Total 1 Answers. Requirements: 2 Galangal Teas for Petrovich, Maneki-Neko for Cleo, Requirements: Turkish Coffee with Cardamon for Elsa, Cappuccino with Nutmeg, Ice and Chocolate for Margaret, Hot Chocolate with Ginseng and Lemon for Bill, Fireplace for Koffsky, Rewards: Pink Gift from Fernando, Simple Gift from Cleo, 15 diamonds from Watson, Requirements: Tea with Galangal, Milk and Caramel for Mary, Requirements: Invigorating Tea for Clyde, Iced Latte for Clyde, Vanilla Frappé for Watson, White Hot Chocolate for Margaret, Requirements: Black-and-White Muffin for Elsa, Rewards: Pink Gift from Elsa if you don't reveal her secret to Mary, Requirements: Vanilla Ice Cream with Nuts for Donald. Elsa admits she was out again with Kevin that night but swears she wasn't the one who killed her him. Margaret advices performing hypnosis, what becomes pretext for Watson to ask you to buy a leather couch. They confess to framing Petrovich years before.

Requirements: 1 Tea with Saffron, Galangal, and Anise for Bill; 1 Bavarian Coffee with Rose, Saffron and Cardamom for Mary or 50 gems. The reward for completing Level 9 will be 41 diamonds, 1,000 gold coins, 1 saffron, 2 pink gifts (for Watson’s hypnosis and purchase of a sofa), 1 simple gift. They’re out one person, so he agrees to let Bill join if you make him a Supercupcake with Espresso, Chocolate Syrup and Gold. Margaret is ready to help with the surfboards, but she wants some Fairy Kiss Tiramisu with Cardamom in exchange. Each had their own motive for it, but the main reason was so Koffsky and Clyde’s YouTube channel could get more views—they’re sure the prank footage will go viral. He will also ask you to make a cup of Cappuccino and give 3 diamonds and a Pink gift. Carl also agrees to lend Alice his surfboard in exchange for you buying a "chosen style"-couch.

Complains about going chic places. Tip: don't pay 250 diamonds for the private investigator, and go talk with Watson instead; Central Hospital, Railway Station, closest village, mountains (foothills) for Alice's itinerary. Margaret will thank 1 diamond for the «Americano with Milk» recipe.

When Mike returns to the coffee shop, he asks for one last Pancake with Saffron, Vanilla and Forest Berries because he’s sure Watson is going to arrest him now. Her ex-husband only ever gave her two presents: the necklace and Clyde Bowen performing at their wedding. Went to a wedding event with Mary recently.

You need to ask Felicia which one she prefers. Unable to take care of her child, she decided to put Mary up for adoption. Desperate to get proof that Bloody Penny’s ghost is real, he plans to carry a camera wherever he goes so he can capture the ghost on film and show it to Henry.

You are given a table and Petrovich saws off one of its corners.

Mary asks you to tell Clyde to back off. You learn from Olivia that he is scoping out the competition and plans to open one of his restaurants in town. When you tell Henry the details of what you found, he says Elsa had a visit from the ghost, with a message written on her mirror. Requirements: Mocha for Bill, Iced Mocha for Ron, Cappuccino for Bill. You remember Fernando mentioned he had a giant outdoor chess board at his estate, which Henry thinks is perfect for Ron because the soccer captain can move the pieces as if they’re his players. He comes back and says to sprinkle salt by the windows and doors. It turns out he doesn’t have anything suitable to use and says Petrovich might have something. Now that she is single, Bill would like to ask her on a date but does not dare speak to her.

With a little prodding, Jennifer agrees to give the mischievous ex-mayor a job at the mayor’s office, if only to keep him from getting into any more trouble. On Emily’s behalf, you check to see how the quest is coming along despite all the drama that happened and Daisy happily tells you that the grand opening will happen the following day!

He will serve coffee there for 1 coin in order to drive away your customers and make you close your café. For one, Lucas—or "Lucassandro" in this reality—is a famous heartthrob celebrity! The scientist is wracking his brain trying to figure out why he did such an illogical thing, but he says he just had a strong and sudden urge to protect Emily at all costs. Watson, furious that their squabbling has intruded on his daytime life as well, warns them to stop, otherwise they’ll find themselves both in jail. When you talk with him he’s daydreaming about winning the soccer championship.

Donald’s property values have plummeted and he’s hit rock bottom. Gives you 3 diamonds. When he returns, he’s made progress in the renovation and made tables and chairs, but he needs help figuring out the color for the walls and asks you to talk to Elsa.

My Café is free to download and play with no obligations to pay, but some in-game items can be purchased with real money. He grew up in a family of bakers but, after having a falling out with his father, ran away, although he still can’t forget the smell of freshly baked cinnamon buns. Although he wasn’t able to track her down himself, Cleo saw Clyde’s childhood sweetheart. He is very excited to show Clyde all the new tech he’s bought for their show. When you talk to Bill, he asks for a Supercupcake with Nutmeg, Cardamom, Saffron and Salt and he finds some old newspaper articles about her. Mary understood and forgave her, and they continue to be friends. Koffsky starts telling you the story, how it all started back when he, Henry, Elsa and Donald were still in school. When Jennifer looks at the results it turns out the town has won! You offer to help him in his search and enlist the aid of Watson and Bill. Stories are one of the mechanics which drives the game and lets players earn Prestige Points to level up. At level 4 Bill revealed he had been in love with Mary Ditt for 2 years. Margaret asks for a very expensive sofa in exchange for providing you with an exotic animal (a sloth). Soon Ben lets us know that he's fallen head over heels for Mary and that he would like to surprise her by proposing marriage. After you give him his latte, he remembers he was at two of Margaret’s weddings and they were very similar: they both took place at a museum and there was even the same groom and bride, although the bride’s hair was a different color. A childhood friend of his, Charlie Choke, got into shady business while Petrovich married and settled with his wife. With his last shred of sanity, he admits that he paid the Candy Bandits off to turn themselves in so he’d look better in the upcoming elections. Level 4: Mary's Divorce & The Theft of the Mona Lisa I, Level 11: Humor Coaching & the theft of Mona Lisa, Level 15: Green Moon Fund & Mayoral Election, Theft of the Mona Lisa II & The Telephone Terrorist, How to Stop Being Afraid of Interviews and Learn to Love Your Job. The scientist returns the gesture by giving her a romantic playlist on a flash drive, but the playlist turns out to be a lecture about quasi-singularity and the expanding universe. Kevin wants Berry Smoothie Cappuccino. Why one woman stood alone.1.

1 — 2 500 gold coins each. When you hit level 16 a new character will enter your café and offer to buy three of your stuff every day. As irrational to him as it is, it seems Lucas has fallen in love with Emily! Watson loves the English Style because of how cozy it is. Heartbroken and feeling used, she tells Lucas he’s dead to her and rushes out. Koffsky is pleased with his new neighbor and tells you Clyde isn’t too grumpy as long as you get enough coffee in him. She is also very practical, and is excited to meet her father after all these years despite growing up in a single-parent household. You suggest there might be a connection between the prankster now and the one back then, but Henry tells you that’s impossible because he was the one who had pranked them all, jokingly calling himself “Bloody Henry.” He admits he never meant it to go as far as it did and sincerely regrets it, that’s why he’s hoping the time machine Lucas has been diligently working on for the last month will be finished soon. Bill manages to find an old photo with Koffsky, a Koffsky-clone called Edward and a server called Alice Carroll. Note: There is no penalty for incorrectly answering any of the questions.

Some stories are resolved in one level, while others may be told over several levels. Clyde tells you when he was young and on tour he had met quite a few people—ladies, that is. Margaret offers a dice game. Reward: Some diamonds from Koffsky. Watson informs you that the girl he saved from thugs was exactly Alice Carroll, and that she's also the girl Koffsky was in love with. Sociable. He needs some extra hands to help him with the repairs on the house however, so he asks you to talk to some of the other customers. His wife left him at the time. After giving him the dessert, he gives you some diamonds and promises to think about ways to make your partnership more productive. Requirements: Bahraini Coffee with Rose, Cardamom and Saffron for Petrovich, Lassi with Honey, Saffron and Cardamom for Petrovich, Tea with Saffron, Galangal and Anise for Daisy, “Arabian Night” Turkish Coffee for Margaret, Aphrodite Tea with Nutmeg, Rose and Cinnamon for Petrovich, Requirements: Energy Matcha with Guarana, Coffee and Honey for Bill, Vanilla Ice Matcha Latte for Bill, Supercupcake with Nutmeg, Cardamom, Saffron and Salt for Margaret, Requirements: Honey Milkshake with Tapioca, Cardamom and Rose for Koffsky, Americano with Saffron and Cardamom for Clyde, Tea with Saffron, Galangal and Anise for Koffsky, Canelé with Vanilla, Nutmeg and Tapioca for Clyde. Anyone already completed t.., My Cafe: Recipes And Stories - Restaurant Simulation And Kitchen Mystery Game Answers for the iPhone - iPad Tip: tell Felicia Kevin was on a date with Elsa. Next time she comes to the shop, she'll ask for someone to keep a lookout at her house for the admirer. My Café Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. When you speak with the former chef again, he still doesn’t have a plan for getting out of his difficult financial situation. But he isn’t the only one the ghost visited. Bill says he'll propose with the ultimate marriage proposal. Bill will ask for «English Tea» and give a «Simple Gift». My Café Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. He wanted to do something good for her and asked Felicia to not stress Mary too much, which is why she didn’t take her to Milan. She gives you a Gold Gift as promised for helping her out with her anthology. Mary explains that the perpetrator who called the police was using a switch installed on a cell tower. She gives you a Vintage Mirror that was found as they were about to break ground at the construction site of the new film studio. Surprisingly, Ben manages to buy a mansion from her directly -she needs to keep selling real estate on her own to still be a member of the real estate asociarion-. She is a DJ. Bill and Mary get back together. Talk to Cleo about how it went later. Cleo says she’s using them for the “Oh blondie!” game show, which Mike roped her into. Painting Costs: French Style - $187, 000.00, English Style - $182,000.00, Chinese Style - $185,000.00, American Retro Style - $183,000.00, Northern Lights Style - $191,000., Loft Style - $$190,000. To get back at Bill, she went to police and made an official statement against Bill stealing the ring and for hacking the airport database.

Petrovich swore he didn't touch it.

Petrovich will order a new recipe «Americano with Lemon». The musician is amazed that this whole time she’s only been an hour away, and he leaves the shop immediately to go find her. She explains that Mary was born as a result of a short-lived but passionate affair. Koffsky suddenly remembers he tried something called a “supercupcake” when he was younger when he overhears Carl talking about its recipe over the phone and asks you to talk to him. She needs you to talk to Lucas and Emily to see if they’ll help her. Warm Silver: Mix white, blue, and a touch of orange. Clyde is going to adopt Emily as his daughter and put down roots in the town. From this you receive 1 Wedding Arch Exterior Entrance Decoration. Give Elsa a Donut with Chocolate syrup, honey, and Star Anise.

Not keen on dying a horrific death, Koffsky asks you to make the supercupcake for the hungry ghost.

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