When asked about the incident, Noel Gallagher said, "We drink Pepsi now."

Monty Python: The Idiot Song. You are fkkn mad! Erm, it's quite common knowledge that Oasis have ripped off a bunch of songs.

Their great strengths, their very identity as a band: their monolithic, instantly recognisable sound, their insistence on making every song sound like an anthem, their towering self-belief were eventually their undoing.

Going Nowhere -- 'Comfortably Numb' by Pink Floyd has the same pre-chorus (bridge) melody. “And only when I’d put it down on tape — because I can’t write music — would I consciously change it to my own melody, because I knew that otherwise somebody would sue me.” Perhaps the best example of the Beatles transforming a piece of music is in “Because”: It was drawn from Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, but Lennon reversed the chord progression and then mutated it into something else. Wonderwall -- The title taken from George Harrison.

Yes, I KNOW that slinky guitar line is from Stereophonics (with perhaps a little nod to ABBA's "Does Your Mother Know"), but that whole songs sounds like "Street Fighting Man" to me — the blend of acoustic/electric guitars; the beat; the big, ringing "B" chord (I think). Cloudburst -- 'Standing Here' by The Stone Roses. McCartney has always said that “Lady Madonna” was intended as a tribute to Fats Domino. Oasis rarely sounded much like the Beatles. This can mean originality – delivering in some new way that nothing has ever done before. Ezra Furman finally takes her first steps back towards the... DeLila Black is making music we should all be hearing: compositions that condemn authoritarian impulses and roar... A new Leeds 02 Academy date has been announced as the first date for Peter Hook & The Light’s “Joy Division : A Celebration” concerts which are now scheduled for January 2022.

structure to The Beatles' 'Happiness is a Warm Gun'.

Hell the Chili Peppers ripped Dani California from Tom Petty's Mary Jane's Last Dance, and those are both fairly well known songs, but I doubt RHCP needed to steal a Petty riff to have another hit. Oh by the way your opinion means fuck all. Also musical similarity to 'Medicine Jar' by the Wings. “We never said we were as good as The Beatles. they rip off so much and still can't make a decent song.

Shakermaker - Equal parts 'Flying' by The Beatles and the 1971 hit by The New Seekers.

'You Sexy Thing' - Hot Chocolate: riff is uncannily similar to the outro of the demo version, Round Are Way -- this song is said to bear resemblance to 'Lazy Sunday' by The Small Faces.

Aside from the occasional Beatlesque song like "Roll With It," their songwriting doesn't remind me of the Beatles at all.

Once the inspiration had run out, they weren’t allowed to step off the pedestal they’d put themselves on and engage in the sort of experimentation that might re-ignite creativity: Noel and Liam’s respective guest spots with the Chemical Brothers and Death in Vegas hinting at what a less monomaniacal Oasis might sound like.

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