Last is a reminder that these old pump guns are all “slam-fire” guns that lack the trigger disconnects present on modern guns. Sold under a hardware store label of National Firearms Company circa 1915, it has the new model recoil safety lock and pinch-block takedown, but retains the simpler wood and forearm styles of the older Models 16 and 1898. They all benefit from a thorough soaking in Kroil or other thin penetrating fluid to free up frozen screws and pins. It can be a serious source of jamming if the spring is broken or the bolt is forced into place out of track. We work hard to bring the best hunting forums Ohio has to offer! At the same time, press the ejector into its mortise in the frame and hold it place with your finger to insure it remains in its correct position. S/H. Note the hook faces rearward, and the block, cam and carrier/frame mating surfaces are polished for easy movement.

In fact, for a good bit of the 20th Century,... Marlin's compact triple four, the Model 444P Outfitter, Timeline of the fight to defend the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (Infographic), The shotgun that hits like a rifle: Marlin's 512 Slugmaster, Marlin is back, says Remington, promises a return to classic rifles with modern twist, The Art of Cold Bluing as Applied to a Marlin, When Marlin held the line against a Japanese invasion of Canada. I have an old Marlin mod. Remove the stock bolt and carefully pull off the buttstock. On the outside of the locking bolt link there is a corresponding stud (photo below) that must be both in the correct position and rotated into that slot for the bolt to fit its track without jamming. I don’t recommend omitting this task, as mortises that appear clean enough from the outside are often full of crud and even bits of paper shell crimp, and dirty extractors that apply unequal pressure to the sides of the rim either on the forward or rearward stroke can cause a number of malfunctions not otherwise explained. Numrich carries new-made replacements, but are oversize and require fitting. I have a Marlin Model 50.

£125 US$161/€138. While the steel in these is softer than in modern-made guns and the barrels are thinner and lighter, if in good condition, properly maintained, and checked by a qualified gunsmith beforehand, I don’t hesitate to use them with a light diet of low-pressure loadings and lead (never steel) shot. If the shell hangs fire (which is rare today but was common a century ago), the inertia block doesn’t move and the hook prevents the bolt from being racked out of battery without the shooter (hopefully) pausing to think about what happened and wait the required 30 seconds before manually depressing the knurled surface of the locking arm to cycle the action. You won't be disappointed. This serves as the rearward bolt stop, which is useful to understand in diagnosing any later problems. Side by Side Shotgun (R/H) - S/H. Then gently racking the slide arm rearward clicks the bolt out of battery, and moves the carrier downward to pick up the next shell until the carrier arm strikes the shaft of the recoil lock screw. Insure you and your students keep fingers out of trigger guards until ready to shoot. Just another reason on why I won’t go to the Gym!

Guns of any make I would hesitate shooting without further evaluation include those with dinged or worn locking lugs, badly pitted bores, short chambers, badly dented or bulged barrels, twist or Damascus barrels and those made before 1900 and proofed only for black powder. Beneath the tip of the pointer is a stopped slot that can make removing and installing the bolt assembly difficult.

If you searching to evaluate Marlin Side By Side Shotgun And Maruzen Shotgun Shells price. When remounting, avoid over tightening the screw. In a little known piece of military history, a number of Marlin lever action 1936 rifles played an unsung role in the defense of Canada's west... Over the nearly two century long history of the company, Marlin has always made their own guns. At the center inside surface of the carrier arm you can see the cutout for the recoil lock’s upper cam. The recoil lock is spring loaded by a plunger that interfaces with the trigger guard frame, and a separate spring-loaded cam on its upper, inside surface that interfaces with a cam slot milled into the carrier. Postby Bob Smalser » Sun Nov 29, 2009 8:00 pm. When installing the recoil lock, don’t tighten the screw until the trigger guard is reinstalled and then tighten it only lightly. Violent But True: Margaret Cochran Corbin, Proud To Be a Firearm Owner – Gun Owners Care. Pulling the knurled surface of the recoil lock arm to the rear unlocks the locking bolt above it. The bolt is reinserted link first from the right side of the frame with the rear of the bolt held outboard so the rectangular stud on the link can be moved forward sufficiently to engage its stopped slot in the frame. A padded set of large pliers is often required to remove these cap nuts, sometimes without success. Brand new never been fired 20 gauge LC Smith double bar ell side by side made by Marlin. Avoid ordering parts unless you are sure you need them, as old guns can be so jammed with century-old oil turned to hard varnish and mixed with concreted powder residue and fragments of paper shell crimps that a detailed cleaning may be all the gun requires. Plus leaving the forearm slide mounted until it’s time to remove the bolt will aid the safety and function checks you’ll perform during disassembly. Marlin Goose Gun 12 Bore/gauge for sale in Wiltshire, South West, United Kingdom The cartridge stops also have leaf springs integral to their rear surfaces, and also require removal to clean beneath them.

It functions as an inertia block and must be free to pivot on its shaft. Trade Seller. It was manufactured between 1880 and 1888 in Syracuse, New York; and between 1890 and 1945 in Fulton, New York, by Hunter Arms Company. The carrier is removed by dismounting its screw, lifting the arm and pulling it rearward to disengage its positioning slot from the round stud it mates with on the inside link of the locking bolt. Post subject: Re: old marlin shotgun. Check that, too. ©2020 - all rights reserved - a member of the Friday-Ad network  |, Sign me up to the newsletter, Send me offers and promotions from third parties, CZ - Ceska Zbrojovka CZ452 Silhouette .22 LR Rifles. The screw is fragile and disassembly requires a jeweler’s screwdriver. My fingers are pointing to the trigger guard screw on the left and the recoil safety lock screw on the right. In 1945, Marlin Firearms Company acquired Hunter Arms, and the L.C. of energy.

The locking lug on the frame mates with the entire rear end of the locking bolt as depicted by the pointer. The gun depicted here is a Model 30G in 20 gauge I restored for use by a grandchild. The safety sear can be removed now. The vertical slot next to it is the cutout for the carrier arm. One of the finest American-made double-barrel shotguns and very collectible in today's market. If your forearm wood is missing or hopeless, Wenig may have one in their CNC stock-milling software and may be able to make one for you.

In 1968, L.C.

Loosen the recoil lock screw but don’t remove it yet. Note the two extractor mounting pins in the breech bolt. Loosen the adjusting collar by backing out its screw and if tight, tapping it with a brass hammer. It has an integral leaf spring beneath it and pressure should be applied on it with a finger to loosen and pull its screw. Smith was made until 1951. Final disassembly of the barrel assembly is also straightforward, here showing the relationship of the pinch block parts, with the magazine tube spring and follower still in the tube. Note the rectangular stud on the link is now parallel to the corresponding slot in the frame….the bolt must be out of battery to mount and dismount from the frame. In this position the firing pin should be blocked from projecting beyond the bolt face. Broken or partially broken ejector springs can appear to function normally yet can be the source of a number of unexplained problems, so like the extractors, don’t fail to remove, clean and check it thoroughly. Install the carrier by engaging the front of the carrier slot into the round stud on the inside link of the locking bolt and sliding the carrier forward until its screw hole aligns with the frame. The gun’s locking lug is the rear face of the frame at the bolt opening. Has 3 inch chamber. This is the most vulnerable spring in the gun, because raindrops entering an open bolt easily seep into the mortise and rust the spring, eventually causing it to break. Perthshire.

The trigger-sear spring is held by a screw accessed after removing the hammer spring, the gun’s sear is the tip of the trigger, and the trigger is held in place by a pin through the frame. I have problem with my shutgun, it was out of service some months ago.

I bought this gun 51 years ago and rabbit hunted twice this past season with it.....don't get all skint up--toadman Top . The last step is optional, which is to drive off the dovetailed magazine band from right to left using a brass punch in order to facilitate cleaning around it. Additional References: Pull the loose hammer out the bottom of the frame, remount its screw correctly oriented in its mating hole to keep track of it, and also set it aside. Beautiful gun (see pics) . Sold under a hardware store label of National Firearms Company circa 1915, it has the new model recoil safety lock and pinch-block takedown, but retains the simpler wood and forearm styles of the older Models 16 and 1898.

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