This allows us to easily manage upgrades of OctoPrint without worrying about dependencies of the project, Docker will have everything needed for running OctoPrint within the image. You can make your own cable to connect the pi and the relay module like did. I am trying to install Raspberry Pi3 and Octoprint 0.13 on my Printer.

First off, if you’re coming from a fresh new OS installation on your Raspberry Pi, you’ll want to do a few things. yea, that work however the plugin for octoprint only supports one output so I don't know how you'd control them separately. Well the reality is, and I think it's the same for you - sometimes I start a print at any given time and then I just forget to turn it off, or it's done in the middle of the night, so why let it run the whole night and waste power and be a potential fire hazard.

Thanks! Press J to jump to the feed.

Ok, now let's finalize the settings here.

have you circuit map?

Because the Ender 3 gets power through the usb, enough to power the controll board and screen. This way, I can use the box later for other project ideas....maybe. Somewhere near the end of this settings list there should be the Tasmota section. How can I power the Pi with the same power source. You were really helpful. I don't know if it leads to problems if you keep it "on" all the time. NC stands for normally closed and NO for normally open. Before building anything I'd suggest making checking if the relay module will work with 3V3. Home Assistant integrations pretty straightforward. hello, great job ... how transistor is used ? Set the stream URL to /webcam/?action=stream and Snapshot URL to Afterward, , add the pi user to the docker group. Open the Octoprint in your browser and log in.

Here, click the "Get more" button to install a new plugin. Chuck shows you how to build a simple Automatic Power Off Control for Your Creality Ender 3 or Any 3D Printer that doesn't use Octoprint. (for example SonOff S20). NC stands for normally closed and NO for normally open.

Don't even think about plugging the power cord in without any sort of cover. Take a second to support Daniel on Patreon! Last but not least is to add cover for the relay module. Insert the piece of paper over the rightmost trace (that is 5v+), all the way to the back of the connector. Make sure that the name of the Switch is correctly selected and click close. I've used NC which means the printer is only on when the relay is energized.

There's also an option to shutdown the pi from the octoprint web interface if you're already there. Hey, I realized I hadn't gotten around to thanking you for this tip. The STL files are available here and also on Thingiverse. I used a program to controll the power supply to the usb hubs on the pi itself, shutting them down to turn off the board/screen, downside is as far as I know the pi doesnt have seperate power controll for each port, so all usb ports will loose power. He uses a stock Creality Ender 3 and adds the basic components that cost less than $30 to create a safe and reliable auto-off system. THANK YOU! Once the print is finished, a popup will appear with a countdown which lets the user abort the shutdown. No need to ssh just to shutdown. We now will configure, how and when the printer shall be turned on and off, let's head over to the configuration page again. You can also stop octoprint from the interface, make changes using vim or nano, and reboot the pi.

/r/3DPrinting is a place where makers of all skill levels and walks of life can learn about and discuss 3D printing.

Lastly, We'll make a cable connecting the raspberry pi and the relay module. Then, select the Plugin Manager. I solved that with a tiny piece of paper, 5mm wide and maybe 25mm long.

Unplug the USB cable from the RaspberryPi, look at the front of the connector.

GitHub Integration on, Here, we have a few settings that we first should enable before adding a Plug or Switch to the list. It's just a matter of add single resistor. You'll also need a power cord that will be cut but you can use the one your printer came with. After sucusfully connecting you can start a print or control the printer using the “Control” tab.

The remaining setting can be left at default. Right now it is being powered of the same PSU. We wanna do an auto-connect, after the printer has been turned on, otherwise OctoPrint cannot talk to the printer. If you put the relay on the AC side like shown in the instructions, any relay rated for at least 230V and at least 1A is fine. Enable polling of status I will also switch on. I've used NC which means the printer is only on when the relay is energized. When I plug the trigger wire into the Pi, it turns my printer off. To control your printer, plug in the printer using a USB cable into one the USB ports on the Raspberry Pi.

There's also an option to shutdown the pi from the octoprint web interface if you're already there. "One must be connected to the common pin(labeled COM) and the other to either the NC or NO pin. I did however use an ABS housing with female IEC and GPO outlets, with the relay mounted securely inside the housing with all connections covered with heatshrink tubing.

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