After drilling holes and hacksawing the enclosure, it all squeezed in.

Acoustic guitars sound great, but by their very, There is a Roland CUBE guitar amp for every guitarist, with over 2 million amplifiers sold since 1978. Tubescreamers and Rats also feature band-limited distortion.) September 14, 2017.

I've had quite a few comments on how I'm doing it, so I … A looper, a drum machine and a tuner. MT-2 Metal Zone Mods 03-27-2011, 10:08 PM. Optional no-solder mods D3 & D4 – Remove one or both of them with cutting pliers for more volume, a different character to the distortion, and … Today, our blog takes a brief break from focusing on our usual guides and tutorials, So you’re a beginner electric guitar player, you’ve found a guitar and an amplifier that you like. The most important characteristic is, undoubtedly, the flexibility and the excellent sustain. Removing them turns the Metal Zone into a vanilla hard-clipper with a versatile EQ section, e.g. Don’t even go past 12 o’clock if you ask me. It’s a great pedal for modifications – easily available, cheap, and rugged. Removing them turns the Metal Zone into a vanilla hard-clipper with a versatile EQ section, e.g. Guitar is a mid-focused instrument. Here’s an MT-2 doing a very credible instrumental lead tone… just listen to it, For The Love of God! D3 & D4 – Remove one or both of them with cutting pliers for more volume, a different character to the distortion, and a nearly-clean sound at minimum Distortion settings. and rotate the Mid Freq knob while chugging on the lowest string of your guitar until you find that nasal frequency that just does not sound awesome. With some help from the guys at DIY Stompboxes, I ended up with this: C1 is 10uF, and the pot is 50k. MT-2 • You know, that (generally awful – more power to you, stock Metal Zone users! But also, when you do that (not just with the MT-2 but with any high gain amp or pedal) you just lose all sense of definition and clarity in your tone. Don’t forget to note down the settings that work well with your rig!

a pretty useful dirt pedal. guitar effects • Monte Allums 5-15-2011 — I just completed a Mod for the VooDoo Labs Sparkle \m/, CAN I USE GUITAR PEDALS ON BASS?HOW TO USE THE BOSS NS-2 NOISE SUPPRESSOR IN YOUR RIG. You do you) weird mid-scoop / screechy highs / odd bass bump that can’t be dialed out. Let's see them. For $40 you can pick up a used Metal Zone at your nearest pedal shop and for $5 more you can throw a mod or two in if you're mildly handy. It’s funny – everyone has an opinion on the trusty ol’ Metal Zone. Metal-Mods: Custom chrome decals for pinball machines. As much as everyone bad-talks the Metal Zone, it probably has one of the most sophisticated EQ sections of any Boss pedal – probably why it’s so easy to get a shitty sound, which it has (unfairly) become famous for. chunking, grinding metal bass tone. It’s a perfectly natural first instinct – you’ve just heard Master of Puppets, it sounds awesome, and you’ve seen the famous V-shaped graphic EQ that was used to get that signature tone. R42 – Remove it with cutting pliers for a lot more gain (and noise), if the Distortion control maxxed out isn’t enough for you. The parameters are controlled with three knobs and the help of the display that shows the values. Basically, you have a huge amount of control over how you want to sculpt your tone – sculpt being the key word!

We’ve all made that mistake. Despite what it says on the tin, the Metal Zone can do more than just metal. The two 12AX7 tubes work very well and generate a great tone.. All work through an high quality chip. The MT-2 is, in my opinion, a more appropriate choice in a classic context, like Green Day, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and so on. So – don’t dime the gain. The Boss MT-2 Metal Zone Distortion w/ Keeley Mod is the heaviest modification ever produced by the company, combining an armada of component improvements for low noise, improved harmonics, and a triple threat of diode options for an army of metal in a single box. I did a search online for any interesting MT-2 mods and stumbled upon a thread on on Boss Metalzone MT2 mods . Here’s a really great video which uses the MT-2 to transform a clean AC-30 into a riff monster! There's a good chance that you have already seen our channel, so in that case I would encourage you to sign... Sign up for the latest news, offers and styles, Copyright © 2020, Mod Your Own Pedal. Recently on our youtube channel I've been doing a few different Metal Zone mods for fun. Metal-Mods: Custom chrome decals for pinball machines. Enhance your pop bumpers, flasher domes and flippers with these decals. If you want a really good technical explanation of the MT2, check out They sound great together but now you really, So you’ve honed your acoustic guitar chops, and you want to take your playing to the stage! These were fairly uncommon types of mods, for example turning a Metal Zone into a fuzz, or overdrive, or even just a transparent EQ pedal. When ON and you are tuning,it does boot up the computer chi… Among the many modifications of the Metal Zone certainly the most famous and appreciated job. I did some research and came up with two ideas: one to smooth out the EQ and remove some top-end fizz, and one to blend the clean signal with the distorted one. You'd still have another $155 from your budget to get something else if you feel like it. In fact, it provides a more complete equalization section with a dedicated knob for mids.


Other custom pinball MODs available, so check back often! Hello all. As you can tell, there is a massive difference. My good mate Bob asked me if it’s possible to mod his MT2 to be more suitable for bass guitar. As much as everyone bad-talks the Metal Zone, it probably has one of the most sophisticated EQ sections of any Boss pedal – probably why it’s so easy to get a shitty sound, which it has (unfairly) become famous for. Bypassed, then Stock, and then Modded.

Currency: Personally I leave them in unless I’m going to do some other mods (including soldering!) They’re perfect if pedal circuitry and soldering looks like triangles and helicopters to your brain (like Allie Brosh’s Simple Dog, who I love); all you need to do is take some parts out with your diagonal pliers. I also did the following mods, which I acquired from the forum at Diesel Mod You may need to push gently on the power jack to ease it back from its hole in the enclosure to get access to the component side of the circuit board. Simply, it adds to the sound of the original version more presence, it is more powerful and with a better bass response. Let your ears guide you on the mids – try maxing out the Mid setting (this is going somewhere, promise!) So now it has a glorious knob sticking out of the side like a bolt on Frankenstein’s neck. tubescreamer •

boss • It's great for metal and has better overdrive tones. Ah, this infamous Metal Zone! I believe these mods have improved the pedal a great deal. There are a couple very simple mods (just a switch and wire required) for the MT-2 that make it a fantastic pedal for what it was meant to do. C25 or C24 – Remove one of these capacitors with cutting pliers, Choosing C25 results in a sound I’d describe as “aggressive,” having “bite” and “clarity.”  (This is due to band-limited distortion, where frequencies below about 965 Hz get less and less distortion the lower they are. mods • too. Adjust the High and Low controls to taste to get a baseline for how you want your tone to sound. The EQ is much better and has more range than the stock pedal.

These were fairly uncommon types of mods, for example turning a Metal Zone into a fuzz, or overdrive, or even just a transparent EQ pedal. A bit of experience with the equalization is necessary. Makes sense to try and do the same with your new metal pedal. You’ll notice that neither the rhythm nor lead tone settings use Distortion over 12 o’clock.

April 09, 2020, How to turn a metal zone into a Tubescreamer Here’s where it got tricky.

Ok, so I wired it for true bypass and put a Millennium 2 indicator led drive circuit in, and that all works fine.

Some settings included in the manual of the MT-2. 13 amplifiers, 94 stompboxes and 100 patches. Experiment with small changes to the EQ to find your sound, and don’t be afraid of dialling the gain down. Oops, looks like you forgot something. The intensity and the quantity of the effect. Enjoy exploring the possibilities!

To smooth the EQ and remove the top end fizz, I did the following: Here is a quick demo on bass guitar.

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