BR500 VPN Currently Experiencing Intermittent Connectivity Issues. Ever once in a while I cannot get in a game. That is a ping spike yes, it won't be due to local congestion because the settings I gave you will prevent that. With NETGEAR ProSupport for Home, extend your warranty entitlement and support coverage further and get access to experts you trust. As Fraser said above.........Also please be aware that every single persons connection and line quality is unique and what is great for 1 person may not work for you.......Also if you have noise on your line then no qos settings will fix that as that is an ISP issue! ... here is my best settings for the moment: i'm still testing some throttling on my PS4 to find the best spot. The new modem I purchased was the Netgear CM1000 to go with the new XR500. In our review of the Netgear Nighthawk XR500, Brian Nadel pointed out that QoS can prioritize bandwidth for online games and even reduce ping by … For Bandwidth Allocation your Fire Stick and TVs are likely to require more bandwidth so give them a bit higher but keep share excess enabled for both download/upload.

I would recommend having Anti-Bufferbloat set to 'Always' with 70% set for both download & upload. Traffic Prioritization you can keep DumaOS Classified Games enabled as it will automatically prioritise your consoles. See if that works. But I did not spend 300 for a router to do the same thing my R7000 did. They are located all around the world.

Cant seem to find a good GEO filter for PUBG xbox. Community Questions. Here are my settings. Are you able to connect directly to your modem and play through that? 1 game it will work and the next it will not. Ping is about 5-10ms to closest dedicated servers. Going to try with a different game. A single point of support around the clock. Followers 2. It's unlikely to be a DumaOS setting  causing this - so let's start with some basic hardware tests. I ususally get on a peer server for the game. Model: XR500| Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router. The service includes support for the following: Protect and support your recent NETGEAR purchase. Dluna817, February 13, 2018 in DumaOS on NETGEAR Nighthawk Support, Best qos and bufferbloat settings I have 430 down 23 up two Xbox Ones, fire stick, and 2 smart TVs. Some are compatible while some aren't, so we've got the Profiles feature to give you more insight into how you can set it up for the game you're playing.

Also flushed it. Re: XR500 XBOX PUBG best settings I would not recommend using Filtering Mode with PUBG. Ohio. That is an amazing ping, you won't get better than that! Quick and easy solutions are available for you in the NETGEAR community. This means you don’t need to use the Geo-Filter in filtering Mode.

The creators are most likely still working on the game and trying to smooth out the details. Ensure you've selected the correct region on the game as well. 4. How about the modem? Radius set to 600 miles with 200/200 fiber internet. Is anyone else getting that. NETGEAR offers a variety of ProSupport for Business services that allow you to access NETGEAR's expertise in a way that best meets your needs: © 1996-2020 NETGEAR® Privacy PolicyTerms and Conditions, 9/17/20 - Security Advisory for Admin Credential Disclosure on Some WiFi Systems, PSV-2020-0045, 9/17/20 - Security Advisory for Security Misconfiguration on RAX40, PSV-2019-0267, Desktop and Notebook PCs, Printers, Scanners, and more, Windows Operating Systems, MS Office, Outlook, and more, Protect your investment from the hassle of unexpected repairs and expenses, Connect with experienced NETGEAR experts who know your product the best. Thanks Netduma Fraser i followed everything you said and probably got one of the best connections/hit detections ever in ww2. ... XR500 XR700 Posted April 22, 2018. Have you correctly selected your region in game?

For example I have the XR500 and will have MW on Xbox one. I would not recommend using Filtering Mode with PUBG. Occasionally while I am playing I get 12 to 16ms ping and then it jumps to 60 or 70 then back down to 12 to 16 in the graph at the bottom of the geo filter is that normal or would you consider that a ping spike? I live in VA and my cirlce is set to 1348miles.

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