You can use an under the tank heat mat with a thermometer and thermostat to regulate the temperature.

I'd imagine it is more prone to a prolapse now that it has experienced one. Pacman frogs are large pudgy frogs with bumpy skin almost like a toad. Live moss also does this well and adds a splash of color to the enclosure. Another tool for keeping in humidity is moss. Spot cleaning is also very important any fecal matter or leftover food should be taken out whenever you see it. It appears as a reddening of the skin, particularly on the belly and underside of the thighs, (not to be confused with the natural colorings of some species of frogs!) The stomach is still exposed outside, and the weird thing is that he doesn't seem like he is in deep pain? The cool side is kept at room temperature and the warm side should be 75-80 degrees.

Once you bring your frog home, give it any medications your vet prescribed, and keep it away from any other frogs you have so it doesn't get them sick too. This was determined to be because of an infection by my vet, so he was put on nolvasan for a little while.

If you have to handle them their are some things you can do. A clear bubble and larger hole appeared on it's popped, which we popped.

Quickly. He's doing better now, he's stabilized and is resting in his cage. Pacman frogs are very easy to breed and care for which makes them very popular in the pet trade. I'm glad to hear your frog seems to have recuperated form his ordeal. He (I’m assuming it’s a he) aestivates basically everyday. JavaScript is disabled. Pacman frogs prefer more shady places and shouldnt have bright lights on their tank. If you moisten your hands and use a lair of their substrate on your hands or used gloves you can handle them for a few minutes.

Description. So he's soaking in that.

This service is free to use, however your donations keep Make sure to use either spring water or water dechlorinatored with a product like reptisafe. A ten gallon tank or 40qt tub would be acceptable for an adult but a 20 gallon tank or 80qt tub would be preferable. Dried Sphagnum moss which you can find online and in most pet stores is a great way to retain moisture. Also, I'm not sure a Q-tip is the best tool. Had my pacman for a few months now. It's always tough when a pet is suffering! There are also foods you can give them as treats such as pinky mice wax worms or horn worms. READ THIS: Found on another site that sugar water would help. The clear bubble coming out of my frog's bottom I believe is prolapse, but I'm hoping not.

But if you try to pick them up or stress them out they may bite you or urinate on you in defense. Depending on the size of your pacman frog it will need different sized prey. A common problem is anal prolapse which is basically when their rectum falls out. Hello guys, I've been owning a Pacman frog for about a month, which seemed to healthy most of the time. You can also do a bioactive tank with live plants and clean up crew insects to clean the soil, but be warned pacman frogs may dig up live plants. The tools of choice would be a narrow rubber spatula and an oral sponge stick. I think you need to do what it takes to get that mouth open.

Use the blunt end of a pen, or a handle of a spoon, or your little finger to push the stomach back in. Then, I realized it couldn't move it's back legs at all. Pacman frogs live in the rainforests of South America. The most infamous frog disease of captive frogs, Red-leg is usually caused by the parasite Aeromonas hydrophyla. He hasn’t been defecating anymore (he had a regular pooping pattern). Seeking out folks knowledgeable about Pac Man frogs specifically would be best, as would reading all the care sheets and (real) books you can get your hands on. Thanks. I think I could turn and live with animals, they are so placid and self-contain'd.

Come join the discussion about breeding, health, behavior, housing, terrariums, adopting, care, classifieds, and more! Pacman frogs are large pudgy frogs with bumpy skin almost like a toad. My new pacman frog had he/shes first honey bath today and boy was it a success when i was first reading up on these guys me and basicy everyone i know was like eerr what in the name will a rub full of warm water with honey do? Frogs that get red-leg tend to act apathetic and lazy. Pacman frogs like most amphibians shouldn’t be handled unless its absolutley necessary. Pacman frogs are a fairly large terrestrial frogs that are very prone to burrowing.

Pacman Frogs: Species Profile African Bullfrog: Species Profile White's Tree Frog Species Profile American Green Tree Frogs: Species Profile Oriental Fire-Bellied Toad: Species Profile Leopard Frogs (Meadow Frogs): Species Profile Frog Dropsy and Bloat The 8 Best Advent Calendars for Pets in 2020 What Do Frogs Eat? It would be a good idea to be prepared in the event it re occurs. A clear bubble and larger hole appeared on it's popped, which we popped. But when they are full grown they require quite a bit more food and quite a bit larger prey.

Open his mouth with the edge of a credit card, guitar pick, or other thin object, and replace the stomach as best you can. I need some advice.

Everything seemed good at first but my frog has been acting weird. Pacman frogs are relativley calm and lazy. Young pacman frogs can eat small earthworms and crickets. Let your frog rest while it recovers, and check on it every once in a while to see if it's improving. It is recommended to use a hydrometer to make sure the humidity doesnt get too high as it can cause mold to grow. He does not come out of the substrate and I have to dig him out to feed him. If your frog isn't recovering after 2-3 weeks, reach out to your vet for advice.

Large dubia roaches and nightcralwers are great staple foods for them. This question is related to: Yula the Frog. Website by Designition Ltd, Do I Need A Vet - Online Vet Advice Forum. I would expect that a little damage to the jaws would be preferable to an exposed stomach. Of course, I wouldn't know but he has been hopping around without any problems. The clear bubble coming out of my frog's bottom I believe is prolapse, but I'm hoping not. In the wild they are usually dark green and brown colors to help camoflauge. The end of the spatula can be trimmed down if needed, and the sponge can also. I brought Jupiter home 4 days ago and he already needed an emergency visit to the vet. In the wild they are usually dark green and brown colors to help camoflauge. I let Yula soak in the sugar water for 2 and a half hours and it shrunk the stomach bubble (the prolapse bubble), but it's still there and a small bubble still protrudes from his bottom. And when he pees a weird cloudy goo shoots out. Humidity is very important to pacman frogs as they are from humid rainforests. I looked up a solution and treatment for the legs, and found Vitamin B1 mixed with luke-warm water would help his paralyzed back legs. Throughout this whole thing my frog was molting like crazy, which he still is. But a small, circular bubble has appeared just under his throats, around the top stomach.

Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences., VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. When I caught the frog, I gave it to my cousin and when she was closing it, it closed on the baby tree-frog's mid-back.

They should have enough substrate to completely burry themselves in. That cotton may hang on his jaws, and it isn't digestible.

They should get a few nightcrawlers or dubia roaches every other day. while pacman frogs get quite plump they aren’t very active creatures and therefore dont need very large enclosures. Just keep them in a well lit room to give them a proper day and night cycle. When I caught the frog, I gave it to my cousin and when she was closing it, it closed on the baby tree-frog's mid-back. it running and are very much appreciated, Terms of Use | Charities |

Eco earth or other brands of coconut fiber make a good safe substrate and should be changed out once or twice a month. It could be that basic care parameters can help to prevent this sort of situation, too, so the more knowledge you have, the better. Please, any kind of help would be very thankful. In the wild they don't usually exceed 5 years but in captivity they live 10-15 years. Why is my frog paralyzed, and what are these bubbles? They should have a water dish large enough to soak in but not deep enough to cover the pacmans mouth as they could get trapped and drown.

Originally he had a slight prolapse (now normal) and two sores on his underside (which are still there, although less inflamed), along with some bloatedness (now gone). A forum community dedicated to dart frog owners and enthusiasts. A good humidity is 75-80 percent. The natural oil on human skin can be harmful to frogs and they get no enjoyment out of it so please don’t handle them unless its necessary. Pacman frogs dont often get full and will usually keep eating if you continue to offer them food so make sure not to over feed. You will probably have to buy a box of the sponges, but who knows you may find some other use for them. These are not very healthy so don’t feed them that often. Found in small, murky creek on my property.

The tank should have a cool side and a warm side. Fake plants and hides can be used to give them cover but in my experience they rarely use cover. Made for all reptile, invert, and amphibian keepers to learn & make new friends!

If you notice something wrong with your frog you should take it to an exotics vet. Then, I realized it couldn't move it's back legs at all. Credit for the images go to google images.

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