For me, the mako 3 has a very straight flight, but can turnover with too much power. When in doubt huck a Buzzz. !star! Do yourself a favor, and give this mid an opportunity to shine, Emac truth hands down best mid range on the market. If you’re unfamiliar with terms like speed, glide, turn and fade, we suggest you check out how our flight ratings system is designed. Roc 3 is my go to but I also go to my rat in certain situations. !starlite. I need a max weight, durable, beginner/intermediate, mid-range disc that will fly straight/be understable as I learn how to throw discs and develop form. I think of my Mako3 as a sort of hybrid slow Mid/fast putter. The “flight numbers” don’t do this disc justice. So unloved and misunderstood by fellow golfers until I chuck it like a laser through a tight, wooded fairway. Vs: Kiekot, joita kaikkien täytyisi koittaa « Vastaus #30 : 13.09.16 - klo:10:45 » Omasta mielestä pari kiekkoa nousee yli muiden joita voi suositella kaikille testiin. !gstar! Very overstable and feels great in my hand. I have been a huge buzzz fan for quite a while, but just threw a glow roc3 for the first time and am hooked! Take everything I just said about the Gator and multiply it 2 or 3 times. I have one midrange at the moment and i think the buzzz would be a great addition to my bag. !star! Why the Leopard? Gateway’s Karma has always been under-rated.

This is the mid that thinks it’s a fairway driver! By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.

SS is surprisingly stable. Love it, have 5 now in different weights and plastics. It’s the Buzzz all day for me. This is because of the only real difference between the two molds, which is that the Mortar is beadless. Cookies help us deliver our Services.

Exactly the feedback I was hoping for. Before I list the nominees for The Infinite Discs Best Disc Golf Disc: Midrange Disc, lets break down what we are looking for when selecting these discs. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Anthony | Dynamic Discs | Champ Gator3 – If I need it to curve in a tight gap without caring what the wind does, this baby will get it done. Not on the list but my No. In conclusion, I would never try to replace my Mako3 with a different disc because it will be superior to anything it is pitted against because it is just that good. My favorite is probably the MVP Axis. I’m a big fan of the Legacy Pursuit. Love to get my hands on that Discmania MD3, I would have to say the Roc3 is the best overall mid range.

It stays pure to the line you put it on while exposing anything wrong in your form and release. !glow! !dx! I have never thrown a mako but I am thinking about picking one up. Like previously stated, it flies very straight and has great glide. But I have really been digging mortars lately too. I also want to vote for the Harp, which I only recently acquired, but I am like 70% forehand dominant and it has already been so useful for control mid range shots that it makes me want to try out a Gator real soon, because they seem to have similar applications at different speeds. Try a Meteor. The MVP Matrix keeps finding it’s way into my hands. “Also, you don’t have to have the greatest sidearm grip with it. Caiman is getting a lot of my midrange shots lately. It took out my emac truth. My go to midrange would have to be my innovator foxbat. I threw my buddies m4 and have wanted one ever since then.

It’s my go to disc for any mid-range shot. That being said, my favorite overall has to be the EMac truth. In my opinion, the best disc golf mid-range is the Comet. !metal flake! Holds whatever line you throw it on. Depends on the plastic and run, I've seen mako3s with dome, slight dome, and board flat too.

While I’m still a beginner (after 20 years), the Roc was the first mid-range disc I got. I use it for straight shots, long arching hyzers, rollers, force annys, long approaches, hell it’s not even that bad a putter. I used to throw the comet a lot in the 90s. The Comet was crucial to Ron Russell's Pro Worlds victory, and has been called the best golf disc ever. It is listed as understand but mine is stable. Ever since I beat in my first ROC3 I’ve come to notice there is almost no shot it can’t be used for! Cant wait o get my hands on a McBuzzz!! I love my buzzz and tried to slot in a buzzz ss and OS to cover my mid slots but the SS wasn’t flippy enough for me. It is perfect on cold days because it is rubber. Great reliable disc with a comfortable profile. Besides that, the EMAC Truth and the Westside Tursas are the deadly duo that never leave the bag. I throw a VIP Bard that I picked up from a local shop and instantly fell in love with the consistent straight/overstable flight path. The Gator is designed to fight stiff winds and dive around tight corners on the course. For me its a true straight flyer. height = Math.floor(width * 0.5625); Check out our selection and pick the right plastic for you! The Buzzz offers a smooth, beadless profile that fits comfortably in the hand for all sizes and grips. MVP Matrix.

The best way to determine how a disc will fly is to have a point of reference. !champion! It’s also more comfortable in my hand than a Comet.

var new_url = wpvl_paramReplace('width', link, width); I use a regular Truth when I need a slight turn for my shot. When you have the right discs, your disc golf game can improve quickly. Absolute best midrange and sadly Oop is the ESP FLX Buzzz. I’m convinced that the buzzz is the best disc even made. I have been playing disc golf for over 28 years, and the Comet has been in my bag for nearly 20 of those years. Got it for cheap because it was a factory second. I found the mako3 to be a 5 5 0 0 and when I got it, I wasn’t the best, but it most definitely aided me in my developing my technique. I appreciate it.

Bag both the buzzz and the prime truth and emac truth but prefer the straightness and reliability of emac truth. It offers a flight that is right in between a Buzzz and a Roc in stability. A z buzzz and a full foil super color buzzz. It’s also reliable in any sort of wind,” said Innova Star Team member Jeremy Koling, who is famous for his sidearm prowess.

!r-pro! You can hold it a bit loose like new people tend to do sometimes and still get a decent result,” says California-based Davis, who has taught countless disc golfers how to flick over the years. !champion!

Now, go find the best discs for your game! I had only been playing for a few months at that point, so ease of use and comfort in the hand is a big factor. I use a couple midrange, but I have the best shots and even an ace at the fort with the Innova VRoc.

I throw an eMac Buzzz SS for the Mako3 slot and the flight numbers are nearly identical.

Mako3 does whatever my hand says to, whether it's what I want or not! “The best disc will be a low-profile disc, or one that’s seriously torque-resistant,” says Dave Dunipace, Innova co-founder and disc inventor. My favorite is easily the Mortar. I trust my Justice to go about 200 feet on a roller, which has helped me save many strokes. I love the Atlas. So dependable and easy to throw. I don’t really think that’s normal though. It flies dead straight. It’s been more reliable than my EMac Truth. Make more putts. I use my champion and XT atlas more though. I’ve never owned one but love to take it out of my dads bag when we go out! !dx! Yes I have a mako3 and roc3 just don’t throw them as much. I usually bag two of them, also bag a rocX3 and a drone as far as midranges go and the Buzzz is always the one I look to first. I had the opportunity to throw a friend’s innova rat once. If I had to pick one disc for the rest of my life, it would be a buzzz. I have the first proto the only one in 189 g. Yes you read that right. Im really loving the ra! Sure it will have a nice slow turn if thrown hard enough, but it’s not as effortlessly straight as Mako3. game improved bagging a variety of plastics in this mold! I have a few plastics and stages of wear in my bag. Feels good in the hand and gets more distance then my previous miss. Comet is great too, but the rim is a lot different from the Mako3.

The Innova Mako3 is another very beginner friendly midrange disc. 180 Gram champion Mako3 is hands down the best feeling and flying disc I have ever thrown.

“Because we all want something to feel great about today, here is your Delonte West update. !dx! Always love me my TI Wasps. Westside Tursas. I’ve been playing for 8 years and the Buzzz is still in my bag! Short tunnel shot? !gstar! !echostar! We’ve also included tips from our experts on how to elevate your forehand game. Star Mako3 – I own 4 and if I have to use one disc for a whole round this would be in. I have been playing disc golf for 28 years, and the Comet has been in my bag for at least 20 of those years. !starlite! We will choose popular midrange discs that can be utilized by disc golfers of all skill levels. !echostar! I need another fuzion though.

WESTSIDE WARSHIP!!! Looking for a mid that fades back at the end? Perfect for forehand up-shots and short flick drives. I guess im the weirdo throwing legacy on the course… haha. !champion! Any line I throw, the compass flies great. I know where it’s going everytime! My favorite mid is the regular fuzion truth. !champion! The depth is fantastic and it can even be a decent forehand disc. If you don't mind the bead/rim, the Comet is slower and glidier but is a lot like a Mako3.

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