Ormond can claim excellent public transport in the form of trains and buses – the latter of which it is ranked top in the city for. Pascoe Vale is among the suburbs that sit in the middle of the rankings. Burnley rates relatively well across the board except for buses, crime rate, primary schools and congestion. Ashburton, located 12 kilometres south east of the CBD, performs most strongly for trains and walkability. Mulgrave’s neighbour Wheelers Hill has a low crime rate, plus abundant open space, a hilly landscape and great proximity to schools. Where it ranks poorly is open space and culture. Hoppers Crossing has a large retail sector and ranks comparatively well for congestion, but in most other areas assessed, the suburb achieves only low scores. What it’s lacking most is employment and open space. There’s additionally a diverse range of houses to rent and houses to buy, including Victorian-era terraced housing and modern apartments. This is the fourth time the study has been conducted in Melbourne since 2005, and the third time South Yarra has been heralded as the most liveable suburb.

Blackburn is a well performing middle ring suburb largely because of its excellent trains (it ranks 10th in this category) and high scoring retail sector. Chapel Street and Toorak Road are bustling centres of activities, with many entertainment and food & drink options to choose from, all of which can be easily accessed via a public transport system that offsets traffic congestion. South Melbourne is Port Phillip council’s highest ranking suburb in this study with top 10 scores for culture, retail, cafes, buses, employment and walkability.

This suburb by the Maribyrnong River became one of Melbourne's newest residential areas in the late 1950s. Ringwood also has great buses and decent topographic variation. There’s also relatively little congestion on the roads and plenty of open space. Croydon Hills has good topographic variation as its name suggests, plus the crime rate is very low and the roads aren’t often congested.

Access to buses and employment are what Heidelberg Heights gets high marks for.

The suburb is negatively affected by not having a train station, possessing few cafes and a low employment score. Was here yesterday. Crime is also relatively high. Lynbrook is 36 kilometres south-east of the CBD bordering Dandenong South. “It’s the inner west’s hipster haven,” Ling explains. The suburb ranks very poorly in a handful of categories including cafes where it is ranked last in the city, and employment where it is third last. Where it still excels is topographic variation and tree cover and it has one of the top 10 lowest crime rates in Melbourne.

Chelsea is one of Melbourne’s best suburbs for coast proximity and can be easily accessed by train and bus. The suburb’s only access to public transport is a single bus route. More cafes, public transport and schools are also needed for a stronger ranking for Attwood. South Yarra scored higher than eight in nine categories, and was given 10 out of 10 for its access to jobs, walkability and proximity to trains.

Culture, buses and retail in particular are strengths of Forest Hill, located between Blackburn South and Vermont.

Are you outgrowing or getting bored with the area you currently live in? Brighton scores most poorly for topographic variation, open space and proximity to schools. Nick & Tom from Transcorp did a brilliant job for our move – we’ve used other removalists in the past, who were all ok, but honestly our experience with Transcorp was exceptional.

Its increased culture score is behind its improved overall rank along with excellent retail and cafes thanks to Eastland Shopping Centre.

The suburb is not walkable, however, and is lacking in public transport access and topographic variation. Melbourne’s ranking has dropped partly because proximity to the CBD is no longer measured in this study. Where Hampton East continues to do well is tree cover, access to trains and proximity to the coast. David from Bayside.

Those factors aside, the suburb shows room for improvement in many areas, particularly cafes, employment, proximity to schools and walkability. Where Langwarrin performs well is the categories of education and crime, and it has the second best score for road congestion in the city. Read the post: The 10 most dangerous suburbs in Melbourne from NovaFM right now.

Every list of rankings has a wooden-spooner, and this time around it’s Lyndhurst, 35 kilometres south-east of the CBD near Cranbourne. Nature lovers can enjoy excellent tree cover as well as open environment spaces such as Burnley Park and Richmond Oval. The suburb ranks worst in the city for culture, third worst for walkability, and fourth worst for retail. Like Malvern, Malvern East suffers from a relatively high crime rate, little open space, and it needs better proximity to schools. Artists gravitate towards the plethora of art studios, commercial art galleries and street art exhibitions. Westmeadows is 17 kilometres north of the CBD next to Broadmeadows. They include Sunbury, Langwarrin, Mornington, Ringwood, Cheltenham, Preston and Pascoe Vale. Try Tom Phat, Rumi, Los Hermanos, 400 Gradi, Brunswick Mess Hall, and plenty more top-drawer eateries. The suburb achieves excellent scores for buses, congestion, open space and topographic variation, but its performance in almost all other categories is lacking. More shops and cafes are also needed for a higher overall score. The only areas for which Glen Iris scores exceptionally well are buses and tree cover, but it does rank in the top third of Melbourne suburbs across most areas assessed in this study, leading to an overall top 50 rank. Coastside Altona, located 13 kilometres south-west of the CBD, ranks in the top 20 suburbs for its proximity to both education and open space. Located 14 kilometres north-east of the CBD, Macleod has great aesthetic attributes in the form of hills and open space.

Mont Albert’s roads are more congested than in the past, leading to its slipping ranking. Where Richmond doesn’t fare so well is buses (the third worst performer in this category), crime rate, the number of primary schools, open space and congestion. Our team offers award-winning services that are accredited by the Australian Furniture Removers Association, so you can rest assured we know exactly what we’re doing. Some suburbs which technically fell within Greater Melbourne … The suburb also has a decent amount of open space due to Darebin Creek Forest Park running along its border. Melbourne's most liveable suburb: South Yarra. The suburb’s weakest point is access to buses for which it ranks worst in the city, followed by proximity to education, where it ranks second last. Endeavour Hills is located after Dandenong about 31 kilometres from the CBD. The suburb’s distance from the coast, along with having limited tree cover and open space is holding Glen Waverley back from achieving a higher overall rank. Coolaroo is located 19 kilometres north of the city. Walkability is also decent, but the lack of schools, trees and hills brings down its overall score. Its declining rank on this list is mostly due to its crime score, in addition to recording very low scores for culture and cafes. Waste of time, effort and money. Its biggest strengths are the trams, culture, employment and walkability, plus the third best access to secondary schools.

Hughesdale ticks a lot of boxes for liveability as it performs well for access to trains, employment, crime, tree cover and walkability. “I loved the gritty, old-fashioned, working-class feel,” wrote Nathan Buckley, once a legendary Magpies player and now their coach. Flemington is a top 10 suburb for culture and trams and is in the top 50 for cafes, buses, employment, secondary education and walkability.

Toorak has long been known as the home to Melbourne's rich and famous, the well-to-do, the ladies who lunch. Cranbourne has a handful of assets that make for good liveability such as plenty of open space, and decent scores in culture and retail. Few shops and poor train access limit Middle Park from excelling further in liveability despite decent walkability. Located 6km west of the Central Business District, Footscray boasts an emerging art scene as well as a growing number of bars and nightlife options. More schools, shops and a higher employment rate are needed for better liveability in Lower Plenty. What Rosanna lacks most is amenity such as retail and cafes, and the roads can get busy. Retail is in strong supply in Maidstone thanks largely to the proximity of nearby Highpoint Shopping Centre.

Minimal public transport and proximity to schools are the indicators Belgrave Heights is less liveable for. Those factors aside, Lysterfield South is significantly lacking in many areas. Categories that St Kilda ranks in the top 25 for are culture, cafe, buses, employment, walkability and proximity to the coast. “There was no glitz or glamour and the facilities were primitive, but I ate that up.”. Templestowe Lower records very positive scores in some areas but poor ones in others. ","adUrl":{"baseUrl":"https://pubads.g.doubleclick.net/gampad/ads","params":{"sz":"4x1","iu":"/31694718/vid.domain/liveable-melbourne/melbournes-most-liveable-suburbs-2019","t":"e=www.domain.com.au","ciu_szs":"300x250","impl":"s","gdfp_req":"1","env":"vp","output":"xml_vmap1","ad_rule":"1","unviewed_position_start":"1","url":"[referrer_url]","correlator":"[timestamp]","vid":"ref:6104082132001","playerid":"6104082132001","cust_params":"ctype=article\u0026cat=liveable-melbourne\u0026cat1=melbournes-most-liveable-suburbs-2019\u0026pageid=903529\u0026e=www.domain.com.au\u0026playerpos=1\u0026videoID=ref:6104082132001"}},"titan":{"videoId":"ref:6104082132001","position":1,"cat":"Video_Property","cat1":"Video_Domain"},"theme":"domain"}; Bayside suburb Sandringham was the highest-ranking spot more than 15 kilometres away from the CBD, coming in at number 30. Footscray jumps 68 places to enter the top 10 for the first time. Low crime and buses are other positive elements of the suburb. More shops, cafes, schools and less crime would boost Heidelberg Heights’ liveability.

The minimal amount of public transport plus low scores for culture, cafes, and retail detract from Altona Meadows’ excellent open space that ranks the fourth best in Melbourne. Where it still performs well is in the coastal proximity and culture categories.

Congestion and crime are the two categories showing the most room for improvement. “A big challenge about liveability is how we start getting that community infrastructure in place in the outer suburbs in these high-growth areas like Wyndham and Casey – which is really where most of the population’s going right now.” Professor Grodach said. The areas Clayton South scores the weakest for are topographic variation, tree cover and cafes. More shops and fewer congested roads would enhance its ranking further. Broolyn is a small suburb bordering West Footscray 10 kilometres west of the CBD. More shops and cafes would also help the area’s liveability. Unlike its sibling suburbs however, it records only average scores for culture, employment, walkability and cafes and there is limited retail. Despite recording weak scores for retail, cafes, walkability, and trains, Essendon West is balanced out by having a very low crime rate, plenty of hills and open space (the equal eighth best in Melbourne).

Other masterplanned communities have seen their rankings inmprove with time. They now live near the Royal Botanic Gardens with their two young children. Amelia Barnes is a writer and journalist specialising in property and residential design reporting, specifically, Melbourne real estate, alternative housing and interior design.

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