Brown also values his family's connection with the franchise; evident in his choosing to name Paul Brown Stadium after his father rather than to sell corporate naming rights for it. However, Brown was criticized for continuing to retain Lewis after the Bengals lost all seven of the playoff games they appeared in during Lewis' tenure. Coslet later regretted that he "didn't insist hard enough" in trying to persuade Brown to accept the Saints' offer. [1], Brown graduated from Dartmouth College in 1957, where he played quarterback for their football team, and from Harvard Law School in 1959. "[53], In 2008, Brown and the Bengals donated $250,000 to assist the Cincinnati Park Board in paying for Cincinnati Riverfront Park. We think the public will be taken by them, will like them. Collinsworth suggested Brown "thought he was doing the right thing by Boomer" and did not want to cost him the MNF job. Coslet wanted as many draft picks as possible to help the Bengals' defense. Dodd, Mike, 1990, November 8, Unblinking eye spies on NFL refs; Is replay use counterproductive?. [8] Going into 1993, Brown sought to negotiate a new lease with Cincinnati to keep the Bengals in the city. [85] However, the trade fell through and the next day, it was confirmed that the Lions instead traded Rogers to the Cleveland Browns. [39] According to a West Virginia University research study, the CTE may have contributed to Chris Henry's troubled behavior and, ultimately, his death.[39]. In 2009, The Cincinnati Enquirer publicized details of testimony in a Hamilton County Probate Court trial over the $300 million estate of Austin Knowlton. 2008, August 20. Paul Brown founded the Bengals, then an American Football League team, in 1968. Along with personnel decisions, he was a spokesman for the team on issues of league rules and team policy.[5][6]. Bengals' boss sees stadiums as solutions. Bengals hope to gain a quarterback, Cox News Service. The Bengals were 46-51 (.474) with Palmer as starter. Following this change the Bengals made the playoffs from 2011-2015. [43] Brown's father welcomed tailback Stanley Wilson back to the Bengals in 1988 after two drug suspensions. The son of Bengals co-founder and original coach of the Cleveland Browns, Paul Brown, he joined the Bengals upon their founding in 1968 and assumed ownership of the team after his father's death. Esiason became a color analyst on ABC's Monday Night Football.

[13] The Bengals filed suit against the County for the right to manage it in 2000. All seven of the Bengals postseason appearances under Lewis, however, ended in first-round losses. Rozin, Skip. Brown first started working in the NBA as a video intern with the Denver Nuggets before landing the job of video coordinator and scout. [71] Palmer later said in the NFL Network documentary series A Football Life that after the 2010 season, he told Brown that the Bengals needed to modernize and hire a general manager and that he and Brown got into a heated argument over it.
His first hire as head coach, David Shula, lost fifty games faster than any NFL coach in history (69 games);[46] Shula was hired over Kansas City Chiefs defensive coordinator Bill Cowher, presumably due to Brown seeing similarities with himself and Shula in the same manner that their respective fathers (Don Shula and Paul Brown) overshadow them in many aspects. He was fired in 2010 and began working with ESPN as an analyst before coaching middle school basketball. Later in 2008, the Bengals signed running back Cedric Benson, whom the Chicago Bears had waived, in part, due to his off-field activities. Wright, Ken, 2002, 8 November.

How They Made Their Money: Being an NFL coach was profitable even in the middle part of the 20th century. 2000, September 10. Online estimates of Michael Brown’s net worth vary. Over the years, Brown worked to purchase the majority of shares, and in 2011 he paid $200 million to purchase an additional 30%, giving the Brown family 500 of the franchise’s 586 shares. Easy to understand agony of Cincinnati. Shapiro, Leonard, 1993, December 2, Expansive Jacksonville is jumping for Jaguars; NFL's newest city enjoys upset victory. Collinsworth contrasted this attitude to other NFL owners, like the Dallas Cowboys' Jerry Jones, whom Collinsworth felt "would have flown Boomer down to the Bahamas on his personal jet, offered to kiss his ring and signed him right there."[53]. [84] The Associated Press reported a completed trade between Cincinnati and the Detroit Lions on February 29, 2008 for Rogers. He’s doled out tens of thousands to representative Steve Chabot, and another ~$30K for current representative Brad Wenstrup since he took office in 2013. He said that Brown 'is a very, very, very stubborn man'. After a surprising upset of the Kansas City Chiefs in 2003, Marvin Lewis tearfully awarded the game ball to Brown and told his players "he has put up with so much for you guys. , The Associated Press State & Local Wire. Age 39 years old.

Mike’s brother Pete had been Vice President of Player Personnel until his death in 2017. [28] The Bengals have gone winless in October nine different times in twenty-two years under five different head coaches (Sam Wyche, the first under his ownership, was originally hired by Paul Brown). "[64] Instead, the Bengals selected Houston quarterback David Klingler. 2000, August 1. [11] Fans supporting Portune cite what they feel is the broken promise that the Bengals would "be more competitive" with a new stadium. How They Acquired the Franchise: Paul Brown, Mike's father, helped found the Bengals in 1968, a few years after he was fired as coach of the Browns by Art Modell. Kay, Joe. [57] In a 1999 interview, he remarked "If you don't have a productive quarterback, you won't go anywhere...I know it doesn't seem that simple, but it is. Several people cast Brown sympathetically in response to fan and media criticism. [33][34] The following year, they were among nine Bengals players arrested for various offenses.

19, April 16.

"[80] Dillon demanded a trade at the end of the 2003 season after throwing most of his gear to the fans during the last home game of the season.

Players are stunned by Wyche's exit, 1991, December 26.
[69] Brown released Carson's younger brother, Jordan from the team on August 27, 2011. "[42], Brown has commented that the league's current attitude towards discipline is a change from a past "boys will be boys" attitude. In 2007, Hamilton County Commissioner Todd Portune (a former Cincinnati City Council member, though not Commissioner at the time the parties executed the lease), filed a lawsuit in federal district court against the NFL, the Bengals and the other 31 NFL teams. It is often dubbed the "Carl Pickens Clause," stemming from the 2000 offseason.

Boomer Esiason, now a CBS analyst, refers to Brown as a "nice man" who is simply over his head running the team. Welcome to U.S. Widget Stadium. A year later, Brown became the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers from 2011 until 2012. Florio, M. (2012, March 23).

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