Daughter of an executed traitor, Mia Corvere is barely able to escape her father's failed rebellion with her life.

Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The characters are morally ambiguous, and political machinations and plots abound, although Mia Corvere's goal in life is simple--kill those who killed her family.

In a world of three suns where only true darkness happens every two years, a young girl – a child of a failed rebellion – makes her first kill in order to join the fabled Red Church – an assassin school.

But that isn’t just with the sex, but also the violence and the dialogue. Change ), What I’ve Watched: Altered Carbon season 2, What I’ve Watched: Altered Carbon season 1. Jay's writing is top notch and I absolutely enjoyed his captivating world building and phenomenally written, morally grey characters. The characters are full of quick witticisms and wry humor, but they all sound exactly the same, because, I imagine, they are all the author. I had been following Jay Kristoff’s journey through writing this book (along with Gemina, which I’m quite excited about as well), for some time, so I was very excited to finally be able to pick up Nevernight and read it for myself. I would not have a problem with my kids (who are 7, 8, 10, 12) reading this when they are 15 or 16, when it would make more sense to them. I picked up this book because the cover was stark in contrast and I like the colors. You also don't have to read the footnotes, although they do provide some interesting world-building. The Church is constantly likened to a murderous Hogwarts and really I can't think of any better description for it.

Everything is written with great detail.

This brings me to what was certainly my least favourite part of Nevernight – the ever present footnotes. She is not the best at everything, not big, not strong. The flashback is how Mia decides to lose her virginity because she doesn’t know if she will live the attempted murder. Who writes fiction with footnotes?? Kristoff is a masterful world builder.

He is an expert writer and storyteller, and Nevernight is no exception.

( Log Out /  Writer, Reader, & Watcher of all things Fantasy and Geekery. That is, until Mia (in a moment of hard-headed bravery) forces Mister Kindly to take Tric’s pain during the whipping instead of her own, launching herself into a pain-induced vision of sorts. Like literally the exact same pacing & sentence structure (with very few word changes) to invoke a complete different meaning. The. She’s not particularly beautiful, not is she particularly powerful; her strength lies in her mind.

First of all, and always foremost in my mind, the characters. Truly, Kristoff packed a ton of information into the pages, really creating a full picture of this fantasy world, where the three suns almost never set. During this vision, the memories she had forgotten regarding her role in the TrueDark massacre are revealed. I loved this book. UPDATE: Because it seems that Nevernight wasn’t shitty enough as it was, it also shows problematic rep for Maori. And it's true for many of the other characters she encounters. That really saves the book, because as long as you can get used to a certain amount of smug one-liners and gratuitous snark (in the narration itself, not the dialogue), the ACTUAL female MC really is well-written and believable. I laughed out loud at numerous points from the details in these ("what noise do camels make when they run anyway") but they were also just so cool and refreshing and different. Overall, Nevernight was an intriguing read, and definitely a great addition to the Adult Fantasy genre.

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