I have really wanted to explore this amazing place for a while now, but haven't as apparently it is full of asbestos.. does anyone know if it is safe to go in? I'm trying to find out too.

The Mittagong Maltings is in a state of disrepair and has been considerably vandalised. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; Emphysema8. Upon the crowning of Hengist’s son, Eric, the first king of Kent, a white horse symbolic of the standard of the ancient Saxons and therefore became the emblem of Kent. so if you are also heart broken and also need a help, you can also email him at {oliha.miraclemedicine@gmail.com}or whatsapp him number: +2349038382931.

Little did I know that said pillar was not smooth but large shards of wood sticking out and so impaled my lovely right index finger. I will not be held responsible it anyone ventures to these locations and gets in trouble or injured. Other than that the only feature in this room is the Rape Chair, a red leather sofa that has strategically being placed right at the end of the room beneath the only beams of light that peer through a missing portion of the roofing structure.

Grab a cuppa or whatever liquid delight takes your fancy and read on. Just prior to jumping into the room on my right, I’m able to look across the landing into another room in front of me with beams across the width of the floor which would have served as the framework for the floor once upon a time and wooden beams making up the ceiling. Urbex is a wonderful hobby with so much to offer; imagine exploring abandoned houses, mental asylums, train stations, mansions, or even theme parks. Abandoned Tooths Brewery Site, Mittagong, New South Wales. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; Hepatitis B6. But I patiently get out, and start assembling the gear I’d need. I'll probably be back to read more, thanks for the info.Roof leak repairs, Nice post https://virtual-staging.archicgi.com, This is a testimony that i will tell everyone to hear i have been married for3years and on the 4years of my marriage another woman had a spell to take myhusband away from me and my husband left me and the kids and we have sufferedfor 1year and 6 months until i meant a post where this man Dr IYOBOR have helpedsomeone and i decided to give him a try to help me bring my love husband homeand believe me i just send my picture to him and that of my husband and after3days as he have told me i saw a car drove into the house and behold it was myhusband and he have come to me and the kids and that is why i am happy to makeevery one of you in similar to met with this man and have your lover back toyour self His email (iyobortemplespell@gmail.com ) or call or WhatsApp him (+2348051843752 ) he can also help on PREGNANCY SPELL get all your problem solve.No problem is too big for him to solve..Contact him THANKS Dr IYOBOR, DR HARRY HERBAL MIXTURE website  https://drharryherbaltempl.wixsite.com/solutiontemple   WHATSAPP +2349036417079 Hello everyone i have been worried for so many years now because i was trying to figure out how to cure my (erectile dysfunction) and enlarge my SMALL penis but could not find a way out of it ,,my wife has told me if i do not get a cure on time that she will leave me and i love her and my marriage so much .i have used VACCINES,DRUGS,INJECTION AND even did Surgeries just to be happy but none really rendered me the help i needed and i almost gave up when i Used a herbal medicine from a fake bullshit doctor from Malawi. Next we head outside again to get into the adjacent room where the red sofa resides which we could only partially view from the room we’ve just left. You gotta find the humour in this.

Contact him at this email ogbefunhearlingtemple@gmail.com call or add him on whatsapp +2348102574680 website, Greetings to every one that is reading this testimony. One would expect an intensely thick floor with metal beams for support or a cement floor. But the second of two large fires signalled the beginning of the end for Tooth and Co’s Mittagong Maltings, which closed in 1980 — and has been sitting idle and empty ever since.

One day I was in the river side thinking where I can go to get solution. This room is different to all the prior ones – on the ground floor at least.

I particularly love this shot showing the contrast of her vibrant clothing against the rustic decaying wood. Not my fiance, not my boyfriend, but my husband! Or WhatApp him on+23470318959351) Love Spells2) Lost Love Spells3) Divorce Spells4) Marriage Spells5) Binding Spell.6) Breakup Spells7) Banish a past Lover8.) Owned and used by Tooth and Co., who was the major beer brewer in NSW and one of the oldest companies in Australia.

From my research, it seems this room was laden with heavy machinery, conveyor belts etc. A fire inside malthouse two in 1942 slowed production briefly but the business was able to overcome the set back, rebuilding and restoring the building to its former glory within a few years. Portfolio - James in Justin Cassin Apparel. i heard this one now has an owner who live nearby, and when someone loitering around to take photos, the owner would come and asked them to leave ?? Okay yes, I’ll admit it was somewhat on the painful side and inconvenient at best, being my damn shutter finger. This is a stunning location. Today’s excursion is the 30 year old abandoned Tooheys Factory, a.k.a Mittagong Matlings, a.k.a Tooth & Co, a.k.a Tooheys Brewery a.k.a The Maltings. Does anyone have any info on who to contact for permission to access the site? There are some dodgy stairs and floors, but as long as your are sensible it's pretty safe. Mittagong - 1hr 20m Drive From The Sydney CBD. we are both still young and very attractive. lots of amazing momments together. Nice set of images. Abandoned Tooths Brewery Site, Mittagong, New South Wales. Not too much to discover here, except a lot of graffiti, with a staircase to the left that has totally collapsed. And an added bonus when such said structure, location or building is within fairly easy access for one to visit and photograph. As we spent hours investigating every room, every nook, every cranny, you realise how many individual rooms there are within each building and each room has a different feel, a different arachitectural structure, different treasures, different decay, different chaos and so there is no short way to portray the complexity and beauty that is The Maltings. But that wasn’t always the case, trams used to be a viable part of Sydney public transport until 1961 when the last tram ran in Sydney. I also discovered the door to Narnia (thanks grafiti artists).

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