Would appreciate your thoughts. I have a few comments and corrections from my experience being the first to develop and connect the EGO directly to the XLR port DIY and riding over 1000 miles with the Ranger CnR cable that Land-surf gave me to evaluate (beta test).

My biggest issue with the first version of this system was the installation of the cable and mounting plate on to the EGO battery. If they are shot it can kill your range. If you are starting from scratch, you will need to order the EGO EXTENDER Complete Kit V2 which sells for $129 and that will include everything you need to hook your EGO battery to your fender and plug it via your XLR port. 7 months ago. I’m constantly learning new things about these systems. Looking at replacement options? I’m admittedly not very educated on battery spec/schematic. 6A, Onewheel Pint Float Plate Solo Yellow Made In USA! Make your board an original like you. With the newest version of the EGO EXTENDER you can also swap out batteries during a ride for longer range which was not possible with the previous version. Please note the following: Make sure your Plus is hardware version 3206 or lower for the Ranger XLR Cable Kit or the Sonny Wheels EXTENDER Kit. Thankfully, a drop in replacement is an option! Hopefully my second battery has a longer lifetime. Thanks. @Jr - if you're not seeing significant range increase, I would maybe check your bearings. Take it on the bus, set it next to you at the coffee shop or stash it under your desk. For these reasons, many choose this set up as their initial entry into the world of Onewheel range extension over the parallel setup. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. Give a good increase in battery capacity.

You also have to remember to unplug the battery when you turn off your board or if you are stopped for an extended period of time to avoid over charging and thus damaging the stock battery.

Having tried out the Sonny Wheels system, I like the ability to adjust the height of the battery on the fender using the velcro and strap system.

Last time I … I’d wait and get used to the range that you have on the stock Plus. Colored fenders, bumpers, and handles, Surestance footpads, ultrachargers and more.

This amount is subject to change until you make payment.

That didnt happen. Just speculating.

https://www.reddit.com/r/onewheel/comments/ec2eu8/custom_battery_some_thoughts/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share. Float Sidekicks - Checker Blue White Reflective - Onewheel PINT - Made In USA! @Jr was that the deal where you need to provide your BMS or did they give you a new or salvaged BMS? All V1’s made will work with either XLR or parallel versions, so if you have a V1, you’re all set!

So what happens, is when charging the cell that charges faster charges to full faster than the rest of the pack, and the bms stops chargins because it detects a cell is full, and when I ride it, the cell that depletes faster than the rest sends a low battery warning to the board, which gives the pushback warning.

From the packaging to the instructions and to the actual mounting hardware, the Land Surf Ranger kit is definitely a very polished and refined product. Unlike the XLR kits, with the Parallel Kit it does not matter what version hardware you have.

Participants in the Amazon Services LLC and ShareASale Associate Programs. Quantity: Add To Cart. 2500 on my PINt and I've only changed my tire but have seen a 2 mile range drop.. thought it was from the new Treaded tire but NOW I'm wondering if the battery is getting worn out? Newest version does not require screws into your EGO battery! Some of the cons of this setup is you have to remember to plug the EGO battery only after your stock battery has drained to about 80%.

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