“Every single thing about this…was real to Manti,” Swarbrick said. The ethics of the Te’o case are really quite simple and require no heavy-duty philosophical analysis. It’s a phenomenon as old as recorded history. After calling up and watching a couple of episodes of the TV show, I began to understand how Te’o—and maybe almost anyone—could become hooked by a catfisher. All this assumes, of course, that Te’o truly was a victim, and was not involved in creating the hoax of his “girlfriend.” The point is that it is not implausible to believe that he was a victim. And so the pain was real. It's an online term for someone who acts like they are someone else. But while the notion of a virile, high-achieving young football hero becoming ensnared in a long-term relationship with a “girlfriend” whom he never sees and who dies at a dramatic moment in his life—while that notion may at first seem outlandish and, frankly, incredible, it turns out, on closer examination, not to be. Nomcebo Zikode - Jerusalema, Purple Disco Machine feat. If in fact he did so, is there something reprehensible in his finding it through a voice on a telephone, through a picture and text messages? Panel: Extreme Speech Online - Moral Panic 2.0? Nick and Melissa fell in love when they met on an online chat room when they were 12. Don Wycliff, a long time Chicago journalist and member of the Chicago Journalism Hall of Fame, has written extensively on ethics. But with the advent of fingerprinting, DNA testing and electronic databases that never forget anything, losing an old identity and adopting a new one has become more difficult in recent decades. To get a laugh at another’s expense? And yet, in one area of the digital world, fakery, misrepresentation and masquerading flourish and, indeed, have never been easier. That could all come to an end, however, now that ladies can see his emotional story unfold on national TV. Is Big Data Corrupting the U.S. Election Process? And then there are the lies that achieve a completely different dimension—like the one that, according to Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick, entrapped Te’o. When Nev finally introduces them after a year and a half of talking, “Abby” turns out to be an overweight girl named Melissa who created the fake profile because of her low self esteem. And to what purpose? Jarrod told Nev that he had even proposed to Abby online and she said yes and promised to move in with him. The point is that this kind of hoax has been perpetrated many times already in the Internet age, sometimes with tragic consequences.

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