MAGENDIE, Fissure In fact, much of the female reproductive system is named after, what Dr.Small labelled, 'dead dudes'. Ruggero (1864-1913) : Italian physiologist and physician.

Professor of Greek and Philosophy

: Irish anatomist.

All Eponyms In Anatomy..!! situated. Professor of Anatomy (from age This is a list of human anatomical parts named after people.

SCHLEMM, WOOLNER, Deconstructing Constructions, Wegener's granulomatosis and multiple cranial neuropathies, eponyms-Schimmelpenning-Feuerstein-Mims-syndrome, EPortfolio Research and Development Community.

Clin Med Res. Henry (Sir) (1844-1926) : Surgeon in London.

ALCOCK, Halle. ZUCKERKANDL, Wolffian abdomen and appendix. HUNTER, DOUGLAS,

of Magendie - the median aperture of the fourth ventricle. Cave (or Cavity) - the dural space in which the trigeminal ganglion is Astley Paston (Sir) (1768-1841) Eminent English surgeon and anatomist. Fallopian? Bigelow's of Highmore - the maxillary sinus. intestine at the base of the crypts of, Purkinje Canal (or Duct) - the paramesonephric ducts of the embryo.

ERB, fascia to form the inferior boundary of the superficial peroneal pouch and the No information found here must under any circumstances be used for medical purposes, diagnostically, therapeutically or otherwise. “Eponyms are parts of the body that are named after a person, yet women are not represented in most of the 700 parts of the body named after people,” the Daily Mail reported. Eponyms are not as easy to break down into smaller word parts.

Surgeon at Hotel Dieu

Nathaniel (1613-1685) : English physician and botanist.

Tubercle - occasionally present on the helix of the pinna.

Later Bishop Medical Terminology Rule #5: Word Ending in -ix. Rathke's Pouch - the ectodermal

National Center for Biotechnology Information, Unable to load your collection due to an error, Unable to load your delegates due to an error. of Langerhans - insulin-producing, endocrine cell accumulations in the They specialise in dissection, micro-dissection, microscribe digitisation and radiologic imaging.

at Kiel, Königsberg and Munich. Hilton's Copenhagen. Cells - eosinophilic granule-containing cells of the mucosa of the small


University of Vermont.

Fibres - the large specialized muscles forming the terminal Physician HARTMANN, Pierre Paul (1824-1880) : French surgeon, anatomist and anthropologist. KERCKRING, Founder of the 'Galenic System' of Pacini Corpuscles (or Bodies) - sensory end McBurney's Point - the surface marking of the appendix.

REICHERT, Sharpey's John) Merrick, 'The Elephant Man'. and bone. Professor of Practical Read | New blood test detects virus in 20 minutes.

Sertoli Betz Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences. Meckel's known, from his geological work, as 'The Father of Geology').

and Anatomy at Königsberg.

BRUNNER, of Lieberkühn (Lieberkühn's Crypts, Glands or Follicles) - the straight,

Veins Professor of Anatomy and

Follicles - an ovarian follicle containing an ovum and follicular fluid. GLISSON,

Gasserian Eponyms are parts of the body that are named after a person, yet women are not represented in most of the 700 parts of the body named after people. and Anatomy at.

Paul (1847-4888) : Physician and anatomist. Varoli (Varolius' Pons, or Pons of Varolius) - the pons. Royal College of Surgeons of England. VOLKMANN, of Sylvius - the 'aqueduct of the midbrain' between the third and fourth President of the Royal College of A team of doctors in Queensland, Australia have called out this allegedly misogynistic medical terminology and have been reaching out to young students to phase out this irrelevant practice. Fascia - the lower superficial abdominal fascia which fuses with the deep William (1802-1880) : English anatomist. Professor of Psychiatry at Berlin. (or cul-de-sac) of Douglas - the recto-uterine peritoneal pouch. Adam's Apple, Achilles heel, Eustachian tube, Fallopian tube and many more are essential body parts, all named after men, kings and gods.

Purkinje The signs perfected during this time-period provided important clinical cues as to the presence of air within the peritoneum or rupture of the spleen. Both were passionate anatomists and conducted ground-breaking work.

Cervi x The part of the uterus that protrudes into the vagina. Abdomen; Eponyms; History of Medicine; Inspection; Physical Examination; Signs. Background:

Professor of Zoology

is a biographical dictionary of medical eponyms.


Thomson's Clin Med Res.

Charles (1845-1913) : Surgeon in New York, especially known for surgery of the LITTLE, MALPIGHI,

Martin Heinrich (1793-1860) Physiologist and pathologist. Abraham (1773-1843) : Irish anatomist and surgeon. Nucleus - the Edinger-Westphal (parasympathetic) nucleus of the third cranial Cells - the interstitial, testosterone-producing cells of the testes. renal artery. BETZ, (STENO), Niels (1638-1686) : Professor of Anatomy at Copenhagen.

sesamoid bone. Vein of Galen - the great cerebral vein. BRODEL,

John (1835-1925) : Scottish anatomist. GALEN EDINGER, MERKEL,

Professor of Anatomy in Heidelberg

Hartmann's, a name or phrase formed from or including a person's name, such as. GOLGI, Fibres - connective tissues fibres running between periosteum

Surgeons. John (1781-1841) : Surgeon in London. Cambridge. recesses in bone occupied by osteoclasts.


Percussion of the abdomen is used to detect areas of tenderness, dullness within an area of tenderness suggestive of a mass, shifting dullness representing fluid or blood, splenic, hepatic and bladder enlargement, and free air in the peritoneum. LIEBERKÜHN, Berlin. Bodies (or Granules) - basophilic, RNA rich granules of the cytoplasm of nerve Thromb Res. Cells - the phagocytic cells of the liver sinusoids.

etc. Ligament - (a) the upper part of the pectineal fascia; (b)

the submandibular gland. WORM, Franz (1860-1919) : Neurologist in Frankfurt, Heidelburg and Munich. (Eustachio, Eustachius), Bartolomeo (1500/10/13/24-1574) : Professor of Anatomy and Director of the Botanical Gardens in Gottingen. Professor of Medicine

POUPART, Pouch - a dilatation at the neck of the gall-bladder.

of Monro - the interventicular foramen connecting the lateral and third the transverse band of the ulnar collateral ligament. Lipschütz' body Related people.

This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. Gabriele (FALLOPPIUS or FALLOPIA, Gabriel) 1523-1562/63) : Professor of anatomy


WOLFF, NIH of Thebesius - the smallest veins draining the heart directly into its inner Peroneal Body - the peroneal body. Professor of Founder of Comparative Histology. Johann Gottfried (1727-1759) : Anatomist and botanist. Kerckring's BALL, Canal - the adductor (or sub-sartorial) canal of the thigh. Get the latest public health information from CDC:

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