Obtain the military records and locate the Naval member's service number on them.

Also maybe he was not in the military?

I don’t have any information on how other countries set up their ID numbers. Thanks. in the military list of casulties, only a few have 7 digits while most have 8. Does your mother know what unit he belonged to? The number in the serial number just groups states together; it doesn’t have any bearing on birthplace. The genealogy place that he’s buried at has a copy of his serial number and that he enlisted in the army however that was decades ago and the new people don’t know anything about the source. To honor him, I need to discover who he was during that time. If so, could he be the Franklin L. Wilson who is buried at Arlington National Cemetery? Does this apply to just Army or Navy too?

I found it online the other night but now I cant seem to find it. It can indicate that the veteran enlisted prior to WWII.

Thanks. he died in January 1998.

Thank you so much for writing this. In which case, the O (letter O,not a zero) denotes that he was a male commissioned officer and the 2 denotes that he enlisted or was drafted from Delaware, New Jersey, or New York. Someone I’m researching has indexed records on Fold3 that indicate two different Army Serial numbers… is this something that happened for a reason, or maybe a mistake, and if so, how do I determine what’s correct? Useful for authors and reenactors. That is a great question — and one that I wish I knew the answer to. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Do you know anything about the person’s service? Would you be able to help at all. Great article, Amy. Product information is also available online at www.gsaadvantage.gov by … We offer a Army Serial Number Generator to create an authentic ASN that uses the guidelines laid out below. I would really like to know the location where he died. I will look into the request from the NPRC. The numbering system noted here was specifically for the US Army, not the Air Force. (Men registered in the town/county where they lived.) One thought for you. This ensures that you will find the most economically sized equipment for your specification or load. My Great Uncle recently passed away and I’m trying to do a WWII trace of his travels.

To verify that I have his serial number correct, you can find him listed here: https://archive.org/stream/airforceregiste1962wash_0/airforceregiste1962wash_0_djvu.txt. Any advice? If you do not have DD form 214, request it from the National Personnel Records Center (National Archives) in St. Louis, Missouri by calling 314-801-0800.

I’d love to buy one. To request records by mail, you may either fill out a Form SF-180 (Request Pertaining to Military Records) and/or DD Form 214 (Separation of Service). Stephen B. I found three web pages (see below) that deal with the “decoding” of military service numbers from World War II. Any ideas?

(We also knew that from him being listed as a 2 Lt. Look at the next of kin; who is it? Is there anywhere I can find additional information on the service number? They may have info too. Taylor gained her gardening and outdoor equipment repair experience from working in the landscaping and lawn-care business she and her husband own and operate. I am looking at a company roster from 1944 which has at least 4 enlisted men with this style of serial number. Quite an interesting posts. Would his serial number have changed if he entered the Air Corps (then part of the army) and became an officer? I would suggest contacting the national archives in the country you’re interested in and see if they can point you in the right direction.

They say if I find something to let them know. Some were ss soldiers.. Stay up-to-date with all of the posts &get exclusive content! Thank you for this informative post. There is no known exact format for Service Numbers, … Am hoping someone can give me some pointers. I see above that those that started with a 0 might have enlisted prior to WWII, but to my knowledge that was not the case with him. 4th Fighter Group. hi amy, i am trying to find out information about the service of my grandfather in ww2.

I’ve been trying to search for more information but I have no idea where I should even start looking. He was just shy of his 21st birthday. I wish I could find some information about a WWII helmet I took possession of recently. The number is b246918.

I know he was a private, a radio operator and served in the 3rd Army. Hello Mrs ,I try to find more about my Maternal Granfather from Cook County Illinois ,enlisted in 1943 in Chicago Illinois how served in the ETO as a 405 Clerk Typist in the HQ HQ SQ 302 Transport Wing as a Sgt .When i try to find him in the Nara AAD they can find him .They tall me his records burned in the Nara Fire in 1973 .But i doubt it sens my mother and my US Aunt in Ca had his Honorable discharge from the AAF in 1946 .So do you know eventualy if by is Army Serial Number i can know more about him sens the few i know about him .His serial Army Number is 36-651-850 just in case you know ?

Serial number on my dads pistole model 27 kal 7.65 and serial is 120289,but my dad was a medic from Muskegon,Michigan.and fought in multiple battles.said he had to guard prisoners at times. Thanks. That’s cool that your dad was in Iceland!

I have encountered a few WWII Army service numbers over the years that are only 7 digits.


O Army Prefix Originally used by Regular Army officers prior to World War II. The zero is actually a capital O. The info on the serial number is new to me, so I quickly looked up my uncles and can know for sure he was drafted. Do you have an information as to where I can find serial number information like this for outside of the Us during WW2? additionally, does your serial number ever change?

I have part of my father in laws parachute from WW2.

(The second digit for those will always be a zero. Hi Amy, Wile digging around the California desert I found a dog tag.

Later in the war he listed as a witness on a missing air crew report and his serial number is noted as O-815234. I know he enlisted in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio or West virginia. His name: Billy Grey Waddell Thanks. You can learn more about research on my website http://wwiirwc.com and I do take clients if you need help. Our industry-leading sales engineering and service support is available 24/7 from our distributors across the United States. Could these be “dog tag”? Thanks.

They also have WW1 records, don’t know about any of the other wars. He was in the Army (823rd Tank Destroyer Battalion) during WWII. Where are they registering?

However, the following system began shortly before World War II. Even the big veterans records center say they can’t find any information on him. Service numbers usually follow a ten-digit format followed by two letters that are sometimes the first and last initials of a person.

I am doing some research on my granduncle, George Donovan who fought for the US in the Pacific during WWII. And the Silver Bracelet of WWII style.

His serial number was: 53-065-390..The first digit is a ‘5’, which doesn’t tell me anything, cause there is no number ‘5’, according to your serial number statements. National Archives: Service Number (SN) and Social Security Number (SSN), National Archives: Veterans' Service Records: Military Record Requests Using Standard Form 180 (SF-180). My father enlisted in 1956 or 57 under the federal reserve act of 1955.

There are records you can obtain to learn more about his service.

For government pricing … They might be able to point you in the right direction. I does take time but well worth it. Is this a true serial number ? tried to find info about dad but could not. It has a name inside “Dennis FW” with a number 14289011. You are a godsend! So I am still looking. It is open to anyone to request and will be complete (not affected by the fire.).

I have edited the title and the heading to better reflect that.

If you have a unit it, it is easier to locate information if his OMPF (service file) burned. I did not know they drafted from states other than where they were born. I have his serial number, how can I find out what troop or unit he was with and where in Iceland he was stationed?

I know most everyone here appears to be discussing WWII but I have recently come across what I know as “dog tags” with a 7 digit number but also my grandfather’s name printed on the opposite side. Hi Amy. I found a picture of him with his troop, (some kind of formation outside his barracks, I guess) at Camp Rum. He lived in Thaur Nr., 83a while he was stationed in Rum, which I believe is the name of the city.

Was the post in the US or overseas? Guard in 1956, while in high school, then joined the US Army in Sept. 1956 after graduating from high school. If you do a search on the web, you can find his name and this serial number I memorized as a youth, and his name on the USAF retirement rolls. He served in the Air Corp. James Marshall Hall. The draft is going to be based on where they registered, which may or may not be the same as where they were born. Seymour Johnson AFB, NC. My father retired from the USAF in 1961 as a major. I have reviewed records that were singed and still smelled of fire.

Hi Amy – bringing this back to this thread. World War II Living History & Reenacting Information. DOB: 8/28/30 US Army Europe, something!.

Hello – My Uncle enlisted in WW2 in January of 1943– I have found what could be his enlistment record and it notes his Army serial number as 11072989. If so, look for reunion groups; many of them have message boards. There is more history to the purchase but I would hope to find information so I can figure everything out. AO Army & Air Force Prefix First used by the Army Air Corps to denote Regular Army officers who were qualified in aviation. His serial number is 31229854. hi – my grandfather was in the Army (823rd tank destroyer battalion), i have his dog tag with serial number 01824704 however I can’t seem to find any information on him in any online search.

Yes. I’m going by the instructions that were in mentioned in the article. Looking back at the casualty list, we now know: When you have an 8-digit serial number, the second number shows the Service Command.

The information includes name, serial number, rank, and something pertaining to the death. He has lost his dd-214 and we have tried everywhere to replace it but none of the sites recognize his serial number. I’ve got a watch that’s inscribed on the back Wm S. Davis O-1166953. Is it possible that Dr. Wilson didn’t die in the crash?

Yes I contacted the courthouse where he lived and also several local veterans offices.

Thank you so much for your assistance. Amy, my dad was buried in North Carolina with full military honors. Look at the birth date (year) and place. FR indicates a reserve officer, using a system adopted after WW2 and Korea. The U.S. Army began issuing serial numbers to help avoid mixing the records of people with the same name. Please help me if you can…THANKS!!! Thank you. Our industry-leading sales engineering and service support is available 24/7 from our distributors across the United States. “US … Have you contacted the veteran affairs office in that county? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Can I please give you what I have, hoping you can help me? Those numbers are on the request for monument. Click "Veterans' Service Records." Sign up for my free weekly newsletter!

Here’s a little info on the O and AO for some. Its heading should indicate this. i know he was at monte casino, anzio, and north africa. Thank you for any help or advise. WWII Army and Army Air Force Casualty List, Stories from the World War II Battlefield: Reconstructing Army, Air Corps, and National Guard Service (Vol.

Can you tell me a bit more about him?

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