playthrough funny More... Related Videos. So don’t be sad.

After the introductory scene, go out the room, turn left, and input 312 on the small box on the floor. Okay… if that’s what mom wanted, then do it…. You are in control now, additionally burdened by Maria. Apologies, mistress… but could I have your shoulder? In another long hall, east and south. The rooms in Mad Experiments: Escape Room are made with heavy cooperation in mind.. A team of up to 6 players can try to get out before the time limit!. Office missing book number three, still guessed the password. I said I was sorry for scaring you.

Combine and complete all interactive items or … Just relax your shoulders…. Somehow, you have discovered that he has a secret lab where he carries out dangerous experiments.

Hint 12: Keep on counting, next number = Three ones and one two = ?. Continue playing after finishing the game to clean up two extra achievements. She reads from signpost: “Drevis Clinic”. He’s a really strange guy. But there is something I must do before I go. Aya tries to run, manages to break through door and enters familiar area – shrine. There are some really nice people out there…. Somehow, you have discovered that he has a secret lab where he carries out dangerous experiments. South. It’s true… I’ve known how you feel, mistress. I want you to hold proof in your heart that we were here… that is the least you can do for us. Unscrew the power protection of the x-ray display and interact with the switch: Take the heart and place it on the scales. . Change ). I kinda hope he’s okay… I’m sure he’ll be alright, though.

Hi! Maria falls on knees again, catched by Aya. All those memories of being happy here…. A bandage… well, I can’t wrap this around your clothes. ( Log Out /  Toll Mad Scientist Lab Escape Walkthrough, FEG Escape Game Locked Door And Lost Key 2. Hint 11: There is another set of 5 power coils in the cellar. Door opens and familiar woman stands. But you are very kind to show me such compassion…. Enter Woman's Restroom (Room 03) Pick up Security Access Card (Room 02) Pick up Coin (01) on floor Exit South (Restroom Area) (1%) ( Log Out /  And go to sleep…. So it is The End.

Go upstairs and pick up the electric device.

You are chemistry students in Trinity College. After a while, father runs after her, kicking Maria’s body out of way. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact, This item is incompatible with The Experiment: Escape Room. Hint 4: Count the number of colored lamps in the room for each color. The Warden, who has been paid a large sum of money to ensure you never leave the facility, is out on his lunchbreak. So Aya is back in corridor with sand bags.


Head back downstairs and use the electric device on the machine inside the room. But if father doesn’t want us… we’ve been abandoned.

You can complete the game within ten seconds.

In next room, Aya notices danger and tries to close door. This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. Please report any spam or unwanted comment by contacting us. Game ending with fanfare a bit lame, still locked in office... Fun hours all the same! Of course!

Mad Father has a total of three Main Endings, and two Bonus Endings. We should examine you right away. In meantime, Maria in different room sighs.

She suddenly trips. Hint 10: The electrical device is in the small cupboard you just opened in puzzle 1.

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