Bae Ho-geun sebagai Kim Seung-hyun, mantan suami Ga-hee. They fell in love during their medical school days and got married, but their marriage life is not doing very well.

Shellyk Jul 04 2020 7:19 am

Korea is notorious for terrible work hours. Was it Episode 6 that a background story on Song Young-Dal (temple scene) was revealed as to how he and his sister got separated because of the hard and harsh life? I feel like Ga Hee and Hyo Sin deserve more story. Could it be the elderly woman is their mom? She's the first one to realize the fake aunt is a bad person, while Da Hee is too stoopid and Na Hee doesn't give a damn. Omg!!!

KDW May 23 2020 9:13 am

they both blamed each other and started picking on each other because of their supressed feelings which led to their misery. }

Want to see more of them. I was only looking forward to lady finding her bro and finally being happy but instead they brought in this random character.

Gern Jun 29 2020 3:30 pm Ann Jun 20 2020 6:38 am Sadon Couple fighting !!! Are there police in Korea.

So all he can do is be miserable while he tries to get over it.

ok maybe the concept of a whole family of divorcees is different but that’s that. Is she blameless? Their ending is open ending.

Love it!! I think somewhere along the way she got cast as a villain. This would my first ever long episode kdrama, so far the longest kdrama series I've watched was Boys over Flowers which has 25 episodes. As for the mother, why does she get a pass. Wow Jun 02 2020 2:44 am I dont understand the other ships people are sailing lol because if one actually follows the drama from the start then they would know how Na hee and Gyu jin loves each other unconditionally leaving no room for third. HWGA Jul 19 2020 10:38 am Tina#Tz Mar 22 2020 9:11 am Nancy Hall Sep 06 2020 8:45 pm

googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1431704070868-0'); }); Current user rating: 83/100 (1506 votes) The father's missing sister part of the drama should have been revealed early, like at ep 55+.

There are still more 40 eps, I hope it will end up very happy for all the members... Hannah Apr 24 2020 1:11 pm She’s an amazing character. My experience is the longer the, the more opportunities they have to ruin a promising start. The acting is superb! The possessive and controllong mother to her sons, the over dramatic mother to her daughters, etc.

Both will come to a head because they are habits from her old relationship that she has never seen as a problem.

^^, scarletsungrok May 17 2020 9:36 pm

Oh Eui-sik sebagai Oh Jung-bong, junior seni laga Joon-sun, seorang pemeran pengganti.

Can’t believe this is the same writer who wrote familiar wife. I will try to watch it... lee min jung fightiiinggg, York Mar 22 2020 4:57 pm istg i had enough with those chaebol kinda storyline esp in the family drama with longer episodes. I love this show! Hope this would be another interesting and full of lessons kdrama :*. F.M. Will NaHee & KyuJin end up together again? The drama aired on KBS2 from March 28 to September 13, 2020, every Saturday and Sunday from 19:55 to 21:15 (KST).[2]. ??

Once Again. everything fell apart after the misacarriage and this drama is about them healing and finding their way back to each other again, not about finding new love . Lee Ga-yeon sebagai Song Seo-young, putri sulung Joon-sun. AIDA Apr 12 2020 11:26 am

When it comes to her children’s souses, she has no concept of anyone else’s feelings but her own or how destructive her behavior is. Carol Aug 23 2020 9:13 am The situations happen in real life.

He has said so several times in different ways now, and he knows it is why he suffered by losing her.

this is what we saw when their relationship is already a mess and as i said it is a sort of reaction to their ordeal. He always brushes off his mom all this while. Loving loving this drama but did not realize it was still running! Why did they have to change da hee hair like that ?

The most beautiful thing is the small details that between the characters and the family environment.

The moment they were together for ten seconds he became prickly, acting smug, defensive, and contradicting her for no apparent reason.

My apologies but Da-Hee and Jae seok’s love line is extremely cringe. Kris Jul 19 2020 2:11 pm

but who said gyu jin didn't use to say such things to na hee before? It was nice to watch family drama.

Keluarga itu tak pernah memiliki hari yang damai. I still love the couple and wish them to be together. Can Alex be Kyujin rival? Anyway Sadon Couple fighting !! The dad reminds me so much of mom in Father is strane and LMJs role is so similar to her role in Cunning Single Lady (my favorite Kdrama). Nice story but I don't want that boy to be kyujin kid I think that where story the is going, saranghae May 25 2020 10:27 am

Just like Jae Sook relationship with his mom. User Jun 27 2020 3:10 am The part of Ok ja with his lover is hilarious.

yui Apr 12 2020 6:42 am

She worked as a flight attendant and in Korea that is a bit of an impossible field to get into. Lee Ga-yeon as Song Seo-young — Joon-sun's eldest daughter. each person storyline interests me like Jaesok & Dahee, Gyujin & Nahee, The stuntmen, the parents, the sister, the delivery guy, the aunt, the kimbap people, all of them I recommend this drama its good!! He now realizes he still loves her and the reality of not having her.

Subtitles English, Arabic, Spanish and 10 more. hyosinyoung May 04 2020 11:51 am I just cant wait to see how ML get so jealous towards the acting director.. I wish it will run for many years!!! Lee Min Jung, Lee Yang Seob and everyone could return as their original roles but be in their parents’ places![1]=231699;

This is one of my favorite shows. Kim So-ra as Lee Joo-ri — Sister's Kimbap store worker. I like it. A bit thoughtless. Please let Song Na-Hee and Yoon Kyu-Jin have a baby together. ? That’s why she become clingy. Not her. abcde Jun 28 2020 7:25 pm

MK Sep 20 2020 1:01 am ", I was hoping it won't happen when she disappeared from the scene but it did. All he does is whine.

This drama is so so funny.


Ok, let’s put trust in them. But when the scene where gyu jin yells at her mom, I kind of shock at his behaviour. I'll start with episode 1 now! Looking forward to next episodes! SEASON 2 PLEASE! The drama seems so relatable to real life situations.

That's the highest rating for all dramas aired so far. It creates and obligation to that child but not for the child to the parent. I'm loving this drama, i really like the characters anad the story is so easy going and moving effortlessly, i highly recommend it.

I hope they can still be together later . But sometimes they extend to a few more episodes which frustrates me sometimes. I really enjoyed Nahee-Kyujin, Dahee-Jaeseok, Gahee-Hyoshin moments! Also who names these characters, my man's name is Park Hyo Shin lmao.

Nice written!cant wait for the next Episodes❤

Rooting for ya!! although i feel like hyo shins acting is bringing down the gahee-hyoshin couple down a little, i still feel they are cute.

Kris Jul 26 2020 2:13 pm

"Drama viewers angry over commercial breaks", "Lee Min Jung And Lee Sang Yeob's "Once Again" + Choi Jin Hyuk's "Rugal" Both Premiere To Higher Ratings Than Predecessors",, Korean Broadcasting System television dramas, 2020 South Korean television series debuts, 2020 South Korean television series endings, South Korean romantic comedy television series, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with Korean-language sources (ko), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

One of the best's KBS weekend drama so far but i only watch Gyu Jin & Na Hee moments .

Some scenes are spot on and funny and emotional but they have got to join the long separate brother and sister ASAP and not wait until episode 98 or even 70. Yes your ex is being used by the single mom.

Her glasses sister and ex brother in law are more appealing to me.

I just want more!! Such good scenes like the little girl saving her mom.

Moon Woo-jin sebagai Kim Ji-hoon, putra Ga-hee.

Ebby May 16 2020 6:59 am Drama too makjang. I do think there’s something wrong with a guy gyu jin after reading all the comments and see it from other perspective. [CDATA[ i always skip these dramas because of the 3digits-episode and the drama set (you know, they are different even the camera angle).. but actually and seriously, is it good to watch or not, especially this drama. The greedy witch character kinda ruin it all for me.

This show is sooo boring!

Kris Jul 18 2020 5:19 pm already came in full circle. Baek Ji-won as Jang Ok-ja — Ok-boon's spinster younger sister. And he clearly wants her to be happy so why would he ask her to come back to a relationship that made her miserable? What's the name of the song that comes on at ending credits?

It was nice to see them get back together, and some of what he said about emotions kept inside was beautiful and perfect. Maybe the standard 16 episodes will do. She is supposed to be arrested ,if they find out,Every after Cho yeon did for her,some people be so ungrateful. I'm having second lead syndrome! This last two Episode (69-72)were kinda Emotional,I was in tears at almost Every scene.The story line and cast are too good for me to even notice their flaws!

everyone comparing him to the director because he is being all sweet. Hope there's a season 2 too!

Little girl.. so happy! loadbox(1); I really look forward to Song Young Dal & Kang Cho Yeon's reconnection as siblings. am I the only one who found hyosin and seoyoung cute togetber??? I love pretty min jung since "Smile".

i'm sure gyu jin was as sweet or even better or else they wouldn't be married for that long lol. i might go with hyosin and seoyoung love interest than hyosin and gahee’s. I can't believe this kdrama will be ending next week, I'll really miss it!

But still , worth to watch . Ask Aug 24 2020 8:54 am Now that it's coming on 60+, it's...sighs.

Way too big an age gap but, dang there is chemistry there! With the 'likely' sister moving into the neighbourhood I think the ride will be fun to watch.. do I detect a rehashing of 'When The Camelia Blooms'? Khimskie08 Apr 07 2020 8:01 pm Excited for tonight's episode as they will start dating again. I don’t like the two doctors.

This two are too messy & really a burden to.the parents. Well I don’t see the latest episode yet. It’s sad that it already ended. This is just my opinion and for those of you who are enjoying this drama, my best wishes to you.

Scid Jul 10 2020 2:36 pm Gyu Jin's mom is like my mom. Even the director said publicly in front of ex and other subordinates that his love is one sided for Na Hee.

Not her family, but the mother in law she lived with.

Mumu Jul 04 2020 4:11 pm Writer made a huge mistake.

There are many things we can learn too. I will definitely rewatch before commenting again. What does Na-Hee want? Give the doctor couple a baby and we could watch it grow a few years. Parenting is not a lack of work ethic.

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