[53], Several methods have been developed in attempts to curb the population of white-tailed deer, and these can be separated into lethal and nonlethal strategies. Download the TV Guide app for iPhone, iPad and Android! Bobcats, Canada lynx, grizzly and American black bears, wolverines, and packs of coyotes usually prey mainly on fawns. The smallest deer occur in the Florida Keys and in partially wooded lowlands in the neotropics. Gordon Whittington profiles the legendary Milo Hanson buck from Saskatchewan. Haynes Shelton heads west to Wyoming to hunt a velvet giant on the archery opener. The northern white-tailed deer (O. v. borealis), Dakota white-tailed deer (O. v. dacotensis), and northwest white-tailed deer (O. v. ochrourus) are some of the largest animals, with large antlers. Now in its 16th season, North American Whitetail remains among the most popular and longest-running shows on outdoor television, focused entirely on the pursuit of North America’s most beloved big game species, the white-tailed deer. Bucks shed their antlers when all females have been bred, from late December to February. [39] Discussions have occurred regarding the possible reintroduction of gray wolves and cougars to sections of the eastern United States, largely because of the apparent controlling effect they have through deer predation on local ecosystems, as has been illustrated in the reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone National Park and their controlling effect on previously overpopulated elk. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. Wildtree is pleased to announce its partnership with North American Whitetail TV. [29], The white-tailed deer is a ruminant, which means it has a four-chambered stomach.

In a recent press release, he stated, “For many, ‘research’ means scouring the earth for new plants you never heard of, and there is no research or testing as to the effectiveness. White-tailed deer can run faster than their predators and have been recorded at speeds of 47 mi (76 km) per hour;[44] this ranks them amongst the fastest of all deer, alongside the Eurasian roe deer. Serving the landowner and manager is not just marketing; it is about delivering on a promise, and providing support to assure success.”. They suggest reducing speed limits during the winter months when deer density is exceptionally high would likely reduce deer-vehicle collisions, but this may be an impractical solution. In its 17th season, NAW TV is one of the most popular shows on outdoor television, focused entirely on the management and pursuit of America’s most favored big game species. Laden Force and Dr. Kroll introduce a new "Build Your Own Deer Factory" and Gordon talks all day comfort in "On Target". In the United States, the Virginia white-tail, O. v. virginianus, is among the most widespread subspecies. [2] It has also been introduced to New Zealand, all the Greater Antilles in the Caribbean (Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola, and Puerto Rico[3]), and some countries in Europe, such as the Czech Republic, Finland, Romania, Serbia, Germany, and France. Subscriber Services. [86][87] Co-hosts Laden Force and Stan Potts join NAW Editor in Chief Gordon Whittington, Associate Editor Haynes Shelton, biologist Dr. James C. Kroll and expert dog handler Jeremy Moore. [16] This makes it very convenient to use deer-hunter orange as a safety color on caps and clothing to avoid accidental shootings during hunting seasons. Thus, deer poorly distinguish the oranges and reds that stand out so well to humans. Richard E. McCabe and Thomas R. McCabe (1984).

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