To mark the one year anniversary of the King's death, Nanara is invited to the royal palace. He concludes that their only option now is to take water from others. Hahaha. “For this person too?” The maidens overwhelmingly gazed at Kakashi from top to bottom.

He even apologised that it was written in an ancient language, but he thought that if they have Shikamaru or Sakura, they should be able to decipher it. I hear that nobody is using it anymore and that there is no way to translate it.”, “Is there anyone who could possibly read it?”, “Not quite, and because of that, it’s a useless book.”. The Prime Minister soon starts breathing again. As he fights Kakashi, Hakubi berates him for continuing to cover his left eye, because Hakubi has already heard the rumors that Kakashi lost his Sharingan. Leh returns as they talk, delivering a letter whose author expresses a willingness to send any needed supplies to Redaku. Rules or whatever: 1. I hope he has something serious! Kakashi asks why the Prime Minister is able to use the Shuigu, speculating that he's signed a contract with it. Although there were a number of injuries in the clash between the villagers and the artillerymen, there were no casualties, as nobody was willing to kill their own countrymen. Kakashi points out that the cannons would be too heavy to carry so far, and that it's more likely they're to be used against Nagare Village in case of a revolt: since the army will be taking supplies that the village would ordinarily save for the winter, it's possible the villagers will at some point rebel to prevent future starvation. He's been invited to a party at a bar in the village's new section, above the Hokage Rock; as usual, he arrives late. In any case, Kakashi thought it’s best to send this book to the Land of Fire as soon as possible. Manari, who now assists Nanara's in rebuilding the country, reports that Leh has returned with a package from the Seventh Hokage.

Kakashi said “I borrowed this from the Prime Minister, but I can’t read it.”, The maiden answered immediately. Her sister was smiling.

Nanara first requests that a room also be prepared for Kakashi, then insists upon it when the Prime Minister tries to refuse. 1.

The villagers are surprised by all of this, as they did not know of the capital city's water shortage.

“Kakashi, I brought some tea.” A maiden came in.

“It’s the start of a war.” It was Manari who explained the situation. In the first place, I think they are different creatures from us.”. “He’s my new tutor. “The Land of Fire has achieved a remarkable technological development in just over a dozen years.

Nanara is horrified by this and tries to convince the Prime Minister that fifty ninja cannot stand up against the Land of Fire.

Nanara nodded vaguely and threw apricot into his mouth as if cheating with the nodding. Grey beard and a scary voice. Nanara is overwhelmed with anger. Have fun translating it!

He finds Shikamaru Nara waiting for him outside. Before the jutsu makes contact, Kakashi converts the targeted section into quartz, negating the lightning.

The Prime Minister carefully looked at the expression and gestures of the shrine maiden, then left. Kakashi looked up at the bookshelf and noticed a familiar spine. He wants to start with the book about the Sixth Hokage, but Kakashi refuses, explaining that it would be too difficult for Nanara. “It’s a relic from our father.” It was a silver chain with a blue gem cut into a hexagon.

Kakashi Retsuden Chapter 2 Part 1 Translation I decided to translate shorter sections at once, and post them more frequently for the next week or so. Except that Nanara doesn't know how. “This is a language that was used in this land a very long time ago. The Prime Minister didn’t like it, but he called out to the maiden who was standing at the wall nearby. Kakashi Retsuden: The Sixth Hokage and the Failure Boy It was past noon, but the Prime Minister was happy to announce “Nanara-sama’s meal is ready.”.

Kakashi instead shows him a map of the world, and Nanara is astonished by how vast the world is. At breakfast the next morning, Manari questions Kakashi about the city's water reserves, which were once again mysteriously replenished the night before. Take away some new land for ourselves, and live there.”, “New land… where do you want to live? He pulled his lips and dropped his gaze. Manari encourages Nanara to sign it, as the Prime Minister's ease in manipulating her demonstrates that she's unworthy of its power. It will arrive at the Hokage’s office in 2 days at the earliest. Sorry for any mistakes or mistranslations!

He assumes its contents are based on rumors shared by travelling merchants, leading to certain embellishments: the Sixth Hokage is the height of heroism, with unsurpassed strength and compassion.

“I pushed everything onto my sister, therefore I’m scared to go to the Capital.” Nanara hesitated for a moment and then nodded. Nanara does not understand most of the kanji used in the Sixth Hokage's letters, but he is nevertheless ecstatic to be holding proof of the Hokage's existence.

Kakashi observes that there aren't any books in Nanara's home, which Nanara explains to be because the library is closed; the Prime Minister ordered the closure a few months ago so villagers wouldn't get books dirty while reading them.

It was his father’s face that came to Nanara’s mind. That’s the condition.”. Kakashi Chronicles ~ Boys' Life on the Battlefield ~ Part 1, Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations, Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3, Naruto Shippūden: Dragon Blade Chronicles, Sasuke Retsuden: The Uchiha Descendants and the Heavenly Stardust,

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