Your power grid is a mess? We could go with insulated, but that's extreme overkill when working with Abyssalite. The Oxygen chamber's Atmo Sensor should be set to 600 g to ensure optimal throughput.

In this guide I'll teach you how to use Power Transformer and set it up properly. Significant effort is needed to preserve your remaining, limited Chlorine resources.

If this is stage has been done properly, we can be sure that the top chamber will only ever hold Hydrogen! The right-most door should be set to allow only bottom-to-top passage, which allows Dupes to return from the field while preventing random Dupes from bypassing the top door entirely. © Valve Corporation.

As you may already know.


I think there is a block that lets you run heavy wire through it but you need high tech for it, i used this as a literal transformer. So.. since i only needed to connect 2x 800w Hydrogen burners = 1600W, The normal conductive wire (2000W) was sufficient and could make the long powerline at 1/4th the cost of heavy watt wire.. and not use precious copper ore in the meanwhile! The Power transformer can only supply chunks of power at a time. Transformers have an input side (the upper attachment point) and an output side (the lower attachment point). Standard tiles and liquid pipes are made from Abyssalite. This room allows domestication of a Puft or two.

Thanks Zervo!! HVAC (Tier 4) - provides the Thermo Sensor.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Oxygennotincluded community. Oxygen Not Included Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Unlike the old room, it can automatically manage its internal Slime without Dupe interaction. You could use heavy watt on the output side of the but that defeats the purpose. Decor Penalties

How to connect it

You can build regular wire inside a wall/floor to hide their negative decor rating, but you can’t build heavy wire inside a wall/floor, therefore you can’t hide their negative decor rating completely.

So when the generator stop working, the transformer will take power from the batteries. Gold is near-equivalent to Tungsten aside from a slightly-lower specific heat.

Different example or scenario how you can use Power Transformer.

The room's circuits will likely draw over 1 KW total. Tempshift Plates are made from (refined) Gold. Healthcare (Tier 3) - allows use of the Hand Sanitizer over Sinks. Metal Tiles are made from Tungsten and Airflow Tiles are made from Wolframite. Technically, (from experiment) a power transformer consumes 200 J each 0.2 s (1 tick) from its input.

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