,an 1100 Griso.I have ridden other models including the NTX.So you either get the Guzzi thing or you don't.As I pointed out to a mate a couple of weeks ago when we went for a ride ,he on his new HD Breakout,while having a beer at a popular bike pub. Some of them might appear a little unkempt when standing next to a teutonic pole monkey but they do wash although not according to a schedule spanning days but as often as needed. First raced in 1955, it proved ferociously fast but temperamental, too. The model i bought had the updated ECU, but still runs too rich. My 2013 Stelvio travels Canadian forest service roads and tarmac with equal aplomb. It does what it was designed to do very well. I do however think you are selling the Stelvio short. Guzzi conversion - progress report by Alan Walker. It doesn't just look the part: it is a competent adventure bike...even if it as heavy as a GS.. great article. It's kinda sad, but people wants that, not the MGS-01. I have one in the workshop.

Good take on it all Jason, agree with all said - however, i haven't blown any uni-joints on the factory bikes yet - i guess i don't push them hard enough. So, take the old small-block bikes and sell them as hipster bikes - top success with minimal effort. Anyway a very good page here. I have owned a California 1100i and currently enjoy a Griso 8v. I ride mine on forest roads, and even rode it to Inuvik. I just love the handling & torque, plus the way it keeps up with my friend's GS. Utterly soulless and horribly put together for any kind of maintenance (Need to access the air filter?

In fact, the most balanced and serious review of the '80 and '90s was "In Moto", and i still remember a comparison where the NTX 750 was compared with the R80GS, resulting far superior in handling (off-road and on road), performances, and even finish. Hi Jason, i'm from Italy and i'ts a true surprise to read an article about these machines. With continued refinement it’s exciting to dream about what could have been—though deeply flawed, the Otto clearly showed truckloads of undeveloped potential. I bought an '07 Breva 1100 about 3.5 months ago. While the common razor will be disassembled and used as a feeler gauge to adjust the valves, the typical Guzzi owner both appreciates and sees the humor in those who for whatever reason, need to ask their wives if it is okay to go for a ride because theirs is as likely to own a Guzzi as well.Some see a Moto Guzzi and ponder why, others look at them and see what makes the world turn and it isn't the buzz of an in-line four, the about to die idle of american iron or the gentle breeze of a northern European marque that makes you check to see if you put on clean underwear today. So far, she has been very reliable and fun. I love the length of the articles. Not with their current business model, anyway.

I dont doubt it and worth bearing in mind but .3 mm is about the variation in base gasket thicknesses so for all intents and purposes they can be considered the same. The cali cams are different and there is a slight variation in the rocker arms from earlier to later engines. Can't be too long (!?) Sign up to receive the weekly newsletter featuring the very latest from Petrolicious. More information on this jewel can be found in “Classic Italian racing motorcycles”, Mick Walker and “Classic motorcycle race engines”, Kevin Cameron. Only the Stelvio partially escaped from this fate, but it was anyway criticized by some Italian magazines in order to not disturb the German PR managers...'nuff said. Following a record year of sales in 1971 (which remains unsurpassed for the company) things began to slide downhill. I recall testing one...12.5 volts at battery..8 volts at headlight plug. The newer cylinders are different, has 0.3 mm less height for more compression ratio (9.2 old / 9.5 new). For a big bike it is very capable off road. I'm starting to think they have reason. Hi Jason,Not too Long!Jason, you are a wordsmith, a bloody pedant, and a cynical bastard, those are compliments by the way - from a bloody pedant and cynical bastard. Sold it within 6 months. Moto Guzzi V11 Le Mans: the ride starts here.

They were not bad once you went through everything, and lose a bunch of Italian electrical connectors in favor of solder and shrink tubing. It is every bit as capable as the GS.. The newer cylinders are different, has 0.3 mm less hight for more compression ratio (9.2 old / 9.5 new). A simple copy/paste in Word shows that this is actually nearly 5,500 words. Powered by, bearded espresso-sucking Rocker rejects bastardizing the heritage of Mandello's historic machines aboard wheezy, emissions strangled small blocks, The TT shared the (admittedly very good) Tonti frame with the V65, twin spar steel backbone frame with removable lower cradles to facilitate easy engine removal, thus in a perverse way it could be argued that the Guzzi would be a better choice for gruelling excursions than the GS, horsepower matches the torque peak number-for-number, sole source of revenue for manufacturers of exhaust header wrap, today Guzzi has joined the leagues of BMW knockoffs pandering to middle-aged riders with marketing-driven dreams of globe-conquering go-anywhere adventures in their minds, Claudio Torri's entry in the Paris Dakar registry, Bernard Rigoni's entry in the Paris Dakar registry, Details on the Guzzi desert racers from the owner of several examples, Motorcyclist recognizing the Quota ES as a "Smart Money" used buy, French review of the NTX 650 from Moto Journal in 1987, Overview of the NTX 750 from Moto Planete, Some honest opinions on various enduros and big trailies including the TT and NTX, History of the BMW GS on WebBikeWorld, apparently ghost written by the entire BMW marketing department, Ducati 916 SP/SPS - Ultimate Desmoquattro Superbikes - Part II, Moto Guzzi V-Twin Off Roaders - Improbable Italian Enduros, Yamaha A-N-D FFE 350 - Forkless Two-Smoker, International Journal of Motorcycle Studies.

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