they always go bang. Rest of the day it was a single shot i was a little frustrated. I'm asking because if it is a common problem I'll think of selling the gun and getting something else. Please research all the other posts on Mossberg 935s. Since getting my 935 waterfowl I havent had to ask to many questions as topics have just come up that have answered many questions I had and have come upon while getting shells through it. My son Mason was my wingman and he crashed out within minutes of us getting set up. I’m several seasons into my turkey addiction now. The porting helps keep recoil down for quicker follow up shots, porting does tend to make things a bit noisier, so invest in a good pair of electronic ear pro for hunting. with. I could feel him staring at me through his camo mask so I flashed him the “10 more minute” sign. This can have a lot of reasons, Dirt, Wrong ammo, mechanical problem,... Just for example …

I have used this on my 1100's. If its cold and you are using much oil, you are going to have problems. Some might say it’s just a smoothbore 12-gauge barrel. Or do you think the colder weather that morning caused the problem? Hornady recommend these two chokes due to the type of wad they use to keep shot patterns tight. I love my mossy. anyways The box should be here soon and I'll ship it out proably b4 next Friday so we'll see what happens. A shotgun forum for basic gun smithing, repair, modifications, and all other detailed shotgun information. There are two on my desk and even one or two in the truck. The outer ring is 65 MOA and the dot in the center is 1 MOA. I could have harvested two more birds this season, but chose to let others get their chance on the ranch. Seems like it shot very well when i brought it home and did that. I’ve accumulated all kinds of gear to include more camo clothing, seats, decoys and calls. I shoot mostly 3.5" 1-3/8oz. While Mason was gathering up the decoys and I was carrying the bird and gear towards the truck I couldn’t help think of J and what a huge smile he would have had on his face as I told him about bagging this bird. #2's out of it. I have never had a problem with my 935 and Break Free CLP, however I blow or wipe off all the excess and let it dry. This gun stinks, I'm going to send it back I think I have a lemon. I guess in the country he came from, red was the signal to go really fast through an intersection. I think the lack of me trying to sound like a hen woke Mason up a few minutes later. 935 Magnum Specs Gauge: 12 Chamber Size: 3.5″ Capacity: 5 (with plug removed) Barrel: 22″ Vent Rib, Overbored Sights: Adjustable Fiber Optic Chokes: X-Factor™ Ported Tube Overall Length: 42″ Length Of Pull: 13″ Barrel Finish: Mossy Oak Break-Up Inifinity Stock: Synthetic (Pistol Grip) Weight: 7.5 lbs. From what I've seen, the majority of problems are due to the return spring not being cleaned properly or over oiling. Thanks to the team at GUNS Magazine for this post. The more rounds i put through it the more it should polish itself out you would think?

Answer Save. I had a few teammates who didn’t shoot it very well but several others and myself it made us better shooters than we really are. Lv 4. Privacy Policy | Although I have heard things about it from last year. Done theat experiment also. When you figure out why its acting like that let me know so I can let him know. When I first got mine, I completely broke it down and gave it a very good cleaning to get ALL the packing grease out of it. Nah I'm not hard on it at all. I shot a couple boxes of Winchester Xperts and they seemed to burn pretty clean. Please research all the other posts on Mossberg 935s. Obviously this shotgun isn’t intended to shoot piles of shells per session, but I would bet you would wear out long before this shotgun does.

shipments. It’s a little beat up from about 30 years of use but it still runs like the day I unboxed it.

Just add the O-Ring from a Remington 11-87 on the magazine tube, between the barrel lug and the seal ring (Part 27 in the owners manual, eBay has them cheap, as does. If that doesn't work than onto the evaporating lube. Grizrod, The slide assy is NOT breaking. The Mossberg 935 Magnum Turkey is built from the ground up for the turkey hunter. I knew from having an EOTech on several of my AR’s it would take lining up the sights out of the equation for him. View/Download an Owner's Manual », You can also receive free printed owner’s manuals by U.S. Mail. With the 24" barrel all loads eject with no problem. Make sure you wipe/blow off the excess Lube. Sure I can do some of them, but I’ll be in bed on pain meds for a week after if I push it.

The XPS2-0 is more compact and runs on CR123 batteries. They are a little tight out of the box. They are def. Just a thought, I don't really know the answer. I’m enjoying summer, but am really looking forward to fall turkey season now. Your family will appreciate you not getting any deafer than you already are. At about 70 yards out he made the fatal decision to flank the decoys, which brought him directly toward where we were sitting.

clean is the name of the game gooser, glad you got it figured out. Glenn, like J, told me it was a rush to have birds come to the call but it would be extremely frustrating when they hang up just out of range and strut around almost mocking us like when someone sticks there tongue out and does the moose ears thing — like my kids do to each other. Arghhhh!!!! I went back to my gun smith and he looked it all over and couldn't find anything wrong. FEATURES: Easy to operate with 3 ½“ stopping power, Dual Gas Vent System, Overbored Barrels, Quick-Empty Magazine Release Button, Stock Drop Spacer System, and Drilled and Tapped Receiver. I've had three of them now, the first two being junk, and the third one being ok. My two friends also have them and have experienced the same problems as I have although their guns seem to malfuntion abit less than my first two 935's.

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