When John Marlin passed away in 1901, the company was passed to his two sons, who sought to diversify the company’s offerings. Second Media Corp., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Thankfully, the first thing I noticed was that compared to the entry level 336, the fit and finish is of an obviously higher standard. For example, as we just stated, we would be looking to exchange our tester 336XLR were we a potential owner. Reloading the Marlin 336 in .30-30 Winchester; Coated Cast Lead vs Jacketed. A longer 24″ lever gun is a hard thing to come by these days. The Marlin I was telling you about my son now has if one could find a older model in 30/30 & use the Hornady Leverolution ammo I dare to bet you would like one. The 5-shot magazine captured by a forend cap and dovetailed hanger instead of barrel bands helps with accuracy, Timber finish is the best I’ve seen on a new-era Marlin.

The XLR omits the traditional barrel bands (at the cost of the magazine capacity). JavaScript is disabled. And it’s fair to conclude that the XLR is up there amongst the most accurate out-of-the-box lever action rifles. In the last few years, Remington has invested in $8M worth of new CNC machines, as demand for Marlin rifles begins to recover to pre-2007 levels. Coincidentally , those two models would evolve into the Models 39 and 336 respectively, the oldest shoulder-fired firearms designs still in production today.

A tv program I watch here called Hooked on Utan they use on their hunting shows Browning X-Bolts with Nikon BDC scopes in .270 WSM Winchester Short Mag. In order to make this process easier, Marlin pared down their offerings from 29 models to just 18. This had very serious industry effects, as companies like Rossi and Henry gained significant market share on the collapse of Marlin’s quality control. Probably about perfect for a hunting rifle. Nonetheless AR2207 seems like the forerunner when it comes to powder choice , and certainly shoots above average for the 336. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. In fact this problem can be mitigated through a bit of home tinkering by RTV silicone-bedding the forend, but that’s a subject for another day! Buy the Savage Scout in .308. When Marlin opened its doors in 1870, it was (as most firearms manufacturers were) the vision of a single man. Conclusion. You will hear miracles of the .30-30's mystical killing power, but you'll hear horror stories as well. Whilst the 308w is a superior round, the 30-30 (shooting modern projectiles) is in reality not so far behind. That’s an astute observation as similarly priced modern levers such as the Browning BLR or Henry Long Ranger in such chamberings as the 308w should always outperform ye olde 30-30. Or, rather, denying that title to any Marlin 336 manufactured prior to 2007 would be. Through the hundred or so rounds we did fire, however, not a hiccup was encountered. He then hung out his own sign on State Street in New Haven, Connecticut where he manufactured his own line of revolvers and derringers.

Let us know what you come up with.

I think if you don't reload the .308 is the way to go so many different loadings to taylor to your personal needs! Hey gqucool,thanks for the thoughts but my X-bolt for better or worse sold a couple of weeks back ....maybe i should have invested more time into it ....but once a gun starts "non-performing" i tend to lose patience with them very quickly and move them on....infact i have also sold a Thompson Pro Hunter since then for the same reason (i dont seem to be having much luck of late with my rifles of choice). This model, specifically known as the 336XLR (the XLR series of rifles being built around Hornady’s Leverevolution ammunition), is one of the more popular Marlins in production and sports a stainless steel barrel and action with laminate furniture.

Only a self-deluded fool depends entirely on LE to save his or her bacon when the fecal matter hits the rotating oscillator. Were it up to us, we’d like to see the pull weight closer to 5 pounds, and there are no shortage of trigger kits and jobs to accomplish that task. I was looking one day in the LGS they had Marlin 1894 CB rifles newer model made by Remington. You can shoot any 30-30 ammo in it, but by using the Leverevolution you can take advantage of the increased velocity that the 24" XLR … All but one liked the Hornady loads, so you never know for sure until you try them. If the 336 XLR is 5 years old, it was produced prior to when Remington took over production from Marlin. By MartyZ, July 30, 2013 in Gunsmithing. From a weight and balance perspective, the XLR feels very similar to my old 336w, with little more weight up front. This is undoubtedly due to the barrel properties changing from the heat generated by the hot hunting loads (after all, it’s no free floating barrel! The bolt, when closed, did not quite line up with the back of the receiver and was not totally square across its exposed rear face.

Sounds to me you have done some looking CZ line of rifles are really nice as well.

Holding it up alongside an older Marlin 336, we found the wood on the original rifle to be much more tightly fitted and even, with more care taken by the Marlin factory to round off any exposed edges where the furniture met the action.

Were we to take this test gun in to exchange it and find our replacement rifle was devoid of that solitary pry mark and one or two other issues, we’d be happy. Based upon the front-locking, Winchester 88 rack-and-pinion design, the trigger linkage on these actions are complex and heavy. Throughout our testing, the 336XLR was 100% reliable. Then, in 1948, the gun got an overhaul once more in favor of the current Marlin 336.

kiwihunter ok I have had a Howa 1500 .223 and gave my Savage110 in .243 to my son.

Cheers for the info so far folks....havnt bought it YET ....gonna have another look at it today. Problems with the first rifles built outside of Connecticut ranged from serious mechanical issues to severe quality control problems with fit and finish; not even the typically optimistic gun reviewers were able to sugar-coat the truth as they received rifles which broke the stock in half after a single shot or had areas of completely unfinished walnut on the fore end. I haven't seen one of these in forever! Marlin XLR 336 vs Connecticut era JM Marlin 1894CB You might be wondering why one would purchase a (comparatively) expensive Marlin XLR 30-30. ( Log Out /  But at $900USD+ MSRP, you’d bloody hope so!! As the barrel and action heats, the barrel has a tendency to expand and move away from the timber, thus resulting in a vertical wandering point of impact. Marlin XLR 336 vs Connecticut era JM Marlin 1894CB. Here's two: Kiwihunter I have to agree with trigger creep the 30/30 is a great ctg but it does have it's limits.

With a box of Hornady Leverevolution factory ammo, the XLR 5-shot grouped very tidily indeed. Whilst the typically reliable North Haven-made Marlins had a reputation for requiring a lot of hand-fitted parts due to their old-world manufacturing methods, they didn’t need frequent service.

Flats were left with terrible machine marks all over. And of course I should mention that unlike your average Winchester 94, Marlins eject sideways and come pre-drilled and tapped to easily take a rail. A forum community dedicated to Ruger firearm owners and enthusiasts. Interestingly my XLR didn’t seem to like the milder Trail Boss or AP70N loads, the rifle actually displayed quite a lot of vertical stringing down the lower end. All systems operated exactly as they should, from the very soft recoil pad to the cross-bolt safety. Overall I was encouraged by the quality of the Marlin XLR 336; the attention to detail is where the XLR far surpasses your average 336. Have you tried different factory loads or reloads?. You might be wondering why one would purchase a (comparatively) expensive Marlin XLR 30-30. With the new leverlution ammo you have a legitimate 250 yard rifle. I've owned 3 guns in .30-30, 2 lever actions and a bolt action, and while I like the cartridge there's no reason to pick it over a standard cartridge like the .308. Never any guarantee. Even if you want a lever action rifle a older Marlin 336 will serve you just as well as a newer Marlin XLR 30/30. If you could lay your hands on a pre 64 Winchester in any caliber thats a rare find!

Reply to this topic ... Ok folks, here is my dilemma. Although this can be offset with careful barrel making and fresh tools, in the reality of high-volume production, stainless steel barrels are not as stressful on tools and are more forgiving so they usually come off the production line with slightly better bores. 1894 and 1895 models, chambered in a variety of calibres, typically ring in between $650 and $700. Furthermore, and perhaps most telling, Remington could find no dimensional drawings for any of the firearms being produced. The Marlin XLR rifle attempts to exploit this improved ammunition by elimination of the traditional barrel bands, a four inch longer barrel than standard Model 336s and, to a lesser degree, a reversion to the slightly slower twist rate (1:12) always used by Winchester, as opposed to the 1:10 twist generally found on Marlin .30-30 carbines. These days there’s more information online about the subject than you can poke a stick at. The only solution was to begin the long and arduous process of creating dimensional drawing for each of Marlin’s iconic guns. ): Beyond 5-shots the gun has a strong tendency to string vertically. Both look and shoot like new.

The ever-more successful company was passed on through three generations of Kenna sons until it was purchased for $42M USD from Frank Kenna the third.

I love the wood and steel combination.

And cast-lead pills through ballard-rifle lever guns is highly documented. for years got many deer with both calibers. Come join the discussion about optics, hunting, gunsmithing, styles, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! The bottom, where the trigger assembly is inserted into the receiver housing, had what appeared to be pry-marks on it. And compared to the rifles being produced during the truly dark ages (of which we had none on hand… thankfully) that immediately followed Marlin’s relocation there is absolutely no comparison; the latest guns are vastly superior in every way. problem with marlin 336 30-30 Sign in to follow this . This is just a suggestion have you tried different loads thru your 7mm08. 760 pump in .270 and a Win. But there are still problems. (i would set it up with a conventional scope mount). Marlin makes GREAT lever action 30-30s period.

The wandering direction can seem counter-intuitive, however remember that any barrel taper can impact such characteristics. NOTE: I replaced my factory trigger with the drop in “Wild West Guns: Trigger Happy Kit” trigger, as this gun will be used for target shooting – after all I do like my aftermarket triggers! Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, many of Marlin’s production staff did not follow the company to New York. The squishy Pachmayr, recoil absorbing butt plate is finished perfectly, and does a superb job at soaking up any felt recoil from even the hottest of factory loads. Nice combo. I have two 336s, now, and have had several others in the past. Not surprisingly for a gunmaker, Marlin Rockwell tooled up for war production and became one of the largest producers of belt-fed machine guns in the world for the American army and her allies. And firearms aficionados of the day thought they were pretty great as well – Annie Oakley shot a Marlin lever-action .22 almost exclusively. On the barrel, it was spotty around the front sight, and on the receiver appeared to change direction where the lever hinges. According to Remington, conditions in the factory were so appalling that some of the staff had built sheetmetal dams around older pieces of machinery to contain their ever-leaking fluids. First manufactured in 1948, and an evolution of the Model 36 (which itself was an updated version of the venerable Model 1895), to many the 336 is the perfe… The tolerances are noticeably tighter; some of my rough old handloads are a squeeze to chamber; I’ll need to tweak my trims and OALs to suit this rifle.

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