The New Age – Friends of Pusan Children’s Charity Hospital, Newsletter – The Friends of Pusan Children’s Charity Hospital, Eastern Star Acquires The Belmont Mansion – 1932, Invitation to Dedication of the New International Star Temple, Annual Sessions of Masonic Grand Bodies and Eastern Star 1903, Annual Sessions of Masonic Grand Bodies and Eastern Star 1904, As Children of the Light, Let us Walk in the Light 1938, Song Book dedicated to Carol Strizek, P.M. of Radiant Chapter No. What do the 5 lines outside the Star represent? (Keynote for year is Harmony). Peace and Goodwill, Retiring Jewel March 43, Opening and Closing Marches 6 (1979, Pam and Paul Burkhardt), Opening and Closing Marches 9 (1982, Orpah).

To prepare the world to see his star in the East. Heroines are not specifically named in the Bible? What 2 men are associated with the establishment of O.E.S.? God and eternity both not having a beginning or end. What was one of the earliest secret societies for women? Terms of Use and

©2018 StudyBlue Inc. All rights reserved. The five statuses of women: daughter, wife, widow, sister and mother. A figure used to represent a truth or fact. a chart depicting the emblems of the O.E.S. A Triad for Incoming Matron, welcomes, etc. In what 2 degrees does the lily appear as an emblem? myrth - amusement especially in laughter, cheerful, high spirit. Robert Morris – Teacher, Writer and Founder of O.E.S. Installation Night Speech for a newly installed W.M. Circle, Humorous Installation For Past Officers of Auxiliary Group, “Now He Belongs to the Ages” – Lincoln’s convictions offer an Eternal Creed, Woodrow Wilson – April, 1917 – War Message to Congress, Fraternity’s Garden – presentation of flowers to Star Points at Installation, Ancient Symbology – History of Star Points, The Star of Color – Service for Star Point Initiation, A Ceremony Honoring 5 Star Points – “Star Point Night”, Star Point Ceremony (Leona Kuske – Home Chapter), Our Guiding Star – Honoring Star Points parts for reader and chaplain, Our Star Point Heritage – Honoring all Star Points, Poetic Star Point Ceremony – Lighting the Labyrinth, Gleanings – Featuring Five New Star Point Address Ceremonies, AREME – Ceremony honoring the Five Star Points, The Beatitudes – Five Ceremonies to Honor the Star Points, How Five Star Point Interpret the Dignity of Labor, Changes Made to Grand Sessions Due to COVID-19, ND Grand Chapter Session in June Canceled, April 18th Quarterlies/Grand Officer Practice Canceled, Planning more member interest and participation – booklet, How the Presiding Officer Can Plan Ahead For Her Year, To Retiring Matron when presented with a gift, The Old Rocking Chair – honoring retiring, Gleaning – Helpful Suggestions For Successful Meetings, What God Hath Not Promised and Let Me Keep Lent, Song – Tune:   Bicycle Built for Two Mother a Worthy Matron, Miscellaneous Poems – “Two Stars” – Greeting for District Instructor, The One Who Just Belongs Poems – “A Helping Hand” -“Cooperation” “You”, How Beautiful and Honorable – poem or song, Inspiring Thoughts for Daily Living – for each month, In The Garden of My Heart by Harriet E. McArthur, The Home by Kay Hoffman – To help celebrate WGM/WGP’s Theme of Home & family, Newspaper article (large) – The Christian Science Monitor – Friday, February 7, 1958, The Rainbow Light – Newspaper (1935 and 1965), The Square and Compasses – Order of the Rainbow (Very bad shape, not complete), The Fellowship Forum – Assembly No. Box 2436 Kennesaw, GA 30156 | Box 2436Kennesaw, GA 30156, To contact the Grand Secretary:, Grand Chapter of Georgia, OES | P.O. What 2 O.E.S. Certain fundamental or basic principles upon which the order is founded. We are a fraternal organization that is always on the lookout for adults of all ages who are … In order to earn your proficiency, you must satisfactorily: 1. "The Order of Perfect Happiness", organized in France in 1730. What was the name of the 1st secret society imitating Masonry? and W.P. What are the central points of the Star made up of? 104), Lady Richmond March – Dedicated to Cora O. Richmond, WGM 1921-1922, Foral Work – Contains instructions, Music, etc. Grip of the Order 4. This is the official website of the Grand Chapter of Georgia, Order of the Eastern Star. 24. Find study materials for any course. 29, 1979, Memorial Program – Home Chapter (May 1982), Memorial Service – The Keys To The Kingdom, Memorial Service – Daisy LeMay Grand Chaplain, Memorial Service – Glory of Everlasting Life (Grand Chapter 1956), Memorial Service (1975 written by Mary C. Houtcooper, PGM), The Hour of Remembrance – A Memorial Service, Memorial Service – Venus Chapter # 14 (April 7, 1981), The Alter of Remembrance by Myrtle Morrison, Memorial Service – Candle Service (Used in 1960 & 1961), Memorial Service – Footprints on the Sands of Time, Thank You for Your Service – Honoring Secretary, Presentation of Flowers to a Secretary “who has served many years”, To Honor The Secretary (Or Any Officer, or Committee Member), Honoring Older Members of the Order of Eastern Star, Raincoat, Umbrella and Rubbers (a short presentation), To Honor Any Officer for Faithful Service, An Old OES Album – Honor Living Past Officers, A Sunset Birthday – Honoring Members Who Have Reached or Passed Their Seventieth Birthday. Download our app to study better. Farewell, the close of life, the end of time, the afterglow of the meeting. Matron & Patron Retiring Worthy Matron A Winter Garden – retiring W.M. We will began with … The Salutation sign and Response 5. on Advance Night, Speeches for Special Occasions – Welcome to School of Instruction, Worthy Patron’s acceptance and retiring address, An Eastern Star Melody – series of Welcomes to visitors and members, Worthy Matron to Her Chapter at First Meeting, Honoring Older Members of the Order of Eastern, Star Side-liners Night – Observed by Spiceland Chapter, Party Lines – Honoring Members on Side Lines, Historical Sketch of the Order of the Eastern Star, A Treasure Chest of Eastern Star Traditions, Kernels of Corn – A Thanksgiving Tradition, Chapter opened 1st meeting – Sept. 1887 (news item) – Lady Washington, Restricting the Prerogatives of Individuals, New York to Investigate Order of OES and DeMolays, Installation Rite is Final Ceremony of OES Sessions, Lady Washington Chapter of OES Celebrates 45 Anniversary of Founding, Color and Pomp mark Eastern Star Convention 8-9-49, Mizpah Chapter will Observe Anniversary – 3-28-23, Lady Washington Chapter No. How many O.E.S. Macoy’s Address of Appreciation by W.M. Where you alone on your journey through the Labyrinth? The East has long been deemed the source of all light and wisdom. Also included are the means by which the organization can benefit you as an individual--public speaking, leadership, organization and other skills that will help you grow in your professional and personal life. (Worthy Matron) sit in the east? Name the Heroine of the Daughter's Degree. Rob Morris (Program given by Cando Chapter 11/75), Honor Rob Morris – Friendship Night, September 14, 1977, Various Presentations of WGM/WGP, GGC Committee Members, PGM/PGP, etc, Memorial Service – Michigan Grand Chapter, Memorial – arranged by Mrs. Nettie Ransford, The Keys to the Kingdom – Memorial Service, The Gate that Looketh West (20 min. To sign up you must be 13 or older.

Located within this site is everything you need to know to become a member, and you will learn about our benevolent projects and charitable endeavors. 11, 1949, 7th Session – Grand Assembly Rainbow program – June 1937, Program Grand Assembly Rainbow, June 1931, Ruth – poem by Bertha Nolan – ‘In Bethlehem of Judah”, Welcome to Grand Representatives and suggestions.

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